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Rating Stats for

Tim Schmelter

1756.31 (33rd)
396,082 (73rd)
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Title Δ
VB.NET SQL Server: Must declare scalar variable 0.00
Get Substring of a String by Startindex and Endindex 0.00
Dynamic DataTable Group by and Aggregate functions +0.22
Get the index of a subarray using Linq 0.00
Zip collections matching by ID 0.00
Additional information: Incorrect syntax near 's'. its so c... 0.00
Set value to true if id is present in a string linq +0.20
Asp.Net Grid - Make first character in uppercase of Grid Row 0.00
Does a DataCell class exist 0.00
C# check specific string in string array -2.48
FirstOrDefault() adding days of time to iteration -1.53
C# mixing two lists -0.00
DataTable: swich 2 Columns without header 0.00
Class design - ctor or properties with public setter +0.45
Shorten Code Add Dictionary with condition +0.95
Create database table using with variable of table name 0.00
Write a program to find an index of Max item in an array +0.55
How do I insert a List of value into an Enumerable? 0.00
C# List to DataTable extension method not retrieving properties 0.00
How to copy only required rows of old DataTable to the new DataTabl... +0.18
DataTable.NewRow - Combine DataRow Object and String From Another 0.00
C# Skips first row but want it to skip last row instead +0.73
How to remove one of two list<object> items based on an objec... 0.00
How can I add static Extention method to a existing class in C# +0.95
Merge two dictionaries in C# -3.15
Initializing specific indices from a very large int array c# 0.00
Sorting strings by specified order +0.19
How to remove duplicates in a list while keeping elements with high... +0.19
sum value and remove duplicates in List<> 0.00
Generic list's items are all the same 0.00
Get data from list of object in C# +0.40
C# do..while loop for a list +0.21
Find and remove elements from List<Dictionary<string, object&... +0.37
How to check for any null values within a list before processing fu... +1.36
put list in textbox in c# windowsform +0.19
C# for loop. Index was outside the bounds +0.89
Return a string that is repeated a many times +0.94
Identify string contents, and verify +0.39
C# DateTime.Parse efficiently time with hour/min/sec/milis/micro/na... +0.20
How to format Duration with ToString()? 0.00
Fastest way to conditionally strip off the right part of a string -0.23
How to get item from IEnumerable collection using its index in C#? +0.50
Unique Letter from users inputted field c# 0.00
how to find even duplicates character in a string in C# .Net +0.89
Object cannot be cast from DB Null or Other Types in C# -0.78
.NET: don't get SQLite in-memory database to work 0.00
SQL Server : skip update if variable is NOT NULL +0.50
Solved Conditional directory info on VB 0.00
Order by multiple date columns +0.20
Change method to return two dictionaries with Tuple +0.57