An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1744.12 (41st)
368,433 (59th)
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Title Δ
Change method to return two dictionaries with Tuple +0.57
C#: How can I access a child classs using a reference to the parent... -0.02
SQL Selecting without parameters? +0.53
Check if a string array has same string value or not using Lambda E... +0.79
IEnumerable<T> and .Where Linq method behaviour? +1.20
input array is longer than the number of columns in this table 0.00
LINQ to List<KeyValuePair> +0.61
How to store data table value in another data table with filter 0.00
check ienumerable for any elements +0.74
Best way to remove elements from list field of list objects 0.00
How to switch order of all values in a dictionary and reverse the o... +1.21
Copy list from one class to list in another class 0.00
How to parse this DateTimeOffset? +0.21
Sort objects by string propery, empty string last +1.09
how to make user input int null value c# +0.04
How to modify a getter and setter, to handle a null reference excep... -0.31
c# Remove older duplicates DataTable based on condition 0.00
VB.Net - Time Variable compare against Current Time -0.15
Checking whether a property value equals to a predefined one in a l... +0.20
Get Strings Between Characters in Brackets in C# +0.44
Declare and assign a variable in if statement condition, reuse in s... 0.00
how to pass parameters to LINQ where condition dynamically 0.00
assigning to list variable datatable object datetime 0.00
C# LINQ find duplicates and increment 0.00
how to dynamically create array of a week days in C#? +0.30
Deleting Records with T-SQL efficiently without using IN clause -0.19
Removing invalid characters in file names 0.00
Make a list of all Textbox values in a form +0.21
C#: generic function that return element from collection based on c... +0.95
How to deal with multiple Enumerable.Zip calls? +0.22
Error while passing DBNull to SqlParameter +0.21
C# skip csv coulmns while importing to data table +1.48
C# Form Textbox string calculation with datatable() -0.45
Combine values from two DataTable columns into a new column 0.00
C# How to delete last 2 characters from text file and write into th... -0.72
Built-in function to get sub-series from a series? +0.20
Merge 2 List of Objects, no duplicates, based on comparison +0.75
A better way to write null reference with return value in c# +0.21
Parsing a string like "03/2020" to a DateTime variable -1.10
To create a dictionary of data retrieved from the database 0.00
How to swap DataRow in DataTable (Keep RowState) C# 0.00
Performance Optimization for LINQ query in property getter 0.00
How to get positive values after last negative value in a list? +0.80
Joining DataTable with LinQ and return as DataTable 0.00
LINQ Return max repeated item but sorted in reverse +0.22
ConcurrentStack: How to check if contains object? +0.22
Why is the 'Function Body' bottlenecking my application? 0.00
Check IEnumerable<T> is filled with optional words not to count 0.00
Check List<T> for duplications with optional words to exclude +0.86
shorter version of OR operator in IF clause in c# +1.51