An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Valera Kolupaev

1519.39 (33,159th)
2,145 (78,451st)
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Title Δ
C# Convert string to array +0.70
passing variable values from c# to javascript +3.86
F# - creating an array of tuples based on value and index of input... +3.52
Using recorded wave file (NAudio) -0.20
what is the best way to parse out this string inside a string? +3.47
Linq check for null and replace null value in orderby +3.99
Dynamic Typing a Generic Class -2.83
dropdownlist auto post back errors -0.46
Call functions in View Model? -3.92
How to cancel GetConsumingEnumerable() on BlockingCollection 0.00
Arduino RGB LED Clear -3.93
Entity Framework is Too Slow. What are my options? -2.38
not understanding this javascript equation +3.86
JavaScript prototypal inheritance confusion - what am I missing here? -1.46
Spam getting through simple spam filter, but I don't know how +3.91
Tightest Byte Representation of YYYYMMDDHHMMSS? -3.46
Last Object is always getting updated? +0.74
ASP.NET C# Linq to SQL appears to be doing OR instead of AND +4.32
Using tasks/ ThreadPool on IIS application (asp .net) -3.31
Finding the number of digits of an integer +1.42
Inherit from a type by reflection +3.23
Javascript "var obj = new Object" Equivalent in C# +1.29
Using anonymous types - how to avoid lot of code -0.50
Is there a way to do an automated build of an open-source project o... -0.28
How to efficiently overwrite parts of a string by index in .NET? +1.67
What is the best web based log viewer that is free / open source +5.05
Get element from latest append() call -1.78
how to combine these 2 jquery code into one -4.14
How to synchronize two (or n) replication processes for SQL Server... +2.78
ASP.NET: Why is my JavaScript object set to null? -2.45
How does the C compiler implement functions with Variable numbers o... -1.38
What is the ASP.NET equivalent to memcached in PHP? -0.21
Beginner - C# iteration through directory to produce a file list +3.76
How to make per- http Request cache in ASP.NET 3.5 +3.90
Can't i set Session in a class file? +3.80
Simple Moq ? - Problem with .Verify +4.25
Compute data between record of SQL database within Visual Studio -0.13
How do I change or add data to a data repeater and get it to displa... +4.05
Incremental build with continuous integration server +2.24
Generic List .First not working LINQ -2.08
Filter large amounts of data from a HTML table w/ jQuery -1.77
ASP.NET: What is the connection between forms authentication and me... -2.27
Launching another application from C# -3.85
How to get first N elements of a list in C#? -3.62
What's the hardest or most misunderstood aspect of LINQ? 0.00
Memory leaks in .NET 0.00