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1751.73 (35th)
157,467 (309th)
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Title Δ
Counting occurrences of elements of one array in another array 0.00
How to make vectorized computation instead of 'for' loops f... +0.20
Repeat/duplicate a given numpy array ten times +0.61
Average rows with duplicate first element in 2D numpy array -1.70
How to apply linspace between each element in numpy vector? +0.19
Vecrtorized evluation of function defined by matrix over grid 0.00
Easiest way in numpy to index vectors of a matrix excluding one ind... +0.79
How to calculate the average of the most recent three non-nan value... +1.12
Outer product of a vector with itself M-times 0.00
numpy take many samples with no replacement by row -1.09
find numpy array in other numpy array +0.67
How to flatten an array to a matrix in Numpy? 0.00
Vectorized creation of an array of diagonal square arrays from a li... +0.15
Get biggest coherent area 0.00
How to efficiently partial argsort Pandas dataframe across columns 0.00
Using numpy .isin element-wise 0.00
Get cumulative count per 2d array +0.79
NumPy/Pandas: remove sequential duplicate values (equivalent of bas... -0.34
Trouble with dimensional order when cloning a 1-dimensional numpy a... +0.94
How to double the dimension of a matrix while quartering the values? -2.08
When trying to remove just one element in a nested numpy array the... 0.00
Reshaping tensors in a 3D numpy matrix +0.19
How do I lag a pandas series and create a new time lagged data frame? 0.00
Most efficient way to get sorted indices based on two numpy arrays 0.00
Numpy: broadcast row values to channels +0.19
numpy's hstack on tensorflow for a single matrix/tensor -0.33
Populate numpy array based on cell indices +1.02
Compare numpy arrays whose entries are strings, and find locations... +1.19
Turning masked results into different random numbers 0.00
Refactor matrix permutations in numpy's style 0.00
Numpy multidimensional advanced indexing 0.00
Find positions of elements in sorted array +0.19
Python vectorization of matrix-vector operation 0.00
Forcing value of a pandas series within a bracket to replace values... -0.14
Find common elements in subarrays of arrays +0.73
Keras one-hot-encoder -0.68
Get overall smallest elements' distribution in dataframe with s... +1.18
Reshaping numpy array 0.00
Numpy: Fill in a Matrix With a Smaller One FAST 0.00
Subtract a column vector from matrix at specified vector of columns... -2.47
How to group blocks of identical booleans in Python +0.79
numpy matrix multiplication each col and sum 0.00
Replace image pixel color on condition in Python 0.00
Numpy: Efficient way to convert indices of a square matrix to its u... -2.40
Numpy: Test of an array items are above some value, x consecutive n... +0.64
Tensordot confusion 0.00
Cumulative addition in a list based on an indices list +0.10
shift numpy vector n times and create a matrix 0.00
Numpy remove columns and rows that only have False or 0 in one line 0.00
Average of elements in a subarray +0.40