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1770.93 (20th)
169,899 (303rd)
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Title Δ
Find correspondence between 2 arrays of coordinates 0.00
Multiple substring searches in numpy array with few unique values 0.00
Distance transform with Manhattan distance - Python / NumPy / SciPy 0.00
1D array to RGB image? 0.00
Numpy dot product for group of rows 0.00
Given edge e, what is the fastest way in Python to find the set of... 0.00
Swapping axis of descending bars in numpy 0.00
Create identity matrices with arbitrary shape with numpy +1.31
pivot a dataframe by diagonals 0.00
Find element by row index and value +0.18
how to implement multiple ifelse in numpy +0.21
Most concise way to get complementary slice in numpy +0.98
Taking different columns from each 2D slice of a 3D numpy array 0.00
How do I swap elements of rows of a Nx2 numpy array if a condition... -1.65
Random shuffle of array, but keep diagonal fixed 0.00
Efficient way to shift values in one matrix according to the values... -3.19
Multiplying matrices across tenor axis with numpy and with GPU 0.00
np.roll without rolling over edge 0.00
Finding Indices for Repeat Sequences in NumPy Array 0.00
Find Consecutive Repeats of Specific Length in NumPy +0.43
What is a best way to intersect multiple arrays with numpy array? +0.73
Comparing lists in two columns row-wise efficiently -3.35
Create Jordan matrix from eigenvalues using NumPy -0.35
How to find the longest consecutive subsequence of a list greater t... +0.17
numpy randomly sample boolean array 0.00
Looping over multiple ranges in a list +0.47
Quickly compute average color of all the clusters generated by conn... +1.01
Replacing chunks of elements in numpy array +0.17
Conditional replacement of column in numpy array 0.00
Numpy / PyTorch - how to assign value with indices in different dim... +0.56
Creating a symmetric array with power of an element 0.00
How to get start and end of subsection of 2d array where a conditio... +0.54
Search elements of one array in another, row-wise - Python / NumPy +0.39
How to make a look up table with negative indices/inputs in python? +0.61
compact 1-0 array by group by functionality in python +0.85
find where values in one numpy array fall between values in another... +0.82
"Multiply" 1d numpy array with a smaller one and sum the... +0.67
Compare row values in an array and remove those having nearly ident... +0.18
List comprehension inside a list comprehension with comparison cond... -0.51
How to Vectorize This Matrix Operation? 0.00
Find first occurrence of the biggest element smaller than target in... 0.00
numpy: How to merge two sorted arrays into a larger sorted array? +0.41
python: create numpy array from dictionary, where key is coordinates +0.83
How to count the positions in a letter sequence with using numpy ar... -2.96
Index search: trade accuracy for performance 0.00
What is the fastest way to map group names of numpy array to indices? +0.88
How can I define multiple slices of a numpy array based on pairs of... 0.00
Iterative outer addition Numpy +0.65
NumPY floor or ceiling based on row number +1.10
How can I efficiently add X modulo Y to every element in a numpy ar... -0.97