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1771.53 (20th)
169,899 (303rd)
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Title Δ
Working with corresponding 3D numpy arrays in for loop 0.00
change gaps in numpy array according to gap size 0.00
How to apply an operation on a vector with offsets 0.00
weighted numpy bincount for 2D IDs array and 1D weights 0.00
How to concatenate numpy.ones and numpy.zeros functions in one arra... -0.36
Remove rows in a 2d numpy array with opposite elements 0.00
How to find N consecutive numbers are equal in array? -0.86
Numpy 3d array - normalize rows 0.00
Most efficient one-hot-encoder +1.18
Get indices of matches from one array in another +1.20
Multiple sequences of random numbers without replacement 0.00
Multiply a 3D matrix with 2D matrix to give a 2D matrix 0.00
Fast indexing with Numpy 0.00
What's the most performant way of removing elements in a NumPy... -1.14
Block reduce (downsample) 3D array with mode function 0.00
Row-wise replacement of numpy array with values of another numpy ar... -0.29
How to calculate "Kronecker Product" of a vector and a ma... 0.00
Grouping two NumPy arrays to a dict of lists +1.22
Fastest way to map elements into percentile? Using pandas now but w... 0.00
Best way (preferably numpythonic) to count the length before value... -3.38
How to de-interleave array in numpy? +0.74
Numpy Array Reversing Diagonal +1.17
numpy set value with another multiple dimension array as index 0.00
Inverse function of numpy as_strided 0.00
bitwise OR reduction of python lists +0.32
squash all consecutive ones in a python list -0.03
How to list all values greater than a specific value from an array... +0.17
Make with numpy an array that contains every cell its index multipl... -1.06
Fancy indexing of a numpy ndarray +1.17
Finding duplicate subarrays inside a multi dimensional array 0.00
Numpy Remove duplicates, apply function, then add it back +0.61
Python: / numpy.tensordot for multidimensional arrays 0.00
Numpy detect incrementing ranges in list 0.00
Find the pair that gives the biggest sum such that second element c... -0.78
How to one-hot-encode from a pandas column composed of a list of sp... +1.05
Finding number of duplicates only and only at the end of a numpy ar... +0.17
Dropping duplicate numbers only and only at the end of a numpy array +0.40
How to mask an array where the index is less than a certain 0.00
How can I quickly fancy-reorder a flattened "jagged" nump... +0.17
Mean of non-diagonal elements of each row numpy +0.55
Determine if many points are in bounding box 0.00
Compute inner dot products of multidimensional numpy array elements -0.58
How to find matrix common members of matrices in Numpy 0.00
pandas dataframe to series +1.02
numpy.mean(X, axis=0) when 2d array, else do nothing +1.26
How to count the occurrence of values in one pandas Dataframe if th... -1.41
Crop out background in an image - NumPy / Python 0.00
Retrieve intervals from array based on multiple ranges +1.71
iterate over unique elements of df.index to find minimum in column -1.09
Update values in numpy array with other values in Python +0.18