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1747.91 (37th)
161,245 (309th)
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Title Δ
performing calculations and comparisons using indices in numpy arrays -0.85
How to use broadcasting with my numpy arrays (3000,3) and (3,2,3000) +0.63
Write to multidimensional arrays by index 0.00
Broadcasting the dot product of a list of 2D points with a 2x2 matrix 0.00
Majority filter Numpy array +0.19
How to find most frequent values per batch using "rolling(wind... 0.00
Looking for a sequential pattern with condition +0.23
Get image boundaries across stacked images in 3D array efficiently 0.00
Count consecutive zeros over pandas rows +1.25
How to find the index of the maximum non-infinity value in a numpy... +0.71
Faster 3D Matrix Operation - Python 0.00
Can this be vectorized (numpy)? 0.00
Numpy get index of row with second-largest value -0.82
Reshaping 2d NumPy array into 3d with recurring rows -0.44
Converting a string of coordinates to an X,Y np array +0.73
Sum each row of a numpy array with all rows of second numpy array (... +0.17
Sum of the occurence of color(hue) values(0-359) from a set of images 0.00
Find indices of values greater than a threshold by row in a numpy 2... +0.20
Numpy select matrix specified by a matrix of indices, from multidim... -3.35
How to get chunks of submatrices faster? +0.19
From a 1-dim array of bits obtain a particular 2-dim array of seque... 0.00
Write vector into matrix starting from the diagonal -0.86
Fast inner product of two 2-d masked arrays in numpy 0.00
How to find where in numpy array a zero element is preceded by at l... +0.19
How to vectorize computation of mean over specific set of indices g... 0.00
Create 3D NumPy array with sequential number 0.00
For each label in one array set the first k occurrences to False in... +0.70
Counting occurrences of elements of one array in another array 0.00
How to make vectorized computation instead of 'for' loops f... +0.20
Repeat/duplicate a given numpy array ten times +0.62
Average rows with duplicate first element in 2D numpy array -1.70
How to apply linspace between each element in numpy vector? +0.19
Vecrtorized evluation of function defined by matrix over grid 0.00
Easiest way in numpy to index vectors of a matrix excluding one ind... +0.79
How to calculate the average of the most recent three non-nan value... +1.12
Outer product of a vector with itself M-times 0.00
numpy take many samples with no replacement by row -1.09
find numpy array in other numpy array +0.67
How to flatten an array to a matrix in Numpy? 0.00
Vectorized creation of an array of diagonal square arrays from a li... +0.15
Get biggest coherent area 0.00
How to efficiently partial argsort Pandas dataframe across columns 0.00
Using numpy .isin element-wise 0.00
Get cumulative count per 2d array +0.79
NumPy/Pandas: remove sequential duplicate values (equivalent of bas... -0.34
Trouble with dimensional order when cloning a 1-dimensional numpy a... +0.94
How to double the dimension of a matrix while quartering the values? -2.08
When trying to remove just one element in a nested numpy array the... 0.00
Reshaping tensors in a 3D numpy matrix +0.19
How do I lag a pandas series and create a new time lagged data frame? 0.00