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1751.73 (35th)
157,467 (309th)
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Title Δ
numpy composition of einsums? 0.00
Multi dimensional grid for general number of dimensions 0.00
numpy: broadcast array by rolling along new axis with variable shif... +0.95
Improving matrix multiplication in Numpy +0.19
Replace elements in numpy array avoiding loops +0.66
How to get all indices for values of one array which are contained... 0.00
Numpy whole matrix multiply with single row 0.00
Vectorizing np.minimum & np.minimum over axes with broadcasting 0.00
Find out if two symmetric matrices are the same up to a permutation... +0.19
Distance computation between (M,N) and (N,) arrays +1.29
Select one random index per unique element in NumPy array and accou... 0.00
multiple same categorical variables into one hot encoded columns ef... 0.00
Map index of numpy matrix +0.20
Change multi dimensional numpy array values according to condition -0.48
Is there a faster alternative to np.diff? -0.18
Compute the pairwise squared difference of multiple vectors +0.21
Faster way to extract patches from a tensor? 0.00
how to add dimensions to a numpy element? +0.50
Best practice to vstack multiple large np.arrays? 0.00
How to effectivelly broadcast an array into an array +0.19
Vectorization and optimization of matrix subtraction 0.00
Flip/Transpose image efficiently along y=x 0.00
Manual slicing of a list using their indices, Python +0.71
Sliding windows from 2D array that slides along axis=0 to give a 3D... +0.23
Incrementing a numpy 3-D array with repeating 2-D positions 0.00
How to compute a spatial distance matrix from a given value 0.00
How can I count the number of consecutive TRUEs in a DataFrame? +2.29
NumPy - Vectorizing loops involving range iterators +0.20
How to delete rows having same value in more than 3 columns -1.28
Pandas DataFrame to multidimensional NumPy Array 0.00
Efficient pairwise comparisons - rows of Numpy 2D array 0.00
Seamlessly and efficiently flipping numpy array or sparse matrix al... 0.00
Counting the number of consecutive values that meets a condition (P... +0.89
find the index of largest, 2nd largest or third largest in a row of... +1.33
Pandas equivalent in NumPy 0.00
Replace elements in Numpy array by value and location -1.56
Extract random 2d windows of a 2d numpy array +0.20
Remove numpy rows contained in a list? 0.00
numpy.where vs 0.00
Is it possible to combine (add) values of a vector according to int... +1.03
Split numpy values by indices resulting in irregular shape +0.74
Difference of numpy arrays of different dimensions 0.00
filter numpy array into separate arrays based on value, for contour... 0.00
Fast compose slices of 3D numpy array as 3D subarray 0.00
Remove duplicates from array and elements in matching positions in... +1.36
Efficient Numpy search in a non-monotonic array +0.72
Get the indices of the first and last rows and columns containing n... -0.73
Index numpy array with two arrays given start and end for each column +0.21
How could I get numpy array indices by some conditions +1.18
Max frequency 1d array in a 2d numpy array 0.00