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1756.69 (35th)
104,828 (688th)
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Title Δ
Changing the address a pointer is pointing to in C++ +1.13
Returning a reference to a temporary 0.00
Get Array Length using Templates (Assignment) 0.00
Using converting constructor in multiple parameter case 0.00
Can I use smart pointer with a mutex member? 0.00
Why do I need to redeclare overloaded virtual functions? 0.00
How to assign value to pointer? +0.05
How many implicit conversions can C++ do to convert one user-define... 0.00
Why got error, if not write '&' in the foreach loop? +1.04
Template argument deduction for inherited member function +0.98
template or member function selection +1.07
C++ constructor implicit type conversion 0.00
Why doesn't ADL work with functions defined outside of a namesp... 0.00
How do I know the exact exception type? 0.00
Why is copy assignment called but not move assignment? +1.01
convert base class unique_ptr to derived class unique_ptr 0.00
warning: object backing the pointer will be destroyed at the end of... 0.00
Error: No Matching Constructor when trying to construct a templated... 0.00
overloading operator ostream for template class in c++ not working +1.39
Reference member binds to a temporary object whose life-time would... -2.52
C++ multiple access specifiers and order of initialization 0.00
no match for operator '=' (std::array<T, 3> and std::... +0.86
c++ reassign after moved +0.88
Some differences between xvalue and prvalue 0.00
why is list initialization not invoked when initialize this class? +0.19
Why this ref-qualified user defined convertion is called? 0.00
Compile error initializing struct member with enum class 0.00
c++ non virtual function acts like virtual function -1.72
Why can't the compiler use the std::string conversion function... 0.00
Definition of a function outside of a generic class is producing a... 0.00
Specialize a non-type template function with several values and the... -1.09
error in concatenating the strings in C++ 0.00
Does list::insert break the iterators in c++? 0.00
C++ function template full specialization error +1.51
Compiler does not recognize member initializer for std::vector 0.00
Temporary lifetime extension and implicit conversion to a const ref... 0.00
C++ templates: "type/value mismatch at argument" and &quo... 0.00
Callback: function pointer as argument and passing an aditional agr... +1.31
How do I use other values in a vector in a std::transform? +0.79
Use std::bind and store into a std:: function +0.79
Container contains function? -0.80
c++17 insert into std::map without copy object 0.00
Template default init, if there no default constructor in a class -0.87
How to write a C++ concept restricting the template to std::map and... -1.57
Can't use lambda as hash for unordered_set of pairs? 0.00
Conditionally to choose which classes to inherit 0.00
Function call not ambiguous if {} is used +0.20
c++ multiple levels of templating 0.00
Returning T(t) with T=int&, how? 0.00
What are the key differences between a generic lambda, a template f... -2.13