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1756.69 (35th)
104,828 (688th)
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Title Δ
Returning const reference to temporary behaves differently than loc... +0.74
I can't double characters inside string with function +0.49
Cannot infer template argument 'T' 0.00
Defining a Single Template for a Member Function within a Class Tem... 0.00
How to initialize anonymous structures in class constructor? 0.00
c++ template - More than one instance of overloaded function matche... 0.00
c++ comparison operators overloading +0.74
decltype of pointer to class accessing its () operator 0.00
Passing vector of unique_ptr with move semantics in c++ 0.00
How to enforce contract on template parameter 0.00
Infer the type of the class owning a member function +1.68
How to bypass C++ inability to match function types in templates wi... +1.54
Implicit initialization by argument deduction for a templated class... 0.00
Copy and move constructors 0.00
Use template parameter to pass both node type and data type for a l... +1.07
Why do I get errors when I use the overloaded assignment operator,... +1.43
In a C++ range-based for loop, can begin() return a reference to a... -0.07
Why operator<< does not implicitly converting my custome clas... 0.00
Template Class Inside Template Class - Different Parameter 0.00
Why do I not get guaranteed copy elision with std::tuple? +0.17
Passing a lambda argument to a std::function parameter without inte... 0.00
Why is accessing the members of a member object not allowed in a ct... +0.46
overloading the operator -> 0.00
c++ shared_ptr<map<int, int>> initialized with differen... +1.28
If a class contains objects of another class and all classes are in... 0.00
Constraining a specialised class template parameter to integer and... +0.18
How does ADL affect this piece of C++ code? +0.19
Nested polymorphism in C++ using virtual fucntions 0.00
C++ : operator<< fails to compile +0.20
How can I work with vectors if I don't initialize it first? 0.00
Disambiguation rule concerning member and free operators 0.00
Why cant I use std::copy with std::string to another std::string? 0.00
Assign object to a member variable in C++ class constructor 0.00
Why does std::pair have two different constructors for both const r... 0.00
why the type of *p is int after (const int* p) but can not change i... 0.00
how can l-values be passed to std::make_pair +1.03
Unmatched template for simple variadic function in C++? 0.00
pointer to const int using smart pointer +0.18
Lambda function throwing error if return type is changed from auto... +0.17
How to pass in a brace-enclosed initializer list to a function? 0.00
initializing default parameter with class member function/variable 0.00
Why is it illegal to bind an r-value to a const l-value reference i... 0.00
How can I make C++ infer template type parameters from a lambda? 0.00
How to print generic std::list iterator? +1.48
Why is type deduction on const char[] different to const char *? +0.86
What is the meaning of (*) in template<typename T> using L =... 0.00
Compose initialize class in c++ 0.00
How to use a templated typedef on capturing lambda parameter? +0.98
std::basic_string as a parameter of a function template cannot be d... 0.00
string operator + (overloaded) different behavior for char array an... +0.76