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1747.11 (38th)
104,828 (688th)
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Title Δ
C++ std::vector<T*> if you hold a pointer to a pointer elemen... 0.00
C++ countof Implementation for Member Arrays 0.00
Problem with initialization of vector of vector of shared_ptr class 0.00
when would you change std::vector::end() directly? 0.00
Constructor SFINAE and inheritence fails in clang 0.00
Variable initialization, what's the difference? 0.00
Zero cost abstraction for executing same statement on multiple obje... 0.00
template vector type with primitive type 0.00
Call to lambda is ambiguous despite explicitly stating the return t... 0.00
Can not construct a class from std::function when used inside std::... 0.00
What will cause the data members in class initialized to zeros? 0.00
Why is it not required to use typename for dependent types in the f... 0.00
C++ Template; Auto deduction return type of function passed as temp... 0.00
using directive and declaration in C++ 0.00
C++ Class for Boxing & Unboxing 0.00
Compiler error `assigning incompatible type within if statement` 0.00
Which takes precedence, the free function operator==() or the membe... 0.00
Template function does not work for pointer-to-member-function taki... 0.00
constexpr int and constexpr double in c++ 0.00
How to use template function for implicit conversion 0.00
How to define enable_if_t based overloads +0.83
Class type undefined in static member lambda function in C++17 -2.16
std::bind with variadic template member function and universal refe... 0.00
C++11 function template specializes as a class method if it exists +1.21
Initializing base with rvalue reference of derived 0.00
User-defined conversions aren't applied to variadic function ar... +1.15
How to declare "using" for "std::array" using t... +1.16
Resolve const and non-const member function pointer +1.26
How to judge a value type (int or double) in c++ vector? -0.99
Lifetime of the object returned by std::string::substr +0.76
Implicit casting limitations +0.20
Why is a member unique_ptr<> left non-null after std::move to... 0.00
Global overload of operator<< does not work, why? -0.76
Function template and ambigous template parameter +0.54
Why is the pointer not implicitly converted into <type> const... +0.93
Why does unique_ptr<Derived> implicitly cast to unique_ptr<... -0.48
template argument deduction for Derived class 0.00
Member initialization for non-copyable variable in C++17 +0.72
If you have two functions of the same name (overloaded), and there... 0.00
Function overload for string literals lvalue and rvalue reference +0.22
How to call operator template? +1.10
Template overload resolution: what happens when multiple templates... +0.20
How to compare a return type of a lambda function in C++? 0.00
Why does std::distance() for std:list<int>::iterator not retu... +0.22
Uniform initialization occurs implicitly, even though the int cast... 0.00
C++ function when is the return value deleted? +0.17
Why copy constructor is called instead of move constructor in my co... +0.19
Dereference operator on temporary object +1.31
How to sort a standard array in descending order - C++ 11 0.00
Why delete a class without virtual dtor is OK if it inherits a clas... +2.14