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1735.43 (52nd)
95,606 (772nd)
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Title Δ
Member was not declared in base class template 0.00
type deduction fail: shared_ptr of derived template to base templat... +0.20
Why does std::add_lvalue_reference not behave as expected? 0.00
Structures in C++ with arrays +0.56
How to pass Static member function of a c++ Class to template and i... 0.00
Conditional function behavior based on pointer-ness of template type +0.83
Returning reference of a temporary object from a function +0.65
Why can I not deduce if the static member function exists 0.00
How to write a type trait method 0.00
Not Recognized Data Members in Specialized Structs/Classes 0.00
Constant reference data member +0.57
Non-Movable C++17 Unique Pointer -1.61
Are there 2 times initialization when there is a constructor with d... -0.25
int x; int y; int *ptr; is not initialization, right? +1.15
How to solve operator>> overloading error (no match for '... 0.00
braced-init-list and unsigned types +0.20
How can I initialize a static const string of a template for each c... 0.00
Access protected members outside class/struct scope? 0.00
Compiler not generating move constructors +1.39
What is the compiler doing with parameters vs without parameters? 0.00
Does std::optional change signature of the function? +1.30
Template parameter inference fails -1.00
c++ non-template class friends to a member of template class 0.00
Vector of non-static void member pointer functions with this -2.21
How do I declare an iterator for a map with the following template... 0.00
Why are member classes initialized first in C++? 0.00
Why pointer to function is equal to 1? +0.51
Do we still need to write the empty angle brackets when using trans... -2.95
Static const member of private type 0.00
Unexpected behaviour of std::move on T* type in C++ +0.75
Strange constructor behavior -1.20
why lambda crash on clang but not gcc? 0.00
template class for specific data type +0.97
Can we increase an iterator multiple positions without the 'adv... +1.51
Is the template syntax in c++ just template <typename T>? 0.00
Simplifying std::transform for single vector +0.65
c++ Constructor member initialization : pass arguments -3.37
C++ template t is not valid template type 0.00
Function overloading using template -2.10
Type of strings +0.19
Why do (only) some compilers use the same address for identical str... +0.81
Is it possible to use function return type as an argument in declar... +0.84
Why my program return different results at optimization level of O0... 0.00
A very bizarre output I got from int x[3]; +0.19
Call a pointer-to-function outside the structure +0.75
In what cases, the this points of two stack-allocated struct object... +1.69
can I insert a set into a map with set as the value in C++? +0.83
What's the difference between "ABC" and string("... 0.00
C++ CRTP initialization +1.42
Not a class, namespace or enumeration with templates 0.00