An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1746.77 (44th)
104,828 (688th)
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Title Δ
Pass double by reference C++ +0.21
Error calling the constructor -1.79
How to find a bug in ".emacs" or "init.el"? -4.26
One definition rule in c++ -2.11
Really basic class won't build 0.00
Cast element of character array to integer, and print using cout +2.77
What am I getting compiling errors for the variable isOperator? +3.85
Setter Method of Bean Class -2.00
How to add element in ArrayList<? extends SomeType> via a met... -1.38
how can i find specific strings in string lines using regular expre... +0.63
how to use the = operator as you create a new object? -1.75
Errors when trying to cout an object from a binary tree +1.44
Function and struct having the same name in c++ -4.02
error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. 0.00
c function calling error in printf() 0.00
Really simple code with C++ "Identifier not found" issue -2.84
C++ operator overload using reference address +4.05
Error: Use of class template requires template argument list 0.00
What happens to memory of variable after loops? (C++) -2.07
What does 128M mean? +2.90
Remove chars from a String in Java -1.20
Condition in while loop using cin +3.44
Remove all instance of a string and 3 digit number -0.29
Array and Pointers - runtime error +0.16
pointing to a memory address outside an array boundary +3.54
cannot find default constructor to initialize member in cpp +3.90
Why can't I access a static member in my non static function using... +3.94
recursive template instantiation exceeded maximum depth of 256 -3.38
Arrays C++ getting values -2.50
how to take 1 to 3 words of the string? +3.98
Lisp location in emacs +4.01
Overloading << error +0.44
variable is being used without being initialized when passing the a... 0.00
Using std::accumulate to add floats with best precision -1.43
How can I allow the user to change value of fractions? +0.05
Not comparing the correct vector elements -0.09
Calling 'new node' vs 'new node()' -1.00
Increment operation as a parameter in while loop -0.84
how to show the time using time class and function -1.57
Trying to use doubles in C++. Not sure where I'm going wrong +1.62
Is it possible to change ostringstream rdbuf? -2.38
What is the difference between 'x' and "x"? -0.56
Formatting dates with stringstream +0.01
C++: how to choose the constructor depending on the condition? +4.30
create a dynamic array of object, delete object and free memory in... +0.16
Error message "deduced conflicting types for parameter 'const... +0.78
Printing on same line in c++ -2.23
Why can the simplest template-template not be compiled? +4.44
How can I configure jdee `find-class-source-file` to work with Cass... 0.00
Derived template-class access to base-class member-data 0.00