An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1756.69 (35th)
104,828 (688th)
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Title Δ
Construction function initial list, what this code means? +0.44
C++ How to create and use a pointer to find length of a character a... +0.95
How to properly deallocate 2d array c++ -1.00
Accessing protected member's public method 0.00
remove non alphabet characters from string c++ +1.42
c++11 insert a vector into a particular position -0.23
Read spaced integers from a file into an array in C++ +0.37
When should the parameters of operator overloading functions be pas... -0.08
Why function fun is not qualified for ADL? 0.00
Overloading * operator gives no match error -1.45
Why do reference member variables overwrite eachother? +0.43
Constructor of template class calls type constructor when new keywo... 0.00
Having a class member function call a function outside the class +0.44
Emacs key binding for multiple commands +3.77
Getting a "expected type-specifier" error when I instanti... 0.00
Why is it recommended to declare functions as "friends" i... +1.87
How to calculate size of a vector -4.42
Variable initialization in functions 0.00
Access to private member functions of derived class using reference... +1.03
value being changed to random number on function call? +3.60
C++ difference between some constructor codes -4.48
How can I link Nodes of two different types? (templated classes) -0.58
Why set int literal to a pointer is allowed, but compare is not? -1.84
How to pass the address of "new" array member to vector 0.00
Deleting a pointer to a vector +1.10
c++ overloaded operator workings +3.62
Template with struct +3.67
Does const_cast return the type specified inside angular bracket -2.37
How to find the keys of map which are not in the keys of another map? +4.05
Why can't I set "type 'double'" to entity &qu... +3.51
Having a same variable in both sub and super classes -1.67
C++ : cannot create node pointer inside ostream& operator <&... 0.00
How to call a pointer of member function C++ -1.41
Why two functions are not ambiguous? +0.27
How does overload resolution work in the context of private modifier? +2.20
C++: Why member function has priority over global function +4.13
Multiplication operator is changing original values +4.11
How can I announce a Class before it is declared? 0.00
struct constructor error, why use default constructor function will... -3.91
emacs navigation to beginning or end of code block -0.93
copy constructor for queue seg fault +3.54
pointer to char confusion -1.82
C++ using new to create object array with initializer +4.39
returning reference of formal parameter +1.77
Why not only one? Copy constructor and assignment operator +3.68
Calling derived class method in base class +2.45
Function template specialization - problems with pointers +4.02
Using friend functions for I/O operator overloading in c++ -1.31
why char array cant be copied like this charArray="some string... -2.07
overloading function template -0.04