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Travis Brown

1751.90 (34th)
116,950 (527th)
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Title Δ
Strange case statement in Haskell 0.00
Haskell: How to simplify or eliminate liftM2? -0.53
Haskell Network.Browser HTTPS Connection 0.00
How do I link modules in ghc? 0.00
modify edge label in Haskell package fgl +3.70
Running Haskell HXT outside of IO? 0.00
Haskell HXT for extracting a list of values 0.00
Trouble calling a Haskell function from the main module +0.71
Is it bad to use toList? 0.00
Using Haskell's SimpleHTTP with a Proxy? 0.00
Why am I getting this warning from GHCi? +3.76
Haskell tail-recursion performance question for Levenshtein distances +3.83
Haskell's if statement for error checking -3.42
How to make Haskell's Network.Browser do gzip compression? 0.00
How can iterative deepening search implemented efficient in haskell? -4.59
How to go from String to Data.ByteString.Lazy in an existing Haskel... +3.33
convert do notation to bind function +1.27
optimization of a haskell code +1.47
Functions that look pure to callers but internally use mutation +2.60
Haskell guards not being met +0.42
Which Haskell package for JSON -0.79
In Scala, how to read a simple CSV file having a header in it's fir... -0.25
understanding attoparsec 0.00
Including scala-library.jar in Maven generated package +2.92
passing functions as argument 0.00
Mutually recursive evaluator in Haskell -4.27
Multiple source files in Haskell +3.51
Running a Scala app as a Java app +3.67
Choosing data from a list of tuples in Haskell 0.00
strange behavior reading a file -0.33
Improving code to generate a distribution +3.79
Haskell numeric type heirarchy in SICP exercises -0.38
Prefix form of unary operator in Haskell +1.23
rearranging string containing repeating patterns of variable length +4.58
Efficiently finding multiple maximums in list of lists in Haskell -2.17
renaming current module +3.98
Tips for more elegant code with monads? 0.00
state monad haskell -3.20
Stripping newlines in Haskell +4.00
Looking for a web host that can handle Haskell -3.64
Haskell: Would "do" notation be useful for contexts other... +4.14
Why is this Haskell SDL line cyan when it should be white? -3.67
Name clashes between field labels of different datatypes in Haskell +4.81
Haskell pair and unpair functions +2.74
What's the next step to learning Haskell after monads? +4.30
Haskell Convert List to List of Tuples +0.02
Haskell Input Return Tuple -3.38
Haskell function composition (.) and function application ($) idiom... -1.81
wxHaskell on OS X 0.00
Body Mass Index program in haskell +2.41