An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Travis Brown

1755.09 (36th)
121,282 (535th)
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Title Δ
How to use the `itemDoubleClicked(QTreeWidgetItem*,int)` signal in... 0.00
Problem with incomplete input when using Attoparsec -0.07
Using MOA to classify new examples? -4.10
Haskell lazy I/O and closing files +1.64
Create a temporary directory in Haskell -3.25
Mysql stored procedures +0.81
using .htaccess to redirect from friendly url to actual file 0.00
simple putStrLn in Haskell/Yampa with arrows syntax 0.00
strange error in haskell about indentation of if-then-else +3.91
Haskell - interpreting a number +4.03
maximize frame on startup in wxHaskell 0.00
adding other files to haskell -3.17
Optimizing Haskell code -0.49
Which is your favorite "hidden gem" package on Hackage? +4.22
Haskell: Defaulting constraints to type 0.00
How can I implement a splay tree that performs the zig operation la... -2.13
How to functionally generate a tree breadth-first. (With Haskell) +4.46
Performance of looping over an Unboxed array in Haskell +0.87
What's the way to determine if an Int is a perfect square in Haskell? -2.49
tesseract-ocr use ascii only? 0.00