An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1767.64 (26th)
408,017 (91st)
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Title Δ
ifconfig and interfaces +0.86
Why doesn't my C program print the array values? 0.00
Are C++ recursive type definitions possible, in particular can I pu... -0.34
Using enum as generic type parameter in C# -2.76
how to calculate log n(base r ) in O(1) time through c program +0.69
Is there a way to run a script on iOS? +0.80
Do LINQ's Enumerable Methods Maintain Relative Order of Elements? 0.00
Using %-sign (percentage symbol) in a SQL query with objective-c 0.00
Is there a difference between main(String args[]) and main(String[]... +1.00
Delete operation takes some time to accomplish 0.00
How to check if client computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit OS +0.16
Static readonly field cannot be assigned to (except in static const... +0.94
Passing addresses to functions in C +0.41
Calling Compile() on Expression<T> multiple times and caching 0.00
Are there any valid circumstances where foo=foo makes sense? -0.58
C# - Doesn't allow me to return "this" as a type when int... +0.47
Print part of a string in C -0.90
How can you cast to a type using the type name as a string? +0.59
find item in list of static final Strings +0.71
How to run system() with C#? -2.32
Identifiers starting with an integer +2.24
How to get users based on role? +0.18
exception ToString(): debug versus release mode +0.18
Using foreach with ArrayList - automatic casting? -0.06
Why is TypedReference behind the scenes? It's so fast and safe... a... +0.96
Use a 'goto' in a switch? +0.54
Weird "[]" after Java method signature +0.40
Remove last character of a string (VB.NET 2008) +0.76
When is BIG, big enough for a database? +0.20
Union returns two rows if data is different, one if it's the same!... +0.18
When and why would you upcast an object? -0.41
How does down casting quite work? C# +0.38
Simple Way to Check If Primitive is Uninitialized? +0.96
What happens when ToArray() is called on IEnumerable? -0.17
timezone converter in c# -3.34
Quick: Set top 2 bits of int +0.20
Restart a foreach loop in C#? +0.38
Cheapest way to copy an IEnumerable<T>? +0.73
instruction lengths +0.84
Monthly Archives -0.32
preallocation and vector +0.33
Why stack address goes in decreasing memory address? +0.86
What are the differences in the meaning of "static" in C+... -3.05
How do I create a generic method with a generic in the where clause... +1.11
Convert string of numbers to array of numbers c#? -0.55
Mixed declaration in a for loop -1.24
Is it possible to detect a recursive function in an untrusted assem... +0.42
Theory: Can JIT Compiler be used to parse the whole program first,... -2.00
How to compare a session variable with a string in C#? 0.00
Why cannot C# compiler implicitly infer `Foo foo = (int x) => x.... -0.46