An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1767.64 (26th)
408,017 (91st)
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Title Δ
Why must I provide explicitly generic parameter types While the com... -1.67
Anyway to convert a static array to a dynamic array? +0.34
Java Generics and Collections +0.17
Why the compiler emits box instructions to compare instances of a r... +2.37
Relation between Users and Dinners in Nerddinner project +0.70
does long if else if else blocks fall under any design pattern -0.83
Remove extra commas in C# +0.40
Ternary operator failing when using reflection +0.49
can't delete a memory location 0.00
What is the difference between stoing the multi-dimensional arrays... 0.00
What is the reason for which a function's return type cannot be var? -0.04
Whats the Difference between InnerJoin a table and include it in th... -0.75
C++/CLI performance compared to Native C++? +0.48
How to get property name from within getter/setter of that property? -0.07
objective c memory management -1.38
static destructor +0.66
Why does vector not have sort() method as a member function of vect... -0.57
C#: Can I or how to assign attributes to method parameters? 0.00
How to save Date Time without the time? +0.39
When does int++ get incremented? +0.22
Why is swap() sometimes implemented by passing an array? +0.16
Set default value of dynamic array +0.82
Does Assembly.Load loads same assembly every time? 0.00
Am I coding for an OS or the Processor? +0.62
Handing out iPhone certificate private key? +0.59
Why does assigning a large number in one byte work in C? -1.27
linq to XML string 0.00
What is the diffrence between & and && operators in C# +0.51
Java - splitting String problem +0.03
Does push_back() always increase a vector's size? +0.35
Sealed method in C# +0.63
Func<> and primitive code +0.16
how to combine multiple lines into one? -0.30
The difference between signed bytes and parity bytes -0.36
C# Is there a way to create functions that accept anonymous functio... 0.00
Call a delegate without specifying delegate's parameter -0.11
Why did Java's designers choose interfaces and single inheritance? +0.57
C++'s default inheritance access specifier? -3.22
Is the return value of malloc a virtual or physical address? +0.77
Multi-line foreach loop in linq / lambda +1.49
C# Repository using Generics +0.18
C# Generic Covariant Error +0.17
How to build login page using cookies? +0.18
Plugin System without rebuilding for each OS? +0.87
C# string splitting +0.30
What loop is faster, while or for +0.30
Problems with converting byte array to float/long in C +0.91
VB.NET ArrayList to List(Of T) typed copy/conversion +0.43
Why are assignment operators (=) invalid in a foreach loop? +0.26
Is it possible to create an object instance based on a string value... +0.71