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Wiktor Stribiżew

1759.69 (26th)
322,314 (86th)
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Title Δ
Regex to filter BBCode lists 0.00
Get number present after a particular pattern of a matching string... +0.18
Regex - Removing specific characters before the final occurance of @ +0.18
Get regex to match multiple instances of the same pattern +0.18
Converting C# Regular Expression To Java matcher issue 0.00
Regex to add a character in front of a specific character in a spec... +0.72
MSword regular express for Hindi Unicode 0.00
Python regex text to json script to grab all text between occurrenc... -0.32
Split Maya ASCII Command into Fragments using Regex 0.00
regex to start and end with character set, but with different chara... 0.00
Adding regex for only Cyrillic letters and white spaces 0.00
Remove LAST blank line from a text file containing paragraphs using... +0.18
Sed prepend when searching for colon 0.00
sed regex replace mobile number 0.00
Python regexes: matching parentheses in newest version (Feb 2019) 0.00
Regex for multidimensional input string name to get the the last nu... 0.00
How do I replace [number] to {number - 1} using Regex in C#? 0.00
Swift Regex Search String Except \r\n and \t 0.00
How to use regular expression in scala? 0.00
RegEx works online in RegexR but fails to initialise on iOS in NSRe... +0.85
How to write a regex expression to check a valid XML element NCName... +1.97
Match a 2-digit with separated comma (float digits not included) 0.00
Match between word and 6th occurance of slash (/) with Regex 0.00
Powershell replace in file multiple times 0.00
How to extract a valid number from string even if it is followed by... +0.72
Matching two or patterns and swapping texts on all of them 0.00
Extracting multiple date formats through regex in python 0.00
Regex to match words both starting and ending with underscore with... +0.19
Isolate part of string +0.16
recreate js regex match function in php +0.19
PowerShell Regular Expression match Y or Z +0.99
except one part of character class in python regex 0.00
regex using python language +0.17
Symfony 3 access_control regex expression 0.00
Regex match last occurrence of a string from multiple lines -2.45
Regex for words seperated by underscore -2.83
How to make a PHP regular expression assertion apply to the whole p... -2.98
extract word and before word and insert between ”_” in regex 0.00
finding speical character smileys in a string +0.06
Parsing Infix Mathematical Expressions in Swift Using Regular Expre... 0.00
How to complete remove a whole line with multiline regular expressi... +0.63
Lua string.gmatch pattern for multiple commas in a row -0.33
Regular expressions to match these pdf file names -0.07
how to use regexp_extract in hive -1.17
Sed Regular expression that get data between rx: and [space] +0.85
How to find indexes of all non-matching characters with a JS regex? +1.13
How to check if word boundary has all zero using regex -0.99
need to improve R regex phone number extraction from 26 to 28 diffe... 0.00
Replacing content of file via regex 0.00
Laravel regex for multiple patterns does not work? 0.00