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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1765.79 (24th)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
Regex DNS ANSWER SECTION into groups 0.00
Use RegEx to pop out multiple alphanumeric strings from URL in Python 0.00
Powershell capture multiple values? 0.00
Greedy Regex uncompatible with postgresql ? (Substring match) +0.17
How do input elements check if strings match the regular expression... 0.00
Trim Leading and trailing Spaces in Awk +0.88
Defining sed command in a groovy string 0.00
Regex extracting numeric & alpha separately +0.81
Regex for numeric numbers range 0.00
How to dial in a regex to detect @usernames 0.00
Find substring containing the escaped form of a delimiter (Regexp) +0.94
recursive matching for string delimiter with regular expression 0.00
Abreviation for white spaces at the beginning and at the end 0.00
Regex.Replace generates a space in the LinqPad output window out of... 0.00
Python regex: to calculate on matched numbers and substitute with r... 0.00
Matching a simple string with regex not working? -2.10
What is the correct regex pattern for this? +0.48
Flutter cannot parse regex +1.02
Regex Question. Match pattern in a string -1.42
Regex is too greedy. Cannot find a way to fix it 0.00
How to use back-reference of sed replacement command correctly cons... -0.96
Regex Pattern Not working in c# but working in online regex testers 0.00
How to capture an entire group consisting out of different characte... 0.00
HTML5 Regex Pattern for textbox validation: allow alphabet, spaces,... +0.76
Regex findall between two optional patterns, return all if none 0.00
Remove elements from a subgroup +0.87
pandas extract function with regex behaves different then "nor... 0.00
How to group inside "or" matching in a regex? +0.18
Get substring from List 0.00
Select blocks delimited with 3 new-lines +0.73
Regex cleaning string +0.05
Begins with string or not in regular expression +0.69
How to efficiently pass or ignore some tokens resolved by a python... +0.85
Regex replace by group in C# 0.00
Replace all slashes on a line with a match on at the beginning of t... +0.89
What's wrong with my regex to validate a pattern in my html inp... +0.72
Regex positive lookbehind in Google Sheets 0.00
remove non-digits except E+ and E- in string +0.46
Regexp for handling "test-12-1"-like strings (php) 0.00
c# Regex with look ahead failing 0.00
Regex for gsub to match line until and through newline \n character -1.65
Valid regex expressions won't work with AngularJS 0.00
Regex specific repeating interval parser, mostly working +0.15
How do I enforce that certain characters must be present when there... +0.53
Replacing all periods in a string does not work 0.00
python re.sub replace number in match string +0.87
Extract the lines between 2 specific tags +0.43
Why can't I use ^\s with grep? 0.00
Gvim command to insert string in middle of the line 0.00
Extract URLs from a string by using QRegularExpression 0.00