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Rating Stats for

Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1755.59 (34th)
426,326 (62nd)
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Title Δ
Regex to remove all special characters except periods 0.00
regex for matching latitude, longitudes without any character 0.00
Keep part of string after hyphen for specific column 0.00
How do i match this string? 0.00
Repeating Regex Match Sequence 0.00
Python: Concatenate string separated by comma in pandas series 0.00
Can't Find Regex Pattern To Pull Specific Column 0.00
Dutch postal codes regex R 0.00
extract strings using regex python 0.00
Javascript RegExp to apply span tags on strings with nested substri... 0.00
Regex select hostname only 0.00
Capture after positive lookbehind except is string contains exclusi... 0.00
Replace a character of a string 0.00
Regex: Don't match if match is inside a URL 0.00
Regex for splitting string into a collection of two based on a patt... 0.00
Regular expression to replace all superscripts in R 0.00
Searching for similar values within a regex string 0.00
Grepping subdomains of particular URLs in text files 0.00
Renaming files with criteria 0.00
regex single character between delimiter 0.00
Using Python, how do I split on multiple delimiters and keep only o... 0.00
Regex - Look for a particular word in a string either preceding or... 0.00
Regex match exactly 1 anywhere in string 0.00
Regex multiple characters but without specific string 0.00
How to use "." as a wildcard inside "string" in... 0.00
Match substring with regex for one or more capitalised words betwee... 0.00
How to build regex to search for strings that has non-alphanumeric... 0.00
SED Replace after certain pattern - value in brackets 0.00
Regular expression in Powershell to exclude all new lines starting... 0.00
Extract a pattern from column and make a new one in R data frame 0.00
RegEx failing since PHP 7.4, working in 7.3 0.00
Regular Expression - isMediaFile 0.00
Extracting numbers from a text file 0.00
Having problems with java regex 0.00
Remove spaces (apostrophes) around quotes with regex in ruby 0.00
Ansible regrex_replace to modify file name through path(url) 0.00
Why does sed remove the character in the example? 0.00
Regex to match everything before hypen - multiple match 0.00
Regex match with Arabic 0.00
Insert spaces between concatenated captialized words with acronym s... 0.00
How to extract the operands on both sides of "==" using r... 0.00
Linq condition with NOT equal for concatenation of 3 variables 0.00
RegEx SQL, combine known pattern with variable numbers 0.00
How to extract proper string from text by ignoring the special char... 0.00
fetch data using regex 0.00
Regular expression matches to repeated part although I use a questi... 0.00
Positive Lookbehind and Lookahead to the end of string 0.00
replace number greater than 5 digits in a text 0.00
Extract domain with protocol and country code from the link in Goog... 0.00
remove alphanumeric with 2 alphabets followed by 2 digits 0.00