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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1702.99 (137th)
587,769 (42nd)
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Title Δ
Exclude Specific String Within Regex/gsub 0.00
How using sed one can find and replace a pattern with multiple stri... -0.08
Pandas: Clean up String column containing Single Quotes and Bracket... 0.00
sed match one condition but not the other -1.24
Data Studio Regex (Google RE2) to Extract Subdirectory from Path 0.00
parsing pattern using logparse gork not working 0.00
Is there a way to combine two words with one word having 'p'... 0.00
PHP & Regex - find specific string inside a title(string) -2.16
Google Sheets - Remove all HTML tags except <img> and <a&g... 0.00
ORACLE: How to use regexp_like to find a string with single quotes... +1.42
Regex to select text without white spaces with restrictions 0.00
Combined regex pattern to match beginning and end of string and rem... +1.13
How can I make the following regex also match +0.89
Spacy : Named entity Recognition on dates not working as expected 0.00
How can I modify this regex to support multiple alternatives? 0.00
Split by space, preserve curly brackets but include spaces +0.82
Mapping entity IDs to strings in SpaCy 3.0 0.00
How to get numbers from html? +0.93
Match vocabulary words and phrases 0.00
ChatterBot error- OSError: [E941] Can't find model 'en' +0.24
Regrex string to match a list in R 0.00
Want to use regular expression in Python to group words the way cha... 0.00
How can i extract words from a string before colon and excluding \n... 0.00
Perl - illegal hexadecimal digit warning error 0.00
Python/Pandas:How to process a column of data when it meets certain... +1.01
Capturing all the occurrences of a specific word when is not part o... -1.13
Regex to extract variable number of key value pairs -1.56
Trim FASTA headers with sed -2.58
Dart Regexp replace all but numbers and allow once . or , 0.00
Regex that selects the first numbers to appear, in a loop +1.58
How to use Regex in pandas DataFrame with Python 0.00
Inverting a regex in R +1.49
Insert character before and after of character but ignore space bet... 0.00
regex pattern for matching dd mm only -0.20
Scala regex pattern extractor +0.86
What should be the regex expresesion? +0.24
Scala Regex capture separate groups 0.00
How to user regex to in PowerShell to format a dynamic string to an... -0.52
Regex for extracting names starting with Mr.|Mrs|The|DR after honor... 0.00
Extracting number within two square brackets 0.00
How to negate filename after a specific term in a regex +1.50
How to get the second last word which has more than one letters fro... 0.00
Select a word before and after a pattern (Hyphen is the pattern ) o... -0.58
Pandas extrac number with a decimal operator afer $ from a string 0.00
Add delimiter to string at irregular lengths - Javascript +1.41
Find multi-line text & replace it, using regex, in shell script +0.98
Regex for italic markdown 0.00
Remove lines with a specific char with javascript and regex 0.00
Get numbers between quotes and backslash with regex in C# +0.23
Regex - remove everything before and include the current criteria 0.00