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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1761.26 (26th)
334,403 (86th)
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Title Δ
how to extract the string from two delimiter strings using sed or a... 0.00
Swapping words between others words and numbers in a line using sed 0.00
RegEx for ignoring parenthesis in a string 0.00
Bash string replacement/matching: Skip first match 0.00
Use Sed to replace numbers in URL within Splunk 0.00
What expression should I use to get desired results? 0.00
How to replace multiple slash and backslash in a string with a sing... 0.00
Extract chapters from text 0.00
Regular Expressions: Find pattern in string 0.00
Extract only <string>/<string> or <string> after... 0.00
RegEx for matching operation sequences 0.00
Match multiple conditions in powershell regular expression 0.00
How to validate a name(John D'Largy) in iOS Swift4.2? 0.00
How to allow a number between 0-12 and also have additional pattern... 0.00
R separate words from numbers in string 0.00
Reqex not starting with white space, only letters can contain white... 0.00
How to fix regex not matching when a character is the first on a ne... 0.00
How to swap only numeric values in each line 0.00
Greedy regex quantifier not matching password criteria 0.00
RegEx for matching one to three words after a keyword 0.00
SQL regex to check if within JSON array there exists at least one i... 0.00
modifying regex so that it finds space and put minimum length restr... 0.00
Regex to encapsulate any non-matched sections 0.00
Any numeric string except the string containing '000' 0.00
re.split to split expression and keep delimeters/with brackets invo... 0.00
Make regex to match in a lazy manner while skipping some words 0.00
How to write regex to extract lines from below stack 0.00
Skipping over results with regex 0.00
Regular expression to split a street address that may have optional... 0.00
Firefox gives SyntaxError: invalid regexp group 0.00
Locate a sub-string with a general character '[a,z]-\n' and... 0.00
logical operation with search pattern in awk? 0.00
Python RegexHelp 0.00
Regex to replace single quote by ignoring "already replaced si... 0.00
How to append last column of every other row with the last column o... 0.00
Find all matched string by regex 0.00
Regex designing for special string 0.00
Extract numeric pattern from complex string - R 0.00
Kotlin check for words in string 0.00
Matching multiple groups of characters with python's regular ex... 0.00
RegEx valid relative urls in href and src links of html 0.00
multiline regular expression not working in ruby 0.00
Relationship between Alnum and IsAlphabetic character classes in Ja... 0.00
Regex validate only the result of a captured group 0.00
Perl regex matching alternative file names 0.00
Regular expression - replace specific string based on different str... 0.00
Remove substring from each line of text file with regex 0.00
regex not removing underscore from pattern 0.00
RegEx. \b for cyrilic symbols 0.00
regex match only "Group 1." and not "Full match" 0.00