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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1761.26 (26th)
341,429 (86th)
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Title Δ
How to convert complex sed commands to a PowerShell script 0.00
Run Regex using Grep/Sed recursively over files to store capture gr... 0.00
Regex for parsing uid from URL 0.00
RegEx matching multiple strings with StartWith and EndWith strings... 0.00
Insert comma after every 7th character using regex and hive sql 0.00
Regex to take first set after Space and want to remove $ with same... 0.00
regex in notepad++ or sed to return two different strings 0.00
How to do negate or subtract a regex from another regex result in j... 0.00
Regular Expression Scope Too Large 0.00
Regex to remove a whole phrase from the match 0.00
is it possible to grab the last digit number from every double-digi... 0.00
Append Special Character with Double black Slash [\\] in String Java 0.00
Regex match multiple same expression multiple times 0.00
Python Regex escape operator \ in substitutions & raw strings 0.00
regular expression for excluding filename 0.00
How to get the first alphabetic word of string in javascript 0.00
how to write a regex command that match several dividers including... 0.00
Replace strings/characters in data frame column 0.00
Regex to find instances of a word where it is not in the path of a... 0.00
Javascript Regex: Combinations of numbers and letters (i) except 1 0.00
Group array with two words, rather than one 0.00
Stringr function or or gsub() to find an x digit string and extract... 0.00
How to use Regex to replace links in an Android WebView in Kotlin 0.00
Css class Word match on preg_match 0.00
How to optimize a regex pattern? 0.00
Regex for match and replace substring 0.00
How do I make regex non-greedy to extract specific element 0.00
How to match string in between two words, but only the "closet... 0.00
How to capture header of file, then perform further text processing... 0.00
Python,how to extract text between two markers multiple times throu... 0.00
Conditions in AWK 0.00
Linq select with regex 0.00
How to match a pattern not start with 'c' and contains '... 0.00
Need to use regex to extract a part of a string 0.00
Hive: Extracting sub-string from / separated column 0.00
How to change the format of a number in a pandas column? 0.00
Word separation from a word (Regex & PHP) 0.00
Regex to match url in log file is giving line continuation error -... 0.00
Remove closing PHP tags from all files 0.00
If a column contains a word, then generate a new column with the va... 0.00
Parse Groups Meeting Certain Conditions from String 0.00
Match all substrings in string except specific pattern 0.00
How to get multiple regex on same string in scala 0.00
Find (replace) the last space in any HTML headings within block of... 0.00
Regex to match *RandomName($variable1, $variable2) 0.00
Search one word before character and one word after 0.00
Remove special characters and add a semi colon in a word - Tableau 0.00
REGEX pattern match in R for Course number 0.00
Regex Pattern: Unclosed group 0.00
Regex lookahead. Find word without .min. in string 0.00