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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1727.11 (66th)
356,542 (77th)
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Title Δ
How to address "Select-String -pattern" return object via... +0.61
How to remove all whitespace between a two characters? 0.00
How to use Ruby gsub with regex to do partial string substitution 0.00
Extract first and last occurence of a group of numbers by ignoring... 0.00
How to identify a particular pattern exists in a string using javas... +0.20
Regexp_extract everything after appearance of '-q_' +0.60
Java Detect special pattern from long text 0.00
Regex: Delete over Multiple Ending With A Line Continuation Character 0.00
regex exclude dash/hyphen if there no number found afterward 0.00
Error scraping link from site using a regex 0.00
Bash, grep lines from csv based on column 3, if length is 6 chars (... -0.41
Regex to include empty matches with non-empty ones 0.00
How can i upgrade this regex not capture "1hey" or "... 0.00
Get the second match by regex +0.80
Extract parts of a string using a Regular Expression in PostgreSQL +0.21
Using RegEx for phrase pattern in EntityRuler -1.10
How to substitute correctly in python using regex +0.95
replace words and strings pandas 0.00
Date String not matching in Scala 0.00
Replace regex in string with value from dict, while retrieving the... 0.00
Delete string after '#' using sed +1.45
Regex : capitalize non-ascii character after some special character 0.00
Fail the regex match at the end of the string in Go +0.20
Clojure RegEx: How to embed comments inside regular expression? +0.22
How to not allow matching of the regex when i have a single quote p... -0.29
combine regex patterns javascript +0.22
Splitting up a deck list using a Regular Expression 0.00
Matching regular expression or leaving empty string when not found 0.00
Getting all of the ungrouped parts of a string -0.28
Substitute variable amount of numbers by it's sum 0.00
Use named regex groups to shorten the pattern 0.00
How to replace 3 same characters with one in Hive sql? 0.00
Replace specific char from regular expression in VS Code 0.00
groovy regular expression difficulty 0.00
Linux bash sed one liner change config value - with space or no space +0.89
How to extract single email address from string? 0.00
Find and replace with same wildcard +0.51
Get the identifier number along with the string inside the identifi... 0.00
How to get Index of an Entity in a Sentence in Spacy? 0.00
Scala - how to extract a path after an s3:/ prefix with a Regex? +0.70
Logstash does not process zero-length regexs in grok pattern in doc... 0.00
stringr to extract a column of text 0.00
PHP is not applying Regex to check void string 0.00
Removing StopWords from a Character using R +0.05
Regex match word and \n literally 0.00
using perl/regex to upper \U in stringr 0.00
Python: Unable to match a period (in a non-capturing group) that is... 0.00
VScode replace regex before and after a match +0.50
Anonymize email address with regex in Python 0.00
How to separate a string that can be dynamic using certain words 0.00