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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1729.79 (66th)
402,004 (68th)
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Title Δ
How to remove spaces between inside a quotation with a regex 0.00
PhraseMatcher for matching phrases with words in between 0.00
How can I except a line with grep? 0.00
Using regex to extract URL folder in Google Datastudio 0.00
gsub Find and replace text between two strings in R 0.00
How to grep a still unknown specific word in a matched row 0.00
Use sed (or similar) to remove anything between repeating patterns 0.00
QRegularExpression to find numeric part of file name 0.00
Java regex allowing all character expect ` 0.00
Remove Spaces and Special Characters (between Numbers only) in a st... 0.00
regex - Exclude the line with the word (php) 0.00
Replace text around two tags in python with regex 0.00
Notepad++ regex to extract usernames only 0.00
How to modify three command (regular expressions) in one line to us... 0.00
Python PDF-Redactor only partially mask content 0.00
Check whether string contains specific abbreviation 0.00
how to match either word or sentence in this Python regex? 0.00
Invalid preceding regular expression given by Sieve 0.00
How to surround all Bracket groups with * in a string 0.00
Replace string with sed 0.00
Powershell - MultiLine Regex splitting 0.00
(Python) How to check a long string against several regex? 0.00
Using regex in Grep for Windows command line 0.00
regex: match a group but return a different string 0.00
RE.Match any two values in a cell with another cell 0.00
Python Regular Expression to fetch data from string 0.00
Regex - accept only integers and one decimal point 0.00
regex to match literally the characters of an abbreviation 0.00
Use regex to replace all possible substrings made from newline char... 0.00
regex for regex result or twice regex 0.00
Look back and stop on the first one 0.00
How can I allow hyphens in this RegEx 0.00
Sed not replacing every occurrence of dot and forward slash 0.00
Count with how many spaces a string starts 0.00
PostgreSQL "invalid regular expression: invalid escape \ seque... 0.00
Regex match a mac address without semi-columns 0.00
Python regex: pattern with re.ASCII can still match unicode charact... 0.00
Regex to split with multiple separators of one or several characters 0.00
Regex to detect dates separated by newlines 0.00
extract URL until .com , .org etc 0.00
Regex: How to capture one set of parenthesis, but not the next 0.00
RegEx Filter Works In RegExr But Not Logstash Grok 0.00
Find duplicate char sequences in String by regex in Java 0.00
How to specifically mention in a regular expression to avoid 6 char... 0.00
Looking for the email which is as close as possible from a specific... 0.00
Whitespace follows by brackets (non lazy) in Python using regex 0.00
How to split String using Regex specific String -0.88
How to drop patter inside table dataframe 0.00
Regex remove first empty line 0.00
How to match same length digits in a string using regex 0.00