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Rating Stats for

Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1727.11 (66th)
356,542 (77th)
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Title Δ
Remove & sum within column 0.00
Pattern for matching letters and digits in mysql table +0.20
Python - Remove lines from output contains one or more substring fr... 0.00
Regex Pattern for not allowing slash on beginning and ending and no... 0.00
How to find page or chapter references in various spelling to stand... +1.06
Detect Multiple Account Numbers Using Regex Groups -0.80
In Redshift: (\s|\+) pattern does NOT work, but ([\s]|[\+]) does. A... 0.00
Using regex in spaCy: matching various (different cased) words +0.22
Find Regular Expression 0.00
Replace text between two string powershell 0.00
Regular expression for multiline commentary in Matlab 0.00
sed: print match 0.00
(?<=#!)(\\w+\\.*\\w+)+ doesn't match #!super.compound.key3 +0.22
Matching parts of string using regex grouping constructs 0.00
Regex lookaround 0.00
Matching character followed by exactly 1 digit -0.63
Swift regex for matching a decimal part of the number in a string a... 0.00
How to remove all special characters in a large French text file +0.51
Trying to cut a Spotify link with regex using dart 0.00
How to include apostrophe in character set for REGEXP_SUBSTR() +0.21
Certificate Issuer Replace by CN or OU,System.Collections.Hashtable... +0.22
Regex - Match 3-digit numbers +0.96
JavaScript: Do not match after escaping sign +0.50
Replace Wildcard Value in String with PowerShell 0.00
Parse sentences with [value](type) format -1.54
Regular Expression to get the IP after 2 DELETE from apache log +0.94
Regex to find a given number of characters after last underscore 0.00
Powershell Split string with "-" and digits and ".xm... -0.81
Regular expression extracting unwanted Ip address from log file +0.90
Regex search the 2 nearest keywords -0.29
Perl 6: Lookahead with capture 0.00
How to capture distinct x portions of a string separated by a speci... +1.20
Match any string in the format (+-)(digit or letter)(colon) 0.00
Get search term with regex pattern in an url 0.00
Extracting substrings beginning with XX.XXXX +0.94
Apply a Regex with a conditional lookaround +1.41
Split string on punctuation or number in Python -0.48
How to write regex to match password with rules +0.22
Python regex to exclude email pattern but include @string pattern 0.00
Preparing regex for text 0.00
Why do substrings prevent match with negative lookahead? 0.00
skip starting from a character in regex +0.21
Regex strategy works in one case but not another -1.62
How can I strip a matching pattern by using a for-loop in python 2.7? 0.00
Comment or uncomment particular line using bash -0.04
How to fix pcre2 to \w will match marks? 0.00
How to replace a specific part of the regular expression(regex) by... 0.00
python alternative regex search return tuple with None +1.21
Regex negative lookaround with optional whitespace +1.44
Mask email regexp +1.23