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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1765.84 (24th)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
Regex Pattern Not working in c# but working in online regex testers 0.00
How to capture an entire group consisting out of different characte... 0.00
HTML5 Regex Pattern for textbox validation: allow alphabet, spaces,... +0.76
Regex findall between two optional patterns, return all if none 0.00
Remove elements from a subgroup +0.86
pandas extract function with regex behaves different then "nor... 0.00
How to group inside "or" matching in a regex? +0.18
Get substring from List 0.00
Select blocks delimited with 3 new-lines +0.73
Regex cleaning string +0.04
Begins with string or not in regular expression +0.68
How to efficiently pass or ignore some tokens resolved by a python... +0.85
Regex replace by group in C# 0.00
Replace all slashes on a line with a match on at the beginning of t... +0.88
What's wrong with my regex to validate a pattern in my html inp... +0.72
Regex positive lookbehind in Google Sheets 0.00
remove non-digits except E+ and E- in string +0.45
Regexp for handling "test-12-1"-like strings (php) 0.00
c# Regex with look ahead failing 0.00
Regex for gsub to match line until and through newline \n character -1.66
Valid regex expressions won't work with AngularJS 0.00
Regex specific repeating interval parser, mostly working +0.15
How do I enforce that certain characters must be present when there... +0.53
Replacing all periods in a string does not work 0.00
python re.sub replace number in match string +0.86
Extract the lines between 2 specific tags +0.43
Why can't I use ^\s with grep? 0.00
Gvim command to insert string in middle of the line 0.00
Extract URLs from a string by using QRegularExpression 0.00
Copyright string search and replace issue 0.00
Regexp to wrap expression with find and replace 0.00
python regex to remove extra characters from papers' doi 0.00
Filtering phone numbers REGEXP 0.00
Regx to remove output from last two dash 0.00
Splitting a String by number of delimiters +0.18
Regex to select all the commas from string that do not have any whi... -1.48
How to match empty group with regex in flutter? 0.00
First lookahead then look for closest matching capture group behind... 0.00
Regex for float matching strings like "12." also? +0.20
sed pattern match until first match only 0.00
Why does this regexp not match? +0.63
How to split a string at every n characters or to nearest previous... 0.00
Regex to find double parenthesis using Notepad++ 0.00
Bash get substring to variable using regex 0.00
Regex match all instances of character except when followed by a di... 0.00
Replace all the types of newline characters by "\n" in py... +0.85
stringr: regex to match and extract strings (including unique subst... 0.00
Remove punctuation in the beginning of the word except special symb... +0.16
regex for getting particular output from sentences in python 0.00
RegEx find newline between double quotes and replace with space -0.50