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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1755.59 (34th)
426,326 (62nd)
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Title Δ
Regex: allow comma-separated strings, including characters and non-... 0.00
mysql regexp some of these chars + 1 unknown char 0.00
Multiline regex match in PowerShell with or without lookahead 0.00
Google Apps Script: REGEX to fix malformed pipe delimited csv file... 0.00
Refactoring starting place for regex 0.00
Matching ASN.1 string with python regexp 0.00
Selecting all Permutations Without Repetition using Regular Express... 0.00
Is it possible to have one regex that solves this task? 0.00
Linq wildcard and NOT condition needed for LINQ statement 0.00
How can I find the records which has last character "A" i... 0.00
Regexp: match anything except digits, spaces, comma, semicolon, ... 0.00
How can I extract numbers from a string in Python, and return a list? 0.00
Negative lookahead in R to match delimited chunks in a string that... 0.00
regex extract data under square bracket while ignoring nested brack... 0.00
Javascript - Regex expression to remove special characters from title 0.00
how to parse a search query that uses the structure of a polish not... 0.00
Replace all consecutive repeated letters ignoring specific words 0.00
string operation/regex - find and replace 0.00
How to make working two different regex in one? 0.00
How to put all regex matches into a string list 0.00
pandas dataframe: replace (standalone) substring in cell based on d... 0.00
Regex to match Column Items in Dataframe Python 0.00
How to alter my expression to return the same result while being co... 0.00
Regex grouping: must start with /, optional group of characters alp... 0.00
REGEXP_EXTRACT with String Value in Bigquery 0.00
Remove whitespace in a string for multiple dataframe columns 0.00
RegEx question: standardization of medical terms 0.00
Regular expression to allow only the valid time offset values 0.00
Regular Expression over a file path to match file names that don... 0.00
Regex Exclude Number Within Two Characters of Number 0.00
Give me regex for finding account number in bunch of converted text... 0.00
openNMT translate commands yields garbage results 0.00
Match a string between two or more words regardless of order 0.00
PHP regex look around with matching multiple occurrences 0.00
Find Xml tags based on specific inner tag 0.00
Removing redundant escape as per recommended by Android Studio caus... 0.00
Replace multiple consecutive characters with their last occurrence 0.00
JavaScript RegEx: Format string with dynamic length to block format 0.00
Get overlapping positions of pattern in string in r 0.00
Regular Expression - Text field must begin with xx/xx date format 0.00
PHP check string has contains only letters numbers and spaces in an... 0.00
hive string extraction 0.00
r SCRIPT to extract words with letters and numbers 0.00
Unable to convert pandas string to numeric 0.00
Python regex compile and search strings with numbers and words 0.00
Regex replace names of methods 0.00
Powershell Regex to Replace Underscores with Hyphens 0.00
Python regex to get citations in a paper 0.00
how to match abbreviations with their meaning with regex? 0.00
Regex to match string with exact number of identifier characters 0.00