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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1761.26 (26th)
334,403 (86th)
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Title Δ
Is there a way to filter a string vector based on 'and' and... 0.00
Groovy returning an array for each match 0.00
REGEXP_LIKE to match a specific word in a comma separated string 0.00
Regex and replacement with numbers and texts 0.00
Regular Expression to Capture First Two Lines That Don't Includ... 0.00
Is there a way to optimize this case of catastrophic regex backtrac... 0.00
Python re.match include optional group that is None 0.00
How to negative look ahead using vim/grep 0.00
Looking for Regex pattern for maximum matches 0.00
escaping sed-statement in jenkinsfile 0.00
How to remove a possibly parenthesized version number? 0.00
r street type removing pattern match 0.00
Only select last part of a string after the last point 0.00
How to use regex in Swift to capture string between colons 0.00
Can I make this Phone Validator Regex more efficient? 0.00
Python: Regex display named capture groups using dictionary key 0.00
Regular expression to split the data frame string into columns in p... 0.00
regex for validating input C 200 50 0.00
Regex replace string which is before or after two different string 0.00
VBScript Regular Expresssions - Match with multiple 0.00
Python re.findall hangs on certain websites 0.00
capturing group of consecutive digits using regex 0.00
PHP: Regex JSON file for image names 0.00
If/else clause on loop statement with does not work (pyth... 0.00
Regex: adding quotes around words only within curly braces 0.00
Split multiple lines by regex 0.00
replace \n with " " 0.00
split a string knowing some of the substrings 0.00
In a string i want to replace all words inside square bracket with... 0.00
Regex extract string before integer 0.00
Conditional replacement of a character 0.00
How to get all overlapping matches in python regex that may start a... 0.00
How to use pregmatch to validate no characters /.%\@? in input fiel... 0.00
Extracting word and/or string between two strings in R list 0.00
Trying to create a field in Google Data Studio that only counts if... 0.00
AWK - add value based on regex 0.00
How to put a character as end of expression 0.00
php str_replace for danish char's 0.00
Remove only the begining of previous email 0.00
Regex to match (1 or more) php heredocs containing an empty line 0.00
sed avoid replacing lines which start with @ 0.00
Matching word without dot with Python regex 0.00
REGEX: How to filter special character between brackets? 0.00
Need a regex for ONLY Alphanumeric (no pure numbers or letters) AND... 0.00
VS Code : search and replace in multiple files with a regex 0.00
How to replace text without changing quoted string with regex 0.00
How to match nested patterns with QRegularExpression? 0.00
unable to extract string between patterns using Regex 0.00
Extract multiple tokens from json path using Regex 0.00
How to strip ${1} in php preg_replace? 0.00