An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1729.79 (66th)
402,004 (68th)
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Title Δ
Regex return only non empty after substitution 0.00
Regex to "double-count" Characters 0.00
Match start or end of string - but only specify pattern once 0.00
Regular expression for 12 hours time format 0.00
regex to match string before colon till whitespace +0.99
Write a regex that recognizes dogs and cats that are big or fluffy.... 0.00
Regex to extract usernames/names from a string +0.59
Regex Remove non matching line while substituting +1.22
Regex: find a number in parentheses 0.00
Pandas/regex based approach to match first string from a list of st... 0.00
Regex to find words without double "L" +0.69
Pandas read csv with regex separator +0.22
Adding zero to non leaded zero datetime string regex 0.00
regular expression convert version wrong -1.54
Use Stringr to select all middle words, leaving out the first and l... 0.00
RegexReplace the nth occurrence of a string of underscores 0.00
How to split string by slash which is not between numbers? +1.04
Find the index of first matching string from string array or list c# 0.00
PHP Regular Expression to get SSL Certificate Issuer / Subject +0.22
how to write a SED script to replace the version code present in a... 0.00
RegEx to remove number + space from cells with carriage-return data... +0.21
Regex split by comma not inside parenthesis (.NET) +1.08
Split the sentence into its tokens as a character annotation Python 0.00
PHP Replace URLs in string with Anchor tag 0.00
Try to split a string with particular regex expression +0.21
sed to match multiline range and replace +0.57
Regex to match exactly one comma separeted strings 0.00
Java: How to reverse string based on non alphabetic delimiters? -1.76
a leading whitespace before the result from regular expression -0.79
Unable to get input regex pattern in type="email" to work... 0.00
How to match correctly only needed numbers type -2.21
List Volumes with DF, Grep, Awk | Bash Shell -0.52
R: Why does \s{2} return "\"," in regex match? And n... 0.00
Match value ends with an emptyline 0.00
Regex to replace \n\n after every second occuurence in JS 0.00
Python regex to extract phone numnber +0.21
Regex that match table input 0.00
Java Regex: repetitive groups? +1.43
Parse just a tiny part of TOML with sed or grep with a multiline re... -2.26
Regex: Select multiple lines between to equals word. Notepad++ 0.00
Regex, negative lookahead for a part of expression 0.00
Regular expression to extract fractions 0.00
Improve performance of large document text tokenization through Pyt... 0.00
How to remove all type of prefix salutation from string in java? 0.00
Kotlin, cant match regex patters 0.00
How get all matches using str.contains in python regex? +0.21
How to make html link with php regex 0.00
Getting nil while matching the correct regex for the URL with a bac... 0.00
Split String At Every Non-Letter/Number Character +0.21
Regex to filter for no-space string only +1.11