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Wiktor Stribiżew

1761.26 (26th)
341,429 (86th)
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Title Δ
Prestashop I can't make regex_replace works 0.00
Excel VBA Regex for fetching the values which has specific text 0.00
PHP explode strings, but treat words in quotes as a single word 0.00
How to extract only the capture group in a regex in R 0.00
Regular Expression for checking subword between capture groups 0.00
Remove leading Zeros from Decimal String 0.00
remove duplicated rows based on ID within string 0.00
why angular pattern regex not working in html by work well in types... 0.00
How to check for "/" slash in XML with Regular Expression 0.00
Qt: Regex max. 9 digits (Int and Float) 0.00
How i can used sed or grep with this 0.00
How to replace excessive SQL wildcard by single regex pattern? 0.00
How to remove Unicode characters in Snowflake? 0.00
How to select Image URL by not including "/"? 0.00
Why is this Regex not capturing both matching lines? 0.00
Regex matches always returns false 0.00
How to find a last occurrence of set of characters in string using... 0.00
How to get an array with all images numbers and images letters with... 0.00
SpaCy Parenthesis tokenization: pairs of (LRB, RRB) not tokenized c... 0.00
Updating IP values after a specific string in a configuration file... 0.00
Regex for failing double dashes in a string 0.00
C# MVC - Regex for integers with a single space or multiple spaces 0.00
Not able to get full name using regex 0.00
Using regular expression to replace special characters outside of h... 0.00
How to capitalize 1st letter (ignoring non a-z) with regex in c#? 0.00
capture regex group occurrence in a string 0.00
Taking selected groups in regex 0.00
Check if a string has no alphabets 0.00
matching pattern and appending text to beginnning of line 0.00
RegEx for parsing repeated groups 0.00
Java - \pL [\x00-\x7F]+ regex fails to get non English characters u... 0.00
How to Split String With Regular Expression ios objectivec 0.00
Search substring in a string using regex 0.00
How can I return the nth regex match in a string? 0.00
JetBrains Exposed (DSL Api): Issue when using .regexp() where condi... 0.00
String that ends wih a single underscore character 0.00
Regex for multi-line data in MySQL column 0.00
Flutter - Regex in TextFormField 0.00
Grep using a regular expression and capturing using groups 0.00
Regex for picking a Value After “=” 0.00
RegEx for matching an alphanumeric pattern with quantifier 0.00
How to replace a certain word from a string with another one and ex... 0.00
Fine tuning regex to extract data between delimeters 0.00
Unable to extract Name from text in R 0.00
Is there a better way to write a Regex to match the case, 0.00
How to replace string into numbers using sed? 0.00
BBEdit chomp off excessive decimals 0.00
Is it possible to access the character after matched position (&... 0.00
Regex conditional lookout 0.00
Regular expression for an alphanumeric word 0.00