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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1759.69 (26th)
322,314 (86th)
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Title Δ
Faster Regex other than .+ to match whole string 0.00
regex php match_all 0.00
regular expression in R for word of variable length between two cha... -0.60
How to split a string behind a particular marker +1.32
PHP Regex get the value from JavaScript code -1.30
What does -line flag do in tcl regular expression? -1.22
Regex javascript to vb 0.00
Wrap each letter of a string in a tag, avoiding HTML tags -1.07
EmailAddress FormatException doesn't catch everything +0.18
Email validation with validation on username to accept only letters... -1.09
RegularExpression for Telephone Number validation using Razor syntax -0.80
How can I get the character after the digits with a regex +0.35
Regular Expression Negate Colon doesn't work +1.25
Do some regex on a 50GB file in perl -1.70
Culture issue with regexp +2.53
Regex Get All Alphabetic characters -1.83
Password regex string in strings.xml file in android -0.01
PHP regex pattern not identifying closing bracket for tag 0.00
Regex to ignore precise match +0.16
Adding a variable inside regex patern -0.00
Same RegExp returns different results - the first tim correct resul... +0.48
Search and replace with regex letters outside of html tags and ' 0.00
Regular expression checking for integer validity and range -0.07
Regular Expression for atleast one character and one number with no... 0.00
Remove space between the beginning and the end of xml tag +2.11
Get Substring using Regular Expression Between Two Line Breaks +0.11
mongodb regex parameter -1.30
Test and read variables from file with JS/NodeJS -0.26
Regex matching abc:abc -0.60
regexp_matches function does not give any result +0.52
remove substring between delimiters FROM LEFT TO RIGHT using regex... -0.20
Unable to exclude non-capturing groups in .NET -1.07
Php regular expression, url validation, following dots in domain na... +2.67
Regex "SL" Spanish Business - Regex two Characters nothin... -1.04
Replace data/value of csv file -0.54
Regex for Accepting any number of Characters and - +0.11
In Java, how to split strings without using delimiters in brackets? -0.02
Using re and extract some patterns from list Python2.7 +1.18
removing parenthesis from extracted regex value -0.87
How to replace .. in a string in python -0.45
How can i use Regex to get data from sqlite? +0.25
Using Regex to split string in c# +0.05
Parsing out reCaptcha challenge key 0.00
How to block Unicode characters from a text box input? 0.00
Validate that string is in proper case using Regex +1.20
Why does this regex throw an exception? 0.00
regex to validate to capture 5 different repeating digits 0.00
Regular expression for negative matching of string 0.00
PHP: RegEx to detect normal human readable string? 0.00
Username Password Regular Expression 0.00