An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1761.26 (26th)
341,429 (86th)
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Title Δ
Regex on a Script -0.24
Regex for string split twice -0.03
Windows Form app find Link on Web 0.00
Parsing multi sections of a text file using regex in C# -0.19
Regular expression? How to break lines in Notepad++ -0.56
PHP Replace consecutive occurrence of characters in sentence +0.95
Replace all occurrences of group -0.28
Regex VS13: replace backslash 0.00
Another php regex issue 0.00
Regex for ip validation -1.53
Extract Menu from String +1.13
Regex to match X...X...Y? +1.26
How to use regex with grep 0.00
Writing an expression to recursively extract data between parenthesis 0.00
Python 3.4 : Regex list grouping -2.12
Regular Expression wrong match -0.84
Sum a range that does not contain specific word 0.00
Break data into array elements based of two or more spaces -1.50
Writing SEO friendly url gets infinite loop -0.14
Parsing/manipulating weirdly formated json array 0.00
Html 5 pattern regex and minimum -2.42
Regex to SQL: repetition-operator operand invalid 0.00
How to extract string in regex +1.75
Regex for email validation not working in Spring DOJO +0.36
RegExp taking too much in checking emailid -0.37
How to write a batch script in windows to loop over files , find a... -0.93
writing regular expression with constraints 0.00
Regular expression in SQL With in LIKE operator 0.00
Split CSV with a regex +0.36
Combine checking for a valid URL and extracting file extension 0.00
Make regular expression Python +1.14
Adding a class to each paragraph tag using PHP Regex +0.58
how to validate BIGINT in regex +1.84
How to create a regular expression that pulls from two line groups? -0.64
New line and dollar sign in Java regular expression +2.11
Extracting a number from a string using regex and +2.47
Find partial match in string 0.00
regex to exclude after first space -1.82
matching dot in a range preg_match +2.13
Email:Pass regex for Preg_Match_All 0.00
Avoiding "double search" when using regexp matching groups 0.00
Javascript Regex Match pattern that matches words and numbers with... 0.00
How to replace just numbers in string using regex in Java? -1.89
Regular Expression for URL matching not working in iOS +0.84
Filtering user input using regex in ruby on rails 0.00
filtering columns by regex in dataframe -0.13
Matching strings with re.match doesn't work +0.38
Python regexp match across lines -0.11
regex expression with optional parts +1.35
preg_grep function does not find anything (php) +0.53