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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1761.26 (26th)
341,429 (86th)
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Title Δ
If-ElseIf-Else Condition at Regex 0.00
java - String.replaceAll to replace all characters not in pattern 0.00
How should I get mentioned strings from my messge? -0.13
Change part of string in a file using regex in Python 0.00
Regular expression in php to search url with a given pattern 0.00
Explanation for a complicated regular expression +1.23
Regex match dynamic pattern +0.76
Regular Expression Syntax Error +2.37
Javascript Regex to match feet inches measurement issue +0.37
Get numbers after string php regex +0.00
Extract string matching regex +1.39
Regex to capture only [0-9] numbers while matching numbers with spa... -0.87
Remove all [A-z] from string +1.72
Regexp replace everything between parenthes +2.03
regex for any digits mandatory and two decimal points -0.41
Regex issue i am stuck with +1.86
Using Regex to extract part of a string from a HTML/text file -0.62
regular expression for 4 number, a comma and 4 numbers -1.23
Javascript Regex to find numbers followed by 'px' or '%... +0.03
Replace a character before another character in any line in Notepad++ -1.83
Using Regular Expression to match fields with an arbitrary delimiter +1.66
Replacing all matches except if surrounded by or only if surrounded... -2.50
PHP parsing string to array with regular expressions +1.80
A javascript regular expression to tokenize the query -0.18
How to delete the delimiter in a string only from a particular posi... +0.28
Regular expression: Match everything after a particular word +0.96
How do we validate the format of the CSR using Regex +0.38
PCRE pattern that validates more than I wants 0.00
Swing JTextField - Max 3 digits before decimal and max 2 digits aft... 0.00
Having issue with back reference in TCL -0.12
Regex to match non-whitespace around & in Java +2.22
Regular expression to match any hyphenated word in a url in PHP +1.60
Removing character from regexp class in R +1.22
Jquery limit accepted characters by place in string -0.63
Regex C doesn't work as expected with wild card * and caret 0.00
How to substitute all characters in a string except for some (in Ru... -0.37
Detect Two Consecutive Single Quotes Inside Single Quotes +0.92
Notepad++ regex searching 0.00
Find string matching pattern1 but not matching pattern 2 0.00
Regexp find position of different characters in string +0.37
Perl replace delimiters -0.81
Javascript Replace using Regx -0.93
Matching strings with wildcard -1.80
How to define what character is generated using KeyRoutedEventArgs? -0.04
pattern password javascript +0.38
How to match Unicode character using .net? 0.00
Javascript regex for symbol but not space +0.05
What is the purpose of the 'y' sticky pattern modifier in J... +0.38
MySql REGEXP search for anything with opening and closing square br... -2.67
Highlighting whole word in HTML string using C# regexp 0.00