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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1760.91 (26th)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
Regexp matching time ranges 0.00
Regex capturing from a non capture group in ruby -1.57
Regex to validate phone Number for repeating digits +0.45
Using mongodb driver how to do not in $regex query 0.00
Javascript nested square brackets in string +0.03
Regular expression chain multiple conditions 0.00
Why does `(c*)|(cccd)` match `ccc`, not `cccd`? -0.98
Convert user-defined pseudo regex string into working regex +2.10
Confirm email address exists and is not already taken, using Parse... 0.00
How to rewrite a method so that it could be executed in LINQ to Ent... +1.20
RegularExpressionValidator to limit input length and allow empty st... -0.01
Cannot convert type string to decimal in linq query 0.00
How to read perl regular expression debugger -0.51
regex to match ONLY integers and not any strings not working 0.00
Match 2 or more uppercase characters in entire string -0.84
How to indicate in a java regex, 0,1 or many times a carriage retur... -0.75
Python Search the specific word sequence from the pos sequence and... -0.55
preg_match() is evaluating my regex incorrently -0.88
Regular Expression pattern does not match my requirements 0.00
How to write a regex to replace string like Street to St , Avenue t... 0.00
Order important in regex? 0.00
Run time erro -2147467259: Cannot create a InternetExplorer reference -0.03
Preg replace URL - attach affiliate ID 0.00
MS Word - find all double spaces NOT after period 0.00
Wordpress Rewrite Rules Using Capture +0.48
Mysql regex quirks +1.62
How to add £(pound) before every price in php? -1.82
Regex for standard guitar lyric/chord bracketing -0.78
Regex match quotes inside bracket regex +2.21
Grouping a list by the results of a split -2.13
How to write a regular expression to replace dots and single spaces... 0.00
Rewrite SQL to LINQ query 0.00
Regular expression in Search Sharepoint 2013 0.00
Regular expression to replace string in actionscript 3 0.00
Split string to array from text and html tag -0.02
htmllize paragraph that each line begins with x spaces 0.00
Regex to find directory in text -2.14
F#: Detecting errors in regex patterns 0.00
Regex Match Extended Common Log Format with Multiple Host -2.17
Microsoft Word Regular Expression for Email Address 0.00
Space in character class working differently from \x20 in ICU4J tra... 0.00
Regular expressions in Notepad++: replace with first character of p... +2.08
How to split Python string using regular expresson 0.00
Regex to get a word between slashes -1.45
How to get domains out of HTML with regexp 0.00
php regex exclude string in url -0.70
Why is this regex selecting this text -0.75
How to make a regex to parse optional fragments in c# 0.00
How can I make an OR condition in RegExp? 0.00
c# regex everything after n-th occurence of capital letter -1.17