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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1761.26 (26th)
334,403 (86th)
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Title Δ
Why this regex doesn't match last alphanumeric character? -0.56
Remove Characters from url, but exclude a word using Regex +1.25
manipulating regexp matching for dialcodes 0.00
extract substring regex using printf syntax 0.00
Create regex from variable with capture groups in javascript +2.35
Using golangs regex for parsing sports score 0.00
Find if string contains word 0.00
Rename command with regular expression not working 0.00
preg_match_all cut catches on accentuated characters -2.11
Python split string based on conditional -1.22
preg replace in php with custom tags 0.00
get url parameter with RegExp +0.50
How to exlude certain word on regex 0.00
Regular Expression for 3 Alphabets followed by one space followed b... +0.29
Excel VBA Clear Active Cell -0.50
Why is this Regular Expression allowing an asterisk to pass? -1.27
Regular expression pattern to match only links without www -1.14
Exclude a trailing dot in hashtag using Regex -0.91
Find phone numbers with a missing 0 +0.63
C# Price Validation using regular expression other way 0.00
What is the regex pattern for comma, space plus a certain word? -1.41
how to avoid catastrophic backtracking from regex in java? -1.79
Extracting text between each quotation marks from file in notepad++ +0.48
How to replace particular Substring within a String using PHP preg_... -1.28
regex I am trying to find phone numbers with a missing 0 +0.00
How to extract capitalized parts from a text? +0.47
Pathname with Regex 0.00
Is it possible to extend the range of a regex meta character? +1.36
c# Regular Expression : Special characters: ~!@©#$%^&*()_+... 0.00
Regex to match pattern or match everything else - match precendence... -1.28
Java: RegExp tab character not working at start of line -0.67
regex I am trying to find a comma at the end of a field which has n... +2.14 Regex remove a tags with mailto -0.64
Regular Expression to find a word that starts with 'JD' fix... +0.45
301 redirect - Dynamic urls - Keep query strings 0.00
simple regex_match in VS 2012 not working 0.00
How can I query a text file for distinct instances of a pattern? +0.48
Regex for numbers with optional decimal value, fixed to two positio... 0.00
Regex to match <a> tags that do not contain specific URL query 0.00
Ruby regex syntax for "not matching one of the following" -1.30
RegEx to extract email -0.18
Get Value from string between ":" and "," +0.47
I am looking for regex which returns false if it finds particular w... 0.00
Regex - match from N-th occurence of a character till end of string -2.16
how to create a regex for non-english letters with vba's regex... 0.00
Validate regex for PrimeFaces Password -0.02
How to set false this regex? 0.00
how to match 477xx with regular expression 0.00
Need Regular Expression for Email Id with special characters .()<... -0.02
How to validate a url address in jquery using Regex? -0.58