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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1761.26 (26th)
322,314 (86th)
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Title Δ
Regex to get matching line from a text file 0.00
Excel macro to transpose specific cells from row to column +3.99
Regex only returns value when anchor is provided -4.14
Excel, how to create a dynamic scatter chart that ignores blank cell 0.00
Split string on un-escaped character in D 0.00
.NET Regex Expression to parse File with delimeters -0.15
Why this (dead simple) ruby regex behaves like this? -3.56
How to write an excel code to delete a row in which one cell does m... -4.35
RegEx which starts with a letter and contains x characters in javas... 0.00
Regex to match a function 0.00
Regular expression for a number criterion 0.00
wpf logicaly group controls -2.45
Replace text in HTML and BBCode sample -3.80
Trying to open a .ini file but i keep getting an error in C# +3.73
Regex validation goes wrong - Java -3.72
preg_replace pattern doesn't work 0.00
Ruby Regexp ( Match string inside brackets ) 0.00
Autohotkey Regex Lookbehind Assertion -4.49
Remove characters from a specific index character -2.78
Find all exact text between comment in regex 0.00
Extract emails from html using regex +3.56
Regex Expression - End search at linebreak +3.46
Regex capturing groups -1.40
Changing #N/A values in Excel to last non-error value in the spread... -2.62
Insert colon separator into timings ( i.e convert 1230a to 12:30a a... -3.78
Read multiple lines from textfile into array +4.65
Regex pattern in C# with empty space +3.64
Silex optional slug in route 0.00
Verify Input to JTextField In real time -0.35
C# simple regex match doesnt work properly for me +3.84
regex matching long string broke with \ read from file -0.84
remove word if match in drupal views 0.00
String.Contains equivalent using Regex or something elegant 0.00
Regex to partition multiline string +3.75
Regular expression in text editor +3.88
Pattern Matching for JavaScript Quiz -0.54
Python replacing regex group 0.00
What's wrong with my PHP regex? +4.64
Regex keeps trailing slash in capture group +3.52
How can I avoid adding href to an overlapping keyword in string? -1.07
Matching non-digit at the end of a line, and ignore whitespace(s) +3.36
Modify regex to match expanded folder struction +3.41
vim: How to find quotes that are not inside an existing <> tag? 0.00
Regular Expression that stops HTML Tags -0.08
Regex string definition issue +5.05
Matching Multiple lines python regex -0.09
excel vba byref type mismatch 0.00
regular expression match match until special text is found +3.87
multi-line regex for Logwatch ignore.conf 0.00
Putting a hyperlink in a MessageBox 0.00