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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1761.26 (26th)
341,429 (86th)
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Title Δ
Java regex pattern issue -0.19
Remove specific words from csv line that contain specific word +0.46
Regex to replace a string that may or may not be quoted +0.47
Simple regex .htaccess using the first letter of a directory -0.35
Regex getting everything between tags over multiple line VB.Net 0.00
Regular expression replace filenames -0.03
How would that regular expression be? -0.09
parsing string for all matching patterns in php +2.03
Regex and Capital I in some cultures 0.00
Regular Expression Zero quantifier behaves differently on .NET and... 0.00
PHP - Improve Regex (space and non-capturing group) -2.08
How to seperate this string using by Reg Exp 0.00
What is the regex for "any number doesn't start with 0, bu... -0.00
Regex for Google Analytics Code 0.00
php extract IMDb search +0.48
How to use reg ex to count occurrences of a sub-string within a str... 0.00
preg_match: and-not expression +0.48
Ruby str.match(regex) returns MatchData containing only first match... 0.00
using \b in regex +2.05
Regex - No "p" at second position -0.43
Regex Detect Word with consecutive number +0.14
How get text without html tag for a text contained in a known html... +1.03
URL Regex strange behaviour -0.03
Dynamic URL with tuckey urlrewritefilter 0.00
Regex HTTP Response Body Message -1.29
How can I tell regex to match literally the same string? -1.51
Remove POS (part-of-speech) tag from every words in sentence with R... +2.02
How to replace in WebStorm/PhpStorm with regex 0.00
why does this python regex return no match? +0.47
XMLloader using pig latin 0.00
Regex Replaces the text with users case text, how to maintain the a... +2.35
Sublime Text dirty search? Need some keywords to do research on 0.00
RegEx conditional based on which letter +2.11
How to match a precise number within a string with PowerShell? +1.98
whitch Regex can i use to split XML string before and after mathml... +0.06
Extract numeric part of string in MySQL +1.92
How to create Regex that contains Not colon char? -0.66
Removing WYSIWYG editor markup from an NSString +1.99
JavaScript - strip everything before and including a character +2.44
preg_match unexpected behaviour -2.09
How to cut string with Regex and Notepad++ 0.00
Regex Arabic Vocalization Matching 0.00
C# regex - check/edit matching group before using +1.16
Find & replace between html tags using python +0.24
How to create a regex pattern for splitting at specific chars? +0.50
Regex to match exact words and convert match into tags 0.00
How do I find and replace using Regular Expressions in Google Docs... +0.14
How replace last instance of space with comma 0.00
Regex to remove everything after a specific pattern 0.00
How to use preg_match_all for this specific string? +0.23