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1767.99 (24th)
199,589 (234th)
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Title Δ
SQL Pivot query without aggregation or max 0.00
SQLServer - Multiple PIVOT on same columns +0.80
SQL WHERE statement syntax error when using distinct count left +0.46
MS Sql Server Pivot two columns +1.30
Combine similar (but not same) data from column into single row +0.77
PIVOT with multiple columns +0.18
Error converting TRANSFORM to PIVOT Statement 0.00
Count number of values across multiple columns +0.69
Incorrect count in pivot table query 0.00
How can I unpivot a table twice? -0.33
Aggregate by name and average value per day in SQL 0.00
TSQL - row values to column headings including further column values +1.22
Sum of column values in Pivot table 0.00
MySQL select non null columns on pivoted table 0.00
SQL Server 2005 GROUP BY and COUNT query for each month +0.18
Dynamic Pivot table query with condition +0.46
sql aggregating the selection results +0.20
SQL - Convert Columns of Each Row to New Table Format 0.00
Stored Procedure with dynamic pivot doesn't return results beca... 0.00
Right using of PIVOT-statement in SQL Server -0.33
where clause in mysql pivot qyery 0.00
Swapping rows to columns 0.00
Simplify Dynamic SQL Pivot Table +0.18
SQL result group by 2 +0.36
How to specify GROUP BY for PIVOT aggregate 0.00
How to use distinct in SQL Server without order by 0.00
How can I left join with aggregate function? 0.00
Invalid column name after PIVOT 0.00
SQL Pivot with dynamic generated columns, aggregate function and co... 0.00
Reformat existing table from paired columns into rows -0.32
SQL query with "group by with cube" and NULL values 0.00
Converting Multiple rows into columns in MySQL 0.00
SQL Pivot with dynamic generated columns and aggregate function 0.00
Converting Name-Value table to another table with names as column h... +0.62
Pivoting equivalent in postgresql 0.00
How do I Output into Self Specified Data like Yes or No into Self S... +0.19
Multiple rows show in a single row using query in sql? -0.26
Multi level cross tab dynamic query 0.00
What Is The SQL Query For Creating a Pivot Table? 0.00
SQL query to pivot table on column value -0.13
How to show column name if it contains a specific value? 0.00
extend current query, calculated columns 0.00
how to to get first top 6 records indifferent columns T-sql? -3.14
Pivot SQL table +0.18
SQL Server 2008 Pivot, no Aggregation, complex data 0.00
How do I group pivot columns? 0.00
Converting columns to rows in oracle 11gR1 +0.72
SQL Server : Joining two pivot tables 0.00
Select Query using Column Alias Name 0.00