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1767.99 (24th)
199,589 (234th)
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Title Δ
SQL Server : Pivot and unpivots +0.79
Combining two similar queries together +1.17
SQL where clause odd behavior +0.22
Get distinct Column1 values which contains all required Column2 val... -0.21
trouble using count() and group by +0.03
Pivot table for string in SQL Server 0.00
How to write this sql server query -3.21
One-to-many relationships: how to return several columns of a singl... -0.32
SQL query to get the details +0.18
SQL Query columns to rows - Unpivot? -0.73
How to pivot table for year in SQL? 0.00
PK Field Does Not Allow Pivot to Display as 1 Record -0.95
Multliple Pivot tables 0.00
SQL - Convert columns to rows (use a pivot or other means)? +0.18
SQL Table Rows to Columns - Possible PIVOT? +1.14
Selecting rows in SQL only where *all* values do not meet a certain... +0.60
NULL values returned by pivot 0.00
Using max and other SQL aggregate functions +0.64
SQL: Selecting sum of two columns across multiple rows -0.26
Stuff function is producing multiple rows 0.00
Horizontal Count SQL 0.00
PIVOT a horizontal table with Totals -1.11
SQL Server - Complex Dynamic Pivot multiple columns +0.18
SQL Server unpivot multiple columns 0.00
Error "parent key and child key are identical" using sing... 0.00
Finding value difference in column pairs 0.00
Creating Columns for Summed Answers 0.00
How to pivot column in sql server +1.43
Count Of Distinct Characters In Column +0.68
TSQL Pivot data +0.83
Multiple Where Clauses as Separate Columns +0.41
SQL Server - Complex Dynamic Pivot columns +0.84
Unpivot pairs in sql server -1.07
Select MAX and MIN from multiple columns 0.00
SQL Server - Dynamic Pivot 0.00
SQL Server 2008 pivot query gone wrong with column name 0.00
SQL Pivot Query assistance +0.18
Maintenance Table, presentation of Data using record details as col... +0.18
Unpivot with varying number of columns 0.00
SQL pivot with no aggregate +0.46
Pivot single column with into multiple columns +0.18
Parse single column result set into multiple columns SQL 0.00
Use PIVOT for Multiple records in SQL SERVER -3.21
TSQL Pivot Throwing Syntax Errors 0.00
SQL - Pivot 2 columns 0.00
SQL Server: Rows to Columns with Case 0.00
Outputting four rows based on two categories each with a boolean 0.00
Find T-SQL to Transpose A Table By Chunks 0.00
change columns to rows 0.00
Rows as columns keeping the value of that row 0.00