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1753.96 (36th)
114,186 (597th)
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Title Δ
std::greater on a an std::pair of a double and a class +0.25
C++ function template requires & for array parameter 0.00
std::bad_cast vs NULL, what's the difference? +1.60
Modifying const reference argument via non-const reference argument +0.45
Are the following initializations equivalent in C++ 0.00
How do I run something inside a class concurrently (in single threa... +0.33
What is the correct usage of "std::reduce" 0.00
Filling std::vector with objects created elsewhere -0.06
Const map and its size -0.29
Defining destructor in derived class requires copy assignment opera... 0.00
Why can I read int values from file in C++ but not float? +0.18
auto and {}-lists question regarding Stroustrup C++ book +0.19
Can't use std::cin with char* or char[] in C++20 0.00
Why is std::string s = "123" considered copy-initialisati... -2.79
C++: Extending static STL container/ map member in subclass? 0.00
Why vectors inside two struct have the same address?[SOLVED] -0.86
Is there a default C++ comparator for user defined structure? +1.28
Apply the same random shuffle on multiple containers +1.04
(Why) can we assign non-static class members to static variables in... +1.80
How to comprehend that the type of `std::function` depends solely o... +0.43
Ambiguous call on overloaded variadic template function +0.65
Questions regarding efficiency +0.19
Why does c++ std::hash create a functor struct and can it be called... 0.00
Call member function of non-active union member 0.00
Overload of a nested template function -1.89
Why am i getting an exception at dynamic_cast after filling object... +0.96
Using hex flag inside setiosflags function +0.80
Am I accessing already freed memory, or is DrMemory reporting incor... +0.77
Designated initializer different behavior before and after c++20 -2.31
C++ structs: force initialize members? -0.05
C++ - Comparison between negative and positive number returns false +1.30
How to alias and instantiate a template function at same time? 0.00
Can std::initializer_list be specialized? -2.45
Defaulting to user input using a lambda when parameter is not expli... +1.16
Does size_t have the same size and alignment as ptrdiff_t? +1.23
How to get size of a vector from a pointer -1.02
What causes the following difference in implicit lambda capture beh... 0.00
Ignore leading whitespace reading from file +1.19
Unable to delete EXE after it crashes even though process not shown... 0.00
passing template (without a specification) to an std::thread() give... +0.80
how can I handle a TMP to avoid printing whatever 0.00
Operator bool() conflicting with template Type() operator when Type... +0.97
What are the differences bettween null character and '\0'? 0.00
Can't figure out where data of the vector is lost 0.00
API macro for making C++ library 0.00
Why do you need to recompile C/C++ for each OS? -0.73
C++: Store & Call the function pointers in a vector of function... 0.00
Ternary conditional operator inside std::cout +1.07
Difference in default initialization of struct members 0.00
No narrowing warnings when using `emplace_back` instead of `push_ba... -0.30