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1747.61 (40th)
114,186 (597th)
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Title Δ
Can a member function returns a modifiable lvalue reference to an r... -2.60
C++-17: cast function pointer to function with different argument p... 0.00
Is UTF-8 which represented in char* & std::string enough to sup... -2.51
Value as arguments for variadic template +1.03
Empty angle brackets in C++ 0.00
Define a struct only if a template is used +0.95
Can you use the address of a constexpr variable? +1.32
Pass variadic parameters further 0.00
`static_assert` on `std::initializer_list<T>::size` in a func... +1.10
Initialize Array to Default Value (Except where Specified) C++ +0.46
Vector in static class +0.58
How do I initialize this struct? 0.00
using decltype for constructor parameters 0.00
Bind rvalue ref to lvalue ref class member 0.00
Runtime array bounds on stack as per c++ draft 0.00
What is the point of using va_copy? 0.00
how to define a reference variable in a class that can be either al... 0.00
c++ how to combine std::bind and variadic tuples? -1.04
Passing a vector or a vector of vectors or a vector of ... (you get... +0.49
How can I ensure RVO instead of copy is performed? +1.14
How to treat a pointer returned by malloc as a multidimensional arr... -0.75
Why is unique_ptr::release not defined with [[nodiscard]]? +1.54
Make argument explicit? +2.08
Using template to create default constructor in C++ in main +1.12
What's the meaning of std::enable_if_t = 0 0.00
How to use typedef recursively? -1.99
Cannot use <any> library in c++ 0.00
Can I capture an object as a const when using init caputre? 0.00
Function template fallback overload 0.00
Weird behaviour with class fields when adding to a std::vector +0.20
Is std::unique_ptr memory aligned? 0.00
Cppcheck syntax error code smell by C++/CLI 0.00
In which version of Visual Studio was a function introduced? +0.97
How to seed a random number generator in a safe and portable way? 0.00
Copy a derived class with only a base class pointer in C++ -1.05
Does spawning a thread provide memory order guarantees on its own? 0.00
Picking a constructor to call +0.90
Can assignment to auto have a type other than the result of the r-v... 0.00
variable causing crash when executing function 0.00
C++ template argument without a name 0.00
Why use SFINAE instead of function overloading? +0.82
c++ : variadic template and function overloading +0.19
Return an RAII object from a function -1.38
Why does std::vector::iterator::operator-> only drill down one l... 0.00
Returning std::string via ternary operator - returns garbage +0.36
How to use () initializers for vector in class? +0.82
Why does using a fundamental type as a base-class compile sometimes? +0.98
Exception 0xC0000409 (stack buffer overflow) when using dynamic_poi... 0.00
How does the compiler differentiate between the constructors of std... -2.43
How does the compiler determine between a function using SFINAE and... +0.98