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1753.96 (36th)
114,186 (597th)
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Title Δ
std::array::iterator that ignores the size template -2.01
SFINAE to select constructor based on class value template parameter +1.60
Why do member types need to be forward declared while member functi... 0.00
Why doesn't initializing a C++ struct to `= {0}` set all of its... +1.07
Can I destruct and object and then instaciate it again with the sam... -1.16
Superclass for template <int v> class Foo +0.20
What is point of passing rvalue reference to class constructor? 0.00
Variadic template packed argument to std::vector -2.03
Why am I receiving a heap buffer overflow runtime error 0.00
How to pop queue if using vector as container -0.30
std::shared_ptr which is empty but not null +0.40
Conversion operators without overloading operators 0.00
incorrect deduction of template parameter pack +0.73
What is "Unary Constructor"? +0.22
How to pass tanh function as an argument to another function? -1.65
How to initialize a struct to 0 in C++ -0.15
How to use std::ratio for values larger than int64_t? 0.00
Copy constructor vs assignment operator with STL vector 0.00
C++: How to get the MSB (Most-Significant Bit) of a Bitset (using b... +0.93
How to have a variable number of arguments, of unknown determined t... +1.05
Can T have a destructor when std::is_trivial_v<T> is true? +0.79
C++11: how does auto deal with () initializer? -0.15
const auto& to integer with std::min std::max +0.20
Lambda function returning lvalue from higher scope -0.98
Tuples as templates in c++ +0.38
C++ Parameter Pack type expansion -1.11
adding and erasing elements from container, without shrinking it 0.00
Can make_shared occasionally create duplicate pointers? +1.22
Placement-new on array elements and pointer values 0.00
Is typeid the same on different computers? +0.20
Copy List Initialization? Why does this compile? -0.48
How can I fix a "no instance of function template 'Defer&#... 0.00
Order of int32_t to uint64_t casting +0.61
Expand variadic template to array of static members 0.00
Will this C++ code always work as I expect, or is the execution ord... -2.14
Can you use multiple std::tie in variable declaration/initializatio... +0.66
Is there a better way of moving elements in a vector -2.96
Sequence points - is this gcc warning a bug? +1.30
What does cin >> x evaluate to, on error? -0.59
Why is Visual Studio giving a duplicate error even though I'm n... -0.81
stream to write to a file as well as write to a string variable 0.00
What is behaviour of cpp sort function, by using default overloaded... -1.69
Using functors in generic class 0.00
Why is this std::launder example undefined behavior? 0.00
C++ getting polymorphic behavior with class members and smart point... 0.00
Measure time until an std::future object becomes available +1.97
padding in vector with zeros -0.22
Using the type of a class member of the first type in a template +0.95
Correct syntax for variadic template 0.00
What is std::thread::hardware_concurrency returns? 0.00