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1730.77 (60th)
101,421 (736th)
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Title Δ
Map string in cpp 0.00
Variadic function templates whose arguments are passed as template... 0.00
why does int arr[]={0,3,2,4,5,6,7};give error and int arr[7]={0,3,2... 0.00
Assignment operation in member initializer lists +0.86
Can I assign to the return value of member access operator? +1.23
Instantiate non-template class with templated constructor +0.35
C++: How do I "un-capture" non-copyables (eg. unique_ptr)... +1.22
In C++, what does it mean when equals is used twice? -2.17
C++ Partial Template Specialization:Undeclared identifier error +0.52
Can someone explains why this code prints 4? -0.00
My assumption is that the code below ill-formed NDR? But why? +0.21
Is deleting copy and move constructors/assignment operators in base... +0.10
Why does SFINAE only apply to one of these two seemingly identical... 0.00
user-defined literals combined with an uint64_t argument 0.00
Usage of macros in std::string source +0.89
C++ - Are there any differences between using `this` to initialize... -3.20
Is repeatedly calling move with rvalue references necessary? 0.00
Why is the copy constructor called twice in this code snippet? +1.17
Finding keyword in strings c++ 0.00
Whats the difference between const int const& and const int&... +0.64
What is the logic behind the "lvalueness" and "rvalu... +1.95
What is the fastest way to swap two complex structures? -2.61
Can I avoid copying during the intialization of a std::initializer_... +1.07
C++ Lambda/Closure Confusion - How to return a value, not a closure 0.00
C++ range based loop with special case for first item? +0.50
std::thread() and std::ref() cause build errors when used inside of... +0.97
Why acts std::chrono::duration::operator*= not like built-in *=? +0.94
Forward a template auto 0.00
A const & refers to a nonvolatile variable. The variable change... +0.88
What is the difference between these two versions of code? +1.83
How to make ofstream constructor fail when opening non-existing file? +1.27
One thread sets member while the other loops over it - Is this thre... +0.72
Why does std::hex lead to memory corruption vector.size()? +0.95
C++ Initializing array member with a length known by constructor at... +0.29
Test-case class that handles exceptions correctly 0.00
Why does a string type array doesn't take data when you overwri... 0.00
Where in derived class or base class should I declare friend class? -0.32
std::map Why it is not adding key , values in my code 0.00
Does the embedded "new" in the following code cause a mem... -1.15
Why are literals and temporary variables not lvalues? +1.11
C++ reading csv into vector, getline() problem 0.00
size of an array with template 0.00
Why reference to vector in lambda in overloaded ostream operator ca... +0.99
How to easily templatize math functions based on precision? +0.52
Is there a way for implicit conversion from double to std::array<... +0.75
How to reinterpret cast an array and is it safe to do so? -0.05
Lazy type-inference for curried functions +1.00
swap functions for lvalue and rvalue references 0.00
How to set/check msb on a generalized inttype? -2.79
Constexpr and templates: compiler bug? -3.19