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1730.77 (60th)
94,970 (736th)
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Title Δ
Extending lifetime of std::tuple<int&,int> by assigning i... +2.02
Calculate allocated memory of std::string (and the use of strings i... +0.88
Use std::reference_wrapper<const T> to handle const T& in... -0.92
Parameter packs and move semantics -3.26
Overloading operator= for struct members of class std::vector<> +0.26
Comma as separator in variable initialization (not as operator) +1.57
Is a negative integer summed with a greater unsigned integer promot... +1.15
Initialization of an object of class/struct 0.00
What is a faster way to sort these string inputs based on their pos... +0.85
Brace initialization of a double using an expression? +1.29
Call a functor with a specific function from an overload set +1.21
How do I find the revision of C++ standard, where a specific requir... +1.29
Why do conversion operators cause ambiguous overload when const-ref... 0.00
why does dynamic_cast return null with multiple level inheritance 0.00
how to stop running thread and resume the same thread beside create... 0.00
Any way to fix this type deduction? +1.17
How to create + fill a container in-place? +0.73
Template type deduction for char array 0.00
Why C++ associative containers predicate not transparent by default? 0.00
Is it Safe to strncpy Into a string That Doesn't Have Room for... +0.76
When does C++11 do arithmetic type conversions relative to operator... 0.00
How can I initialize 2d array with a list of 1d arrays? +0.94
Why can't I get value_type from iterator_traits? +0.73
What is `std::ostream& (*f)(std::ostream &)` when overloadi... 0.00
Is it OK to make a placement new on memory managed by a smart point... -2.21
C++: Function pointer that holds a method from a specific instance +1.22
Is There a Way to Just Evaluate the Argument to a Functor? 0.00
Forward declare other nested struct in C++ +0.22
Is it Thread Safe to read from lower index elements of an struct ar... +0.74
How to prevent multiple threads to use singleton class instance at... +0.74
Value initialization c++ +1.38
static_assert'ion that a long and int are the Same Type 0.00
c++ use tuple as parameter pack in template 0.00
C++, passing struct features into function as a parameter -0.55
Disable default class member initialization before constructor code +1.56
Call of default constructor with unexpected results 0.00
Overloaded function is not always selected before template instanti... 0.00
Is it possible to use c++ library code that is not in the header? -2.68
Dereference operator for custom iterator in custom doubly linked li... 0.00
Why use std::make_unique in C++17? +0.84
Binary search code fails efficiency check 0.00
operator overloading = modifies original object +1.44
Copy std::map into std::vector of pairs +1.63
Why is assigning a value to a bit field not giving the same value b... -0.77
Why do `SFINAE` (std::enable_if) uses bool literals instead of `tru... +1.06
When iterating through a list, how do I keep track of a list elemen... +0.65
Check whether an object derived from enable_shared_from_this is man... 0.00
C++ method in thread. Difference between passing: object, object... 0.00
Is there a way to create a user-defined-literal from `std::initiali... -1.59
C++ Template only if condition +0.21