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1747.61 (40th)
114,186 (597th)
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Title Δ
Can I detect and change the current data alignment setting for stru... -2.76
Type deduction for variable declared in lambda's capture -3.08
Why does a user-provided default constructor lead to an uninitializ... +1.15
Is there a way to initialize a vector by index in c++11? -2.26
Template friendly string to numeric in C++ -0.30
Capture std::array in lambda +0.92
c++ std::enable_if .... else? +1.25
enable_if on conversion constructor (static cast, is_base_of) -2.33
Order of traversal given by std::filesystem directory_iterator +0.77
Overload -> arrow operator in shared_ptr<interface> instan... -0.28
How to remove a std::function<void()> in vector? +1.14
c++ is it possible to gain access to an alias (using) from an insta... 0.00
Is it safe to convert function parameter `const char*` to `std::str... +1.23
Use class name for conditional macro expansion -1.06
Disable the std::initializer_list constructor +2.07
What does "result.second == false" mean in this code? +0.89
"using" type alias of class scope: [when] can usages in m... 0.00
Using std::vector as view on to raw memory -0.88
Understanding bitwise XOR (^) with boolean variables +1.53
Get total number of elements in a nested STL-like container -3.03
Why does the following templated class member function not compile? +0.92
why g++ shows "gets()" not declared ,even after including... +0.91
conversion from 'size_t' to 'const double', possibl... +0.31
error: reference to overloaded function could not be resolved; did... +0.95
What does std::mutex prevent threads from modifying? +0.06
Why is this pointer treated as an rvalue in this scenario? +1.25
How to remove narrowing conversion from int to char inside initiali... -0.74
C++ cin.ignore() skip loop -2.93
How to check if number1, number2, and number3 is equal to a, b and... +0.90
Zero overhead subscript operator for a set of values -0.37
Successive numbers of the form 2^{p}3^{q} -0.80
C++ Initialize Variable in .data Section 0.00
How does template function work with multiple typenames which may s... +0.99
Is std::transform_reduce without execution policy portable? 0.00
C++ template function check unique vector +1.09
Force copy assignment over move assignment operator -1.03
Allowing class template's template parameters to be visible in... 0.00
What is the right way to pass an object created by std::bind to a f... +0.09
Class Template with Nested Class Declaration (C++) 0.00
Is void() a valid C++ expression? +0.52
What happens when Injected-Class-Name occurs? (C++) +0.94
How can I specialize an algorithm for iterators that point to compl... +1.00
Class Template with <T> or without (C++) 0.00
Dangers of shifting a char out of scope 0.00
Embedded device -> std::thread -> FreeRTOS? -0.29
Are captureless lambda guaranteed to be empty by the standard? 0.00
std::accumulate with a reference? 0.00
Copy constructor call for temporary object 0.00
Is it guaranteed that a byte-wise zero int is a representation for... 0.00
How do I pick the bigger data type for my array? +0.85