An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1385.32 (4,279,962nd)
1,477 (109,617th)
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Title Δ
Intellij Idea not deploying artifacts in JBoss Eap 7.0.4 deployment 0.00
MongoDB vs. Elasticsearch filtering 0.00
Best way to display massive PDF on webpage -2.87
Spring is returning proper authority/role 0.00
How to select drop-down based on input value of another input box -2.29
How to print a String defined in one class in a different class? -1.06
Use Case diagram? 0.00
JavaScript Request/Operation Framework or Toolkit? -0.68
Designing a point system in Spring -3.07
Custom HashMap Code Issue -0.80
Java Project: Make HashMap (including Load-Store) Performance Better -0.08
Architecture for processing asyncronous HTTP request/response : ESB... -2.77
what is the standard guideline to declare the "==" condit... -1.67
To sort locally or to requery? +0.34
Why JDK is designed in this way -1.86
Confused About MailTo Character Length +0.63
How to retrieve information in a asynchronous manner for push based... 0.00
Service and Service Layer -1.44
Sending packets to by Java DatagramSocket fails -1.21
Make sure bad patterns don't come back after refactoring -1.45
Make sure bad patterns don't come back after refactoring -1.45
How to access the image at a .jpeg url to a Base64 encoding javascr... -2.69
Advantage of using 0x01 instead of 1 for an integer variable? -2.93
Music Player in Java? -0.73
regex to split a string containing tags by spaces but not breaking... +3.52
Adding special characters while writing into a java file but not vi... -0.69
regex for physical memory in HPUXPARISC -3.19
Can I use JMS with a regular (i.e not Java EE) Java Application? -2.06
MySQL Group By and HAVING -3.12
Get application uptime -2.97
Ajax call to call jsp -1.14
background-image won't appear when used in combination with ajax an... -3.12
Data exchange between two application (need patterns) 0.00
Tools for visualizing, understanding how your classes relate to one... +0.67
Java - about using classes with static members vs. not -1.27
Is this a good design for Java and C/D to communicate? -0.94
should the user's Account balance be stored in the database or calc... -2.16
Overloading: method with more params calling method with less params -0.14
How can I modify this (simple) equation to produce my desired result? -1.24
A shared online code viewing tool with syntax highlighting? +2.17
Socket Programming in Java -3.11
Design query on defining new events on top of an existing set of ev... 0.00
jdk installer for windows 7 does not set path -3.22
Populate HTML Table using Javascript +4.61
Capture video in Java for Freebsd +0.79
Is it possible to do a spell check of method names/classnames in a... +0.85
java web application - workflow based +1.05
Dynamic delete on jsp file 0.00
Java - Is a line stretching from (a,b) to (c,d) touching Point(x,y)? -0.87
trying to inegrate a spellchecker library in my application 0.00