An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1749.96 (36th)
229,749 (184th)
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Title Δ
Trying to multiply incredibly large exponents efficently and quickly +0.19
Vectorize 2D character array column-wise 0.00
Copy values from one column to other columns in same row based on s... -2.04
AttributeError: module '' has... 0.00
Python Xarray: how to convert a 3-d DataArray to a 2-d stacked Pand... -1.18
Pandas: Take rolling sum of next (1 ... n) rows of a column within... 0.00
conditionally fill all subsequent values of dataframe column +0.71
How to convert Zero to Nan in the array? 0.00
How to implement something similar to Fancy indexing in Julia? +0.48
Not getting how to resolve "IndexError: index 0 is out of boun... 0.00
Labeling a Bar Graph Created from a Grouped Pandas DataFrame where... +1.47
Compare all lists within list of lists based on condition and group... +0.38
Efficient filtering of columns +1.12
Pandas Groupby with Agg Min/Max date +0.18
Trying to form a list that takes its size from the number of elemen... -0.10
Calculating distance to a row with a certain value -1.93
Pseudo-random generation of python list containing binary values wi... +1.14
Pandas - updating sequence of values -0.58
python script that conducts a brute force search for four fifth pow... -1.15
Join Dataframes in Pandas and Sum Columns +0.19
Scipy curve_fit silently fails only for very specific x-values 0.00
currency conversion using a data frame +0.75
Replace column value of Pandas with another if any single attribute... +0.88
What's the most sensible way to do this in numpy? 0.00
Is there a way to set random state for all pandas function? 0.00
Generate three non-overlapping mask for 2-D matrix that covers all... 0.00
from R to python pandas: create id key series in order on duplicates +0.15
Python Pandas - How to get the (iloc) position of one or more filte... 0.00
How to compute mean on each column by condition 0.00
Create additional records and fill forward with pandas +0.17
Extract regressions coefficient from statsmodels 0.00
Parsing a list of string by the last occurring space python 0.00
Pandas .mean() for a column 0.00
Need to count runs of consecutive indices -0.78
Pandas: Forward Fill without Filling trailing NaNs 0.00
Using OR to reduce a 3D boolean array to 2D 0.00
Doing an almost incomplete pivot table operation in pandas 0.00
Selecting Column values based on dictionary keys -1.93
Volume of pile of cubes +0.19
julia provide wrong numerical result 0.00
Calculating linear/polynomial values between rows 0.00
Python code to enumerate over all acyclic digraphs with 5 nodes +0.19
How to assemble same elements in pandas.dataframe, python3 0.00
Loop that counts unique values in a pandas df +0.74
Broadcasting 3d arrays for elementwise multiplication +0.62
Pandas DataFrame groupby columns to dict 0.00
Weird Bug in Python Generator -0.32
Count instances in numpy array within a certain value of each row -2.11
Program Memory Leak ( Pandas Dataframe ) 0.00
Detail on sys.getrefcount(a) +0.89