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1745.67 (37th)
103,188 (301st)
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Title Δ
checking range of number and writing a value in a new column in pan... -0.30
What is the most efficient way to find a frequent item in pandas gr... -0.30
Common column names among data sets in Python 0.00
Generate all permutations where length of a permutation > # of e... -0.74
2d numpy, efficiently assign nonzero indices [row,col] the minimum... 0.00
how to get distinct columns for which the rows are different 0.00
Updating list of dictionaries with another list of dictionaries. Is... -0.86
Python Performance of Permutation operation +1.33
Genrating random (int) list of given sum python +1.04
Is there a faster way to separate duplicate and different data from... +0.19
State counting machine with Python and Pandas +0.20
unittest's assert.equal returning not failing when it should 0.00
Efficient random sampling +0.74
Select rows before null value in each group -0.92
Efficiently get permutation of 3 numpy arrays of differing sizes an... 0.00
Folding pandas time series into single day +0.20
Python pandas dataframe with duplicate values 0.00
Efficient way to compute the probability distribution of a vector o... 0.00
Read drop down values from excel using pandas 0.00
How does Python know that all of these variants of π are the same v... 0.00
sumproduct based on columns with Pandas 0.00
Sum product and groupby -1.96
Generate combinations of values from rolling window in Pandas 0.00
Repeated indices Python Pandas from list of dicts +0.55
Splitting dictionary items into smaller dictionaries based on condi... -0.40
cannot import name 'greedy_modularity_communities' +0.21
Computing distinctions: speeding up an operation on all combination... 0.00
Pandas - Cumulative sum of consecutive ones -0.85
Most Pythonic way to group and filter a Pandas DataFrame with set_i... 0.00
More efficient way to calculate standard deviation of a large list... +1.07
Separate transaction rows of bundled products into multiple rows of... -2.99
Redirect from cat results in different python interpreter behavior 0.00
Removing duplicate columns from pandas.read_csv() 0.00
remove initial NaNs from dataframe whilst keeping others in place 0.00
Generate all possible lists by replacing elements with 0 +0.65
pandas expanding (cummulative) value_counts 0.00
Replace last 2 numeric values in pandas data frame by row with NAN&... 0.00
Permutations interleaved with special values +1.04
In a Pandas dataframe why does the max() function skip columns? 0.00
Create a new column containing time since last event in pandas 0.00
pandas How do I delete rows from an ordered dataframe until a speci... 0.00
Mapping or replacing cell values with corresponding string values i... +0.92
Chained conditional count in Pandas +1.12
SymPy cannot compile equation 0.00
Merging dataframes with two key columns and repeated keys occurence... +1.35
Multiplying some rows by other rows in a Pandas dataframe +1.01
Parse website get table data for NBA teams RPI +0.74
Numpy matrix functions with Numba 0.00
pandas: Better way to update and merge dataframes +0.54
simple t-test in python with CIs of difference 0.00