An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1809.00 (6th)
491 (144,826th)
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Title Δ
How to use BLAS's gemm function to perform dot like 0.00
How to create a list of non duplicate numbers (Python) +0.47
Insert a randomly chosen element of one list in another -0.63
How do I return self with Python type annotations? 0.00
pow() function gives wrong result +1.36
Do AND, OR, NOT for multiple lists with complex data objects the py... -0.30
Python- checking value in array -0.30
Writing an "if" condition for an even number in a specifi... -0.31
Insert single quotes around a specific columns data with SQL Select... 0.00
Too Many Arguments Python -0.55
Round to float by money +0.45
Some confusion with width in css -0.87
Fisher-Yates shuffle - Java 0.00
How to separate a only Hindi script from a file containing a mixtur... -0.55
How to remove newlines except the ones beside the text in python? -1.55
sys.argv[1]. IndexError: list index out of range +0.46
What does "while False" mean? -0.55
Using regular expression in python to find a number between 540-600 -0.90
Java not equals with OR +0.99
Concatenating two text files in Python +0.15
Single Layer Neural Network for AND Logic Gate (Python) 0.00
Use numpy to get permutations of multiple lists' items +2.94
How do I copy from keyword to keyword in Python 2.7? +0.45
Count frequency of words in multiple lists from a larger vocabulary? +3.28
When is data freed? -0.35
First steps in python: how to combine two lists +1.02
Python: printing strings from another file -4.35
How to run a function for each row in a nested list? -0.01
Recursively checking for odd or even +4.43
Short-circuit evaluation evaluating if( (a = 4) || (b = 6) || (c =... -2.11
How do I right justify numbers with decimal points using Python 3.6 -4.24
How to print the "instantiated" variable in Python OOP? +1.21
How to add multiple small ROI (Region of interest) to form an image... 0.00
Custom Linked List implementation garbage collection 0.00
Add two quotes in JavaScript +3.11
Python: filter object becomes empty by itself +3.87
How to divide time interval into parts of varying length? -3.00
How to compare Java maps to see which one is bigger +0.62
How to search for a word in a folder, with sub folders, and with te... 0.00
Python If Statement Is Being Ignored +3.72
Python user define Functions 0.00
Can you assign a value to a returned object? +2.97
Python number grouping -3.17
Find string in list within list of objects -1.88
Convert list into a list of 2-tuples +3.73
Python Sort string by frequency - cannot sort with sorted() function -0.93
Matching values for a list in python -0.79
Optimize the for loop in python +3.93
Why we add 2 directories path in Python in Windows environment vari... 0.00
How to send intent data from main project to library project in and... -4.28