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1791.33 (11th)
152,685 (410th)
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Title Δ
Convert string of dictionary to list with removal of single quotes +1.72
python numpy: how to repeat particular elements in numpy array +1.97
Convert U1 array to int in Python -0.64
Python socket wait for client connection 0.00
Pair IP addresses in a list pulled from xlrd -0.27
Recursively calling an object method that returns an iterator of it... +0.42
Modify string representation of data in Python +0.41
Word2Vec Vocabulary not definded error -0.60
Extracting the int from a byte retrieved from a lock in device 0.00
How to parse output of dependency tree into flattened structure 0.00
Calling function object returned doesn't show same results? Pyt... +0.41
Can I import and bind python-2.7's function to another function... -0.10
Is there a shorter way to do exactly this? -1.37
Prevent traceback in main 0.00
Extract lines between headings repeated through file -1.71
Python regex split multiple matches +0.41
How to sum tuple values outputted by an API in Python +1.14
The best suggestion for a structure to store multiple keys and valu... -0.09
How can I build a build a 2 or multidimensional list from already a... -0.88
How to omit module prefix? -1.88
Generator expressions Python -1.04
Python: How to bin a set of data by a repeated value in one column -0.95
How do I make a program which only prints words which start with a... +0.96
How do I obtain only the job links from a website? 0.00
python anti_vowel function error +0.57
If statements executed even with false condition 0.00
Search a word in a string of characters in Python +0.90
Scoring predictions in sklearn (Python machine learning) +0.42
Match and replace a specific underscore to tab in shell 0.00
Python: Check if list of named tuples contains particular attribute... +1.94
Print n choose k combination algorithm using recursion -1.32
How may I dynamically insert a string into a large javascript templ... -0.45
Creating a new list when a condition is met with a value pair and a... -2.54
Why does a python function make a deep copy when argument is modifi... 0.00
Run Python codes on subdirectories +0.38
How do I copy only the required rows from one csv file to other csv... +0.43
Custom sort in multi-level python dictionary 0.00
What is the correct way to parse IPs and CIDRs out of text in Python 0.00
UnsupportedOperation: not writable python 0.00
Python, copying a rank 2 list structure with different values +1.48
Massive assign for many instances in python +0.42
How can I iterate over a list of lists? +0.41
group duplicate strings with numeric suffix python 0.00
redefinition of unused function in python +0.43
Python itertools.groupby length key? +0.40
Reduce Nested Dictionary -2.01
Training a neural network to compute 'XOR' in scikit-learn 0.00
Python re.match recursive call memory leak 0.00
Reading infinite stream - tail 0.00
How to avoid lists when analyzing order for palindromes? 0.00