An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1790.60 (11th)
135,483 (410th)
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Title Δ
Python: Reading lines in a text file and counting instances where l... -0.06
Python: Create two lists from loop and sum both +2.80
Trying to write a triangle made of asterisk in a txt file, but did... 0.00
Solution of working with two stacks -1.21
Printing a specific column using regex in Python 3 +3.07
Sorting multiple rows as a single column using Python. 0.00
Filter elements from a collection using minimum threshold in Python +2.48
How to get a text within parenthesis in Python? -2.24
nested dictionary comprehension +0.46
How to update a variable in multiple lists (Python 3.6) +0.46
Regex match one occurrence of a character while matching 2 of another +0.99
Opening a list of files and executing a script -0.04
Not able to execute the program successfully, gives "Error: Ad... -0.04
python replace the elements in the list with unique numbers -1.68
Python read from file and split lines -0.30
Get dictionary from csv file by conversion +0.92
Python: Calling queries from a file with variables +0.46
Python Using Find() Method with a List 0.00
Python: how to read a csv file in column order -0.55
Sorting a matrix by row sum (preferably bash or python) -0.91
Understanding tensor ranks and behaviour +1.83
Saving files with python codecs 0.00
Make IPython look like a normal python shell 0.00
Entering data in a new column in excel with Python +0.48
Regex , First Two character as Alphabetic Python +3.11
Why does Python's grammar specification not include docstrings... +3.43
How to generate all combinations of letters and digits but in a spe... +1.92
Not understanding nested ternary operator +2.11
python django dictionaries -0.03
Calling a 2D array function? +0.98
Python. extracting string from file -0.78
Losing data in dictionary -1.04
Get a variable from a function 0.00
How to add a JSON object with an array to ElasticSearch using python? 0.00
Can't update value in dictionary - dict. changed size -2.03
Pythonic way to store and compare csv or xlsx attendance data 0.00
Factory Pattern or Extended Method? +0.47
Parse a penn syntax tree to extract its grammar rules -1.78
Fast distinct list of elements in an array python +0.22
Finding an element in Binary Search Tree +0.30
Python: refer to different functions using a variable -0.52
Iterating a string using Python 3 +0.33
Iterating a string using Python 3 +0.33
How do I calculate differences between sets of numbers in python? 0.00
Keeping track of original indicies when sorting a list of lists by... +0.44
Bad input on line 6? 0.00
How to convert array into string in PHP -0.51
How to ignore tokens in ply.yacc 0.00
round and float stuff not working? 0.00
Error: invalid mode ('rb') when trying to read excel file i... 0.00