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1794.46 (11th)
491 (144,790th)
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Title Δ
Initialise a diagonal matrix in python -0.34
Merge two DataFrame but update the original columns 0.00
Binning one column and cross tabulating occurrences according to an... 0.00
How to sort a column of arrays based on another column of arrays in... +1.08
Aggregate unique values from multiple columns with pandas GroupBy +1.21
Pandas GroupBy using another DataFrame of one-hot encodings/overlap... +0.74
Convert Pandas Dataframe to_dict() with unique column values as keys +1.15
Plots do not appear when calling seaborn's pairplot on a pandas... 0.00
Index of identical rows in a NumPy array +1.06
Change sign of column based on condition -1.91
Partially split string column in pandas +0.54
Shifting values for 1...N previous months as separate columns 0.00
Python Pandas trasnpose DataFrame and rename columns +0.17
What is an efficient way to make rows by every set of two data elem... +0.71
Flagging duplicate values in a column with pandas +1.23
Efficient way to get frequency of elements in a pandas column of li... +1.17
Search multiple strings for multiple words -1.24
Reduce increments in array values to 1 -0.99
Delete all rows until the first occurrence of a certain value +0.92
Remove sublist from nested list (finding index of the sublist) +0.47
Fill missing dates with another column value 0.00
Safely cast strings to ints in a list of tuples +0.42
Identify 10 minute windows that have more than N rows 0.00
Count occurrences of a string in multiple string columns +1.12
How to create matrix with vector multiplication +0.49
Create a dictionary by zipping together two lists of uneven length +0.85
Avoid repeating the same arguments to str.format -0.35
KeyError when indexing on a pandas MultiIndex DataFrame 0.00
How to extract entire part of string after certain character in dat... 0.00
str.translate method is not replacing 0.00
Shift elements above the diagonal to the start of the row 0.00
How to apply value_counts across the index and create new dataframe? +2.11
Append a Series to a DataFrame as new columns at a specific index 0.00
Report difference/change in values between two dataFrames of identi... +0.93
Multiple regex replacements with pandas +0.16
Replace values in a pandas column based on dictionary/mapping of in... +0.62
Unhashable type, removing duplicates from a collection but keep the... 0.00
Filter dataframe by value only if the value is not a specific value +1.23
How do I convert points column values in rank order in Python Pandas -1.87
In Python, how can I read just the first x lines from a file using... -1.17
Sampling rows with sample size greater than length of DataFrame 0.00
Pandas series/df update with set_index() 0.00
Multiply every element of RDD with corresponding element in a list 0.00
Mask lower triangluar portion of pandas DataFrame -2.14
Merge order with items in columns 0.00
In pandas apply method, duplicate the row based on condition +0.62
Replace duplicate items from list while keeping the first occurrence +0.44
Convert string to tuple while putting undefined variables in strings 0.00
Remove groups with more than one unique value in another column 0.00
Count of consecutive elements in a list that satisfy a given condit... +0.53