An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1791.08 (11th)
135,483 (410th)
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Title Δ
Summing up two tables by values common in one of their columns +0.15
Why don't max() and min() work efficiently for range objects in... 0.00
Python pandas: how to create a column which is a fixed date + the #... -1.53
Counting the number of times a counter increments in a groupby 0.00
Counting the number of occurrences per year in a groupby -0.28
Pandas Merge with NaN in key 0.00
Creating a new dataframe from applying a function on all cell of a... 0.00
Updating a Pandas Dataframe based on matching values for email, but... 0.00
retrieving values in one row of dataframes based on value in other +1.00
Assign values with for loops to pandas DataFrame columns -2.23
how to denormalize a pandas dataframe 0.00
Pandas: Create a new column in a data frame with values calculated... 0.00
How to remove random rows from pandas dataframe based on column ent... +0.14
numpy fill matrix diagonal value with another matrix -1.52
Numpy 3d array delete first entry from every row +0.16
pd.read_excel() replaces blanks with `nan` string, pd.read_csv() us... -0.35
how to add new row to pandas dataframe based on other columns? 0.00
How to place only part of string values in columns? +0.72
Pandas - zfill only numeric values in mixed column -1.28
Get column names for the N Max/Min values per row in Pandas -3.05
Mapping Dictionary Values to Pandas Data-frame Column -0.51
Python Pandas make calculation in single cell +0.54
Modify values in a DataFrame index based on another index value -0.95
Pandas - Convert hh:mm and hh:mm:ss to standard hh:mm:ss in python +0.53
Python: upsampling with reverse-sum operation 0.00
How to calculate the multidimensional array with broadcasting? 0.00
merging two data frames in pandas +0.43
Pandas dataframe reorienting 0.00
How to put bigrams to list pandas +1.00
Add a unique identifier in a new column until a condition met on an... 0.00
Python Pandas merge on keywords / sentence 0.00
Python pandas date time, how to convert these dates to pandas datet... -0.61
How to replace (redefine) one column in Dataframe in python3? 0.00
create new col based on transformation on some group based on condi... 0.00
removing "y" immediately before or after any vowel in a s... 0.00
Pandas multiindex change order of one level only +0.77
Replace multiple values to missing value (None) in Pandas 0.00
Grouping by column of lists in pandas GroupBy 0.00
Alignment of from ... import ... statements +0.53
pandas filter by multiple columns NULL 0.00
How to get ('a', 'a/b', 'a/b/c') from ('... -0.61
Split on '||' in pandas series -1.80
correct use of lambda function with pandas 0.00
How can I find a specific substring in a Pandas DataFrame, and then... +0.56
Fill column for a dataframe from another dataframe 0.00
Inverse mapping of numpy.sort 0.00
How to create a pandas dataframe of word tokens from existing dataf... +0.96
What to assign to a variable to act like ":" in pandas da... 0.00
pandas or numpy - how to count true/false array returned +0.14
How to concatenate two dataframes based on matching dates? +0.15