An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1792.19 (11th)
491 (144,789th)
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Title Δ
Filter list elements that contain N digits in the string +0.16
Extract groups of consecutive values having greater than specified... -0.09
Remove rows where value in one column equals value in another +0.52
Perform full-word substring replacement with pandas str.replace -0.32
Drop duplicates, but keep rows with highest value including ties -0.57
Remove rows below first occurrence of a particular value 0.00
Extract left and right limit from a Series of pandas Intervals +1.38
Convert list into list of tuples of every two elements +0.41
Add a column at sub-level based on position of another sub-level co... 0.00
What to do when .where() can't cast data back to original type 0.00
Sort DataFrame on column of intervals -2.13
Efficient way to add elements to a tuple 0.00
Why does `if None.__eq__("a")` evaluate to True? +0.75
How to split a pandas string to extract middle names? +0.41
Search for a value anywhere in a pandas DataFrame +1.23
Pandas GroupBy - Show only groups with more than one unique feature... +1.24
is it possible to make input() throw errors? -0.92
Python performance comparison for creating sets - set() vs. {} lite... 0.00
Convert nested list of dictionaries to pandas DataFrame 0.00
Convert Q1-Q4 period strings to datetime using pandas 0.00
The pandas equivalent of 'if' 'else' conditionals t... +0.47
Find nearest value from multiple columns and add to a new column in... +1.07
Setting columns order in pandas dataframe 0.00
Extract unique monthly periods from pandas datetime column 0.00
NumPy equivalent of pandas datetime accessor operations 0.00
Lookup values in cells based on values in another column +1.05
How to load a sparse matrix efficiently? +0.61
How to choose an object from a set of objects based on max of parti... +0.17
Check if all elements in a group are equal using pandas GroupBy +1.26
Error when slicing two different levels of a multiIndex +0.17
Assigning count of unique Year-Month combinations +1.11
Count categorical values in DataFrame 0.00
How to remove duplicate rows from a DataFrame, where the duplicates... +0.16
Keeping only the rows that satisfies a condition with respect to an... -0.95
Adding a grand total when using the groupedby function on a DataFrame +1.13
Groupby and subsetting rows based on condition 0.00
Groupby class and count missing values in features +1.21
Grouping on identical column names in pandas 0.00
Understanding the syntax of list comprehensions (and nested LCs) 0.00
Numpy 3D array data slicing along with specified axis +1.08
Find all the ancestors of leaf nodes in a tree with pandas 0.00
Add column of row numbers for each group of successively increasing... +0.17
calculating sum based upon date range 0.00
Pandas left join on duplicate keys but without increasing the numbe... +1.09
Convert column in excel date format (DDDDD.tttt) to datetime using... 0.00
Dropping duplicates within groups only +0.43
How do I slice or filter MultiIndex DataFrame levels? 0.00
Get only the first and last rows of each group with pandas 0.00
df.append() is not appending to the DataFrame 0.00
Reorder columns based on column suffixes -2.50