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Rory McCrossan

1723.45 (71st)
247,661 (157th)
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Title Δ
How do I turn this javascript into jQuery 0.00
How to cycle through json items if multiple values are present? -0.81
Toggling display of multiple related elements 0.00
Add click handler to parent of element by "title begins with&q... -0.28
Toggle class except on the current clicked element -2.15
hover for 2 seconds fadeIn/out sibling not working +0.22
How to add a class to the parent div? 0.00
Detecting different events at up/down button in input number 0.00
Uncaught TypeError: Illegal invocation in ajax 0.00
Swapping hardcoded arguments for variables -0.30
running functions synchronously in firebase 0.00
how to reset a character count to zero when textarea is empty in jQ... +0.23
jquery UI datepicker: calculate minDate x years from today 0.00
toggle button with validation 0.00
How to disable unselected checkboxes when a limit is reached +0.74 on an Element Event Listener becomes an array of all id'... +0.87
Resizing selected image in image-list HTML/CSS/JQuery -2.80
jquery substring a long string between two words +1.54
Autocomplete not working with array of values 0.00
Dates shown as NAN for dropdown items but for the cell 0.00
How to stop playing audio with jquery? -0.79
How to read boolean (true/false) of all functions in an array +0.04
Solr indexing .csv file with jquery 0.00
Slice from sections from URL +0.21
JQuery get closest div to selected element +1.53
Collapse expanded html tables +0.70
Not working $(this).removeAttr('123').attr('456',&#... +0.21
.NET Core variable does not exist / is blank in view 0.00
How to add each image into <div> +0.64
CheckBox event is not firing 0.00
Get the value from an appended selector option using JS/JQuery 0.00
Click to appendTo and again click undo it 0.00
How to pass multiple values back to jQuery AJAX handler? 0.00
Toggling logic for when 1 drawer is open +1.77
Is it possible to pass the variable instead of constant number in r... 0.00
jQuery event handler does not work in this code 0.00
CSS3 animation not working with jQuery Datatables 0.00
jQuery issue targeting the clicked element when there are multiple... +0.71
jQuery span text copy and use as width 0.00
Show just one div.panel, not both 0.00
Loop through each element and store as variable 0.00
Can't easily access and re-render elements from within jQuery o... 0.00
How can I compare and match strings from separate elements? 0.00
onclick not triggering all codes in jquery -0.46
jQuery toggle between two ID's +0.60
Cannot update all table rows using jquery 0.00
Select nested elements with jQuery -0.53
.NET Core Controller Input always null from AJAX +0.21
In JQuery how can I remove a li element by only clicking on the but... +0.22
onChange function not passing ID on selecting an option 0.00