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Rory McCrossan

1720.22 (70th)
111,165 (264th)
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Title Δ
Data fetched as json using ajax is pushed randomly in an array +0.21
Want to find number of active buttons in a page using jquery 0.00
How to get video height in jquery -0.31
jQuery Onclick function wont work -2.96
How to use localStorage in jquery? +0.22
JQuery clone div and insert below the last one 0.00
Javascript Filereader sort by name +0.21
How to make progress bar work on multiple checkbox checked? 0.00
Keycode alerting undefined in jquery onDropdownShown. I am not sure... -0.94
how check position of clicked <li> with another inner ul <... -2.99
Consolidate 2 functions into 1 when having multiple url parameters 0.00
2 types of textarea values 0.00
Multiple chain in Replace +0.22
.css is not a function error while using localstorage in jquery 0.00
jQuery add class active to third dynamically created div +0.57
get dynamically added element value using jquery 0.00
jQuery Add Class if data value is true 0.00
What is the correct way to toggle this innerHTML with a conditional... -0.54
Hiding a p tag if a list in not present in page -0.29
Converting html elements to an javascript array and then printing t... +0.21
Using two CSS property in JQUERY code -0.06
$(this).nextAll("#...").eq(0).text("***") is no... +0.81
Button enabled and disabled based on checkbox is checked or not -0.59
Change/Add parent class if child image source is empty +0.83
What does this function declaration mean? Function name and its arg... -3.03
Getting text of an element using text method and then checking cond... -2.67
Django, why is my jquery url view duplicating? 0.00
find img tag by src value and add new attribute in img tag +0.84
Issue in reading resource file in Js file when using BundleTable.En... 0.00
Insert text of child in respective parent data element +0.21
CSS rule not applied as expected +0.67
html onclick event: how to update a value based on argument given t... +1.04
prepend in Jquery show first element as text +0.19
Dynamic tables printing wrong row and columns in html and jquery -0.54
Remove characters on paste jQuery +0.21
Throttle calling a function with ajax call using lodash 0.00
Want to get the previous input from the button where I click on it +0.21
toggle div using for loops +0.68
Show element based on hash in the url -1.51
Javascript / Jquery script terminated by timeout +0.68
Image is shaking with onmouseover event 0.00
How to write an img element with several double quotation marks whe... -0.29
how to show only particular class data on checkbox check -1.08
How to toggle through 3 background colors using jquery +0.21
Program isn't logging user input to console upon form submission? 0.00
while removing element tag from the html clone using jquery getting... +0.21
Strip initial question mark from ajax request in jQuery +0.20
How could I stop a form submit in this case? +0.60
jQuery datepicker not working on click +0.49
Jquery resizable, make the font smaller if is wrapped -0.79