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Rating Stats for

Rory McCrossan

1737.44 (52nd)
263,060 (152nd)
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Title Δ
Retrieve the value of closest select option to a button 0.00
How to add click listener to a keyboard button enter? 0.00
Get custom attribute value from multiple select option using Jquery 0.00
firefox vs chrome jquery select 0.00
Issue with put closest() and html() together in jQuery 0.00
Can't add multiple li using jquery 0.00
How to use the localeStorage so that the language doesn't change? 0.00
Toggle UL Contents and Update Text 0.00
JavaScript JQuery array loop 0.00
How to get element from innerHTML? +0.20
Trying to add content inside a DIV +0.20
Click event fails on italic text within element 0.00
Build JSON based on JQuery clone elements 0.00
I need to check if an unordered list contains more than 3 list item... +0.20
Input fields added dynamically through jquery not being submitted 0.00
Cannot set multiple value of bootstrap select from array +0.20
How can i write single jquery function for multiple series of id... -0.98
How can I combine .toggleClass() with .appendTo()? 0.00
Input event on file type not firing in Safari browser +0.19
jQuery and Razor execution order 0.00
Find the overall index of an element in jQuery -1.04
How to place a div always appears adjacent to the footer according... -0.67
jquery change background color of td when clicked on empty portion 0.00
How do I remove the just added tr with append +0.05
Insert a span after another span of a given textbox -0.30
JavaScript, store for loop in variable +0.09
Ajax Posting from popup form +0.17
how to handle null session in java script -0.81
Delaying a click function in jQuery +0.17
jQuery Selectors and different kind of href links - adding correct... +0.82
Add datepicker to filter data in Datatable 0.00
How to toggle li element by clicking first li element in ul list? -0.80
How to detect if any checkbox is unchecked in case of multiple chec... +1.05
Is it possible to ask for confirmation before removing a list item? -0.72
JQuery 'animate' stops working after 2 calls 0.00
Gif reset caching without hard refresh +0.64
Add active class to matching label of a checkbox 0.00
Is it possible to use the virtual load on demand (scrollbar paging)... 0.00
Combine $(document).ready with a .change query +0.20
How to tell JS to only replace HTML if API request gave string? +0.20
Scroll to Top of page and then hide element using jQuery 0.00
How to escape a single quote on a data attribute jquery -0.86
How can i split the value of a select box option and pass it in two... 0.00
Add domain to hyperlinks after .load function 0.00
How to blink table row based on condition using jquery or php? 0.00
Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'define' on 'C... 0.00
How to Convert date to time in amchart v3 +0.59
Auto focus jQuery script not targeting next input field 0.00
How to check if dynamically generated radio button are clicked in t... -1.12
How to avoid repetition in jQuery +0.22