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Ivan Stoev

1769.52 (21st)
120,203 (542nd)
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Title Δ
Navigational DTO properties using Entity Framework with OData Queries 0.00
Can't make GroupJoin work. NavigationExpandingExpressionVisitor... 0.00
EF Core 3, OrderByDescending and ThenBy rerurn error could not be t... 0.00
Seeding many-to-many databases in EFCore5 with ModelBuilder? +0.18
Entity Framework - A one-to-many relationship returns an incorrect... +0.18
(SOLVED) How do I force the catch exception? (or retrieve exception... 0.00
Entity Framework Core 2.2 nested select generates multiple queries 0.00
Why does EF retrieve IDs unnecessarily when doing a one-to-many join? +1.02
GroupBy and Count by condition Entity Framework 0.00
EFCore injecting services in DbCommandInterceptor 0.00
How to propagate the null value of a navigation propety when groupi... 0.00
EF Core 3.1 OrderByDescending curious T-SQL translation 0.00
EF Core / Net. Core - CRUD - explicit column listing is a must have? -0.57
How to map info from the relationship table from the many-to-many r... 0.00
EF Core relation in wrong direction 0.00
Working with Entity Framework client vs server evaluation changes 0.00
EF Core: PrincipalKey without UniqueConstraint? 0.00
Use method inside LINQ GroupBy 0.00
EF Core keeps complaining about non existent indexes 0.00
How to access chained/nested property in EF Core 2.2 0.00
Efcore 2.2- where clause runs after selection and returns false res... 0.00
Can EF Core invoke methods in queries against properties which have... +0.15
Entity Framework Core does not see all subtype fields 0.00
How do I get the design view back? +0.18
.NET Core 2.2 Migration Builder unable to remove index 0.00
Automapper with many to many and IncludeMembers 0.00
Entity Framework - Association between entity types has been severe... 0.00
Generating non-nullable rowversion on SQL Server with EF Core 3.1 0.00
How to get cascade delete to work with my blog project? +0.17
What data type is used to store long strings in Oracle? -0.32
The property cannot be configured as a navigation property - Entity... 0.00
EF Core: Automaticall Save Enums as Strings Without Calling HasConv... 0.00
Entity Framework MariaDb Date as String problem +0.01
Automapper returns empty objects using ProjectTo<> 0.00
EF CORE include() not in the intellisense 0.00
EF generates a unwanted SQL for nullable entity 0.00
EF Core 3.1.7 Data annotations for multiple 1:1 relationships in ta... 0.00
Load Collection Items In EF Core (OwnsMany) +0.18
C# 9.0 records - non-nullable reference types and constructor 0.00
Entity Framework query - select only record until timestamp from an... +0.77
EF Core: No backing field could be found for property of entity typ... +0.18
Entity Framework is combining my table name and the Id name 0.00
Combine .Contains and .Like +0.34
Automatic by convention mapping coupled with Owned entities 0.00
EF Core distinct by column 0.00
Update parent and child collections on TEntity generic repository 0.00
How to JOIN a Sub-Query using LINQ 0.00
How can I configure a one to one relationship to have the foreign k... 0.00
Specify ON DELETE NO ACTION or ON UPDATE NO ACTION, or modify other... +0.18
EF Core 3.1 Not Translating Query Appropriately -0.32