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Ivan Stoev

1762.07 (26th)
120,203 (571st)
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Title Δ
How to map entity with "self-hierarchical" relationship u... 0.00
SQL 'AS' keyword added when upgrading from EntityFrameworkC... 0.00
Map navigation property to main table 0.00
Re-implementation of OrderBy, ThenBy and Null TypeMapping in Sql Tr... 0.00
How to get EFCore In-memory db to auto-increment non-key fields 0.00
EF Core 3.0 replacement for IMutableIndex.Npgsql() method -1.20
How to reload collection in EF Core 2.x? 0.00
Group by hour in IQueryable 0.00
Linq - One to many relationship, order by rules 0.00
Seeding Related Data in EF Core 3, getting error: Object reference... 0.00
How to define the name of a Relationship property inside an Owned E... 0.00
How to select 'product' rows instead of 'sale' rows -1.09
EntityFramework Core production migrations 0.00
Is there a way to auto map complicated raw queries to entity models? +0.18
GroupJoin: exception thrown: System.InvalidOperationException +1.22
One to many relation : child is flagged Modified instead Deleted 0.00
Unexpected generated SQL by EF Core 2.2 when joining on multiple co... 0.00
C# 8 pattern matching: Handle multiple cases at once? 0.00
How to set class property's value to be set to generated id val... +0.18
SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name ClassNameId While fetch... 0.00
Child entity not saved when added to aggregate root +0.58
How to get COUNT DISTINCT in translated SQL with EF Core 0.00
How can I use linq-to-sql with references? 0.00
Correct way of implementing Singular Naming Convention and Data Ann... 0.00
Aggregate of aggregate with EF Core Linq2Sql +0.82
Splitting tables with composite primary key on EF Core database 0.00
What is the correct way to load a collection of a reference of an o... +0.18
EF Core SQL Function LIKE Method with Linq Expression not working f... 0.00
What is the best way to optimize a nested where clause that has mul... +0.53
Convert Entity Framework Core entity into SQL string +0.77
Entity Framework Core - Lazy Loading not working for Getters 0.00
Modifying an Entity Framework expression when tables have been rema... 0.00
How to fix "The seed entity for entity type 'X cannot be a... 0.00
Entity Framework: Left Join with List Result +0.17
How to properly configure the `services.AddDbContext` of `Configure... +0.18
EF Core - Unique constraint including navigation property not detec... 0.00
Converting SQL query to LINQ or LINQ fluent Syntax +0.17
How can a JSON_VALUE be converted to a DateTime with EF Core 2.2? 0.00
Naming of Fk in Entity framework core context 0.00
Suppress EF core 3.0.x initialized msg 0.00
Why IMutableEntityType.BaseType is null for entities that inherit d... 0.00
Entity Framework Code-first Many to many relationship on the same t... +0.20
Entity Framework "Code supposed to be unreachable" on agr... 0.00
Expression tree for groupby with where clause and than select 0.00
Entity Framework Core : Access parent from child +0.63
Entity Framework Core - Take(1), Single(), First()... Not Working w... 0.00
Grouping Joined Tables -0.31
LINQ Concat nested queries sorting +0.19
Table Id field automatically append with table name that produce in... 0.00
EF Core In-Memmory Array mapping 0.00