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Ivan Stoev

1770.99 (19th)
120,203 (542nd)
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Title Δ
EF Core 3.0 1:0 relationship with fluent +0.17
DbSet does not have an async method for remove range? 0.00
EF Core Stored Procedure FromSqlRaw Does Not Give Updated Values 0.00
Can't use .AddDays in EF core 3.1 query +0.57
.Net core 3.x Keyless Entity Types avoid table creation 0.00
EF Core, Invalid column name exception after update from netcore2.2... 0.00
Entity Framework core 3.1.1 Multilevel Inheritance 0.00
EF Core 3.1.1 Avoiding the exception "The data types text and... 0.00
EFCore OnDelete Cascade many to one 0.00
How to get the smallest count one in entityframe core? 0.00
Return array from Linq SQL query on 80 million row table using EFCore -0.33
'AsyncEnumerableReader' reached the configured maximum size... 0.00
EF Core 3.1 Generated Expressions at Runtime all fail with unable t... 0.00
Table splitting EF Core 0.00
How to prevent a column update in EF Core 3.1? -0.33
EntityFramework Core 2.2 to 3.1.1 Got error +0.17
Composite Shared Keys and Entity 0.00
weird behavior Expression<Func> in EfCore HasQueryFilter meth... 0.00
LINQ Subquery Where Clause could not be translated 0.00
What is the server evaluation issue causing this EF Core 3.1 query... 0.00
EF Core - Not loading all child entities 0.00
c# DataGrid BindingListCollectionView custom filter throwing invali... 0.00
Entity Framework not saving all the information into database +0.17
How can I use migrations in production, but not in test? 0.00
Auto-generated FK relations in EF Core - how to made them non-nulla... +0.17
Entity Framework (Core) - cascading delete +0.17
EF Core - Expression Tree Equivalent for IQueryable Search 0.00
Can I get entity relationships dynamically in SaveChanges()? +0.17
In Identity for Entity Framework Core 3.x, how do I find users by E... 0.00
ef-core nested table aggregate functions give "NavigationExpan... 0.00
The entity type HashSet<Product> was not found when using Rem... 0.00
EF Core 3 GroupBy multiple columns Count Throws with extensions but... 0.00
Get projects with only one Admin which is a given User +0.60
Disable AutoDetectChanges on Entity Framework Core -0.24
Are EF Core 3.1 ExecuteSqlRaw / ExecuteSqlRawAsync drop-in replacem... +0.99
EF Core groupBy no SQL translation for null-coalescing operator (??... 0.00
EF Core 3.0 - Convert SQL to LINQ -0.35
Does Entity Framework Core have a simple way of preventing the upda... +0.17
DefaultIfEmpty Exception "bug or limitation" with EF Core 0.00
How to make EF core translate custom sort into a plain 'When Th... +0.78
Entity Framework Nested Query Select() Problem 0.00
TimeSpan Issue in EF Core 3.1 0.00
Weird behavior in Entity Framework Core with properties without set... -0.57
EF Core - How to group by a nullable column through multiple joins 0.00
How to add description to columns in Entity Framework Core code-fir... 0.00
Load related data with EF Core 3.1 0.00
'IMutableEntityType' does not contain a definition for '... 0.00
How to select top N rows for each group in a Entity Framework Group... +0.17
Include with FromSqlRaw and stored procedure in EF Core 3.1 +0.19
Two one-side represented relationships on same entities interpreted... 0.00