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Ivan Stoev

1764.67 (26th)
120,203 (542nd)
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Title Δ
Dynamic Query based on all optional parameters using an OR conditio... 0.00
How to use the where clause with IQueryable<dynamic> -0.32
Set Id field when inserting using entity framework 0.00
Create one lazy and one eager DbContext via inheritance? -3.21
EF Core code first creates additional attribute on its own 0.00
Comparing to DateTime in EF core is generating date string with 6 d... 0.00
How to insert an existing IQueryable element to a ThenInclude metho... 0.00
Left outer join statements containing Reference navigation properti... 0.00
Manually optimizing efcore generated SQL -1.24
EF Core DB First, and how to avoid Constructor Overwrite on Model G... -3.21
Entity Framework Core 3, get foreign key without join 0.00
calling AddAutoMapper once per assembly instead of passing in multi... +0.18
How to query with Contains on a concatenated string in Entity Frame... 0.00
Entity Framework Core Dynamic GroupBy +0.15
How to pass a runtime parameter to an EF Core predicate expression -3.10
EFCore 3.1 FromSqlRaw is not working and throwing a bizarre error m... 0.00
EF Core 3.1 using Authentication=Active Directory Integrated +0.17
How to rewrite EF LINQ query that used to work in .NET Core 2.0 but... 0.00
EF Core Full-text search: parameterized keySelector could not be tr... 0.00
EF Core queries all columns in SQL when mapping to object in Select +0.71
Entity Framework related entities generate unnecessary joins of the... -0.83
How to combine two flat lists into one nested object +0.17
TakeWhile fails for unapparent reason 0.00
Generic method for setting string enum converter in EF Core for all... +0.17
Performance of reverse-mapping collection +0.73
Entity Framework Core PostgreSQL EF.Functions.JsonTypeof 0.00
EF Core: Detached lazy-loading navigation property 0.00
Entity Framework Reference constraint error on delete when using se... 0.00
Using Composite Keys with Entity Framework Core and Using part of t... +0.91
Dynamic query execution in Entity Framework Core 0.00
GroupBy with after projection to domain model without .ToList() 0.00
Add & Remove prefix to GUID via ModelBuilder conversion +0.17
.NET Core Self Accessing QueryFilters +0.16
LINQ Expression - Using .Any in s Select Could Not Be Translated 0.00
No backing field could be found for property of entity type and the... 0.00
Getting Linq Expression error while getting Enum values. I followed... 0.00
EntityFramework: using a view to extend a table +0.16
MethodCallExpression for Count 0.00
How do I find out if a ClrType is Owned in EF Core? 0.00
ef core - many to many relationship 0.00
EF Core 3.1 Inconsistent behavior of HasConversion and HasMaxLength... 0.00
Cannot update identity column in Entity Framework Core since upgrad... 0.00
C# data annotation, can't extend a specific attribute - what ar... +0.18
Entity Framework Core 3.1 - Log Information About Both Commands and... 0.00
When called from 'VisitLambda', rewriting a node of type &#... 0.00
Can I monitor a property for changes without using a custom set acc... +0.18
EF Core Lambda Expression Object Reference not set to an instance o... 0.00
Entity Framework - [Keyless] Data Annotation Missing +0.78
Calling a simple stored procedure in EF core 3.1 0.00
Comparing strings as dates using EF core 3 0.00