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Ivan Stoev

1770.99 (19th)
120,203 (542nd)
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Title Δ
How to convert LambdaExpression to Expression<Func<T,bool>... 0.00
Problem with EF OrderBy after migration to .net core 3.1 0.00
Convert docx to byte[] and save it to the disk using File.WriteAllB... -0.58
What is alternative for HasForeignKey and ForSqlServerUseSequenceHi... 0.00
C# Wrap array initialization with AsParallel - Expression Trees 0.00
EnitityFramework is very slow to compare strings because create a n... +0.66
Write a LambdaExpression that is reevaluated between DbContext recr... 0.00
Problem with LINQ query: Select first task from each goal +0.17
getting an error if mapping is not there with EF core code first +0.17
Converting EF Core queries from 2.2 to 3.0 - async await 0.00
Using Average returns "The sequence has no elements" 0.00
EF Core 3 Linq could not be translated 0.00
EF Core 3.0 SumAsync triggers aggregate function exception 0.00
Null value is still evaluated after testing it with condition +0.18
Wrong Query Generated with EF Core 3.0 0.00
Global query with custom join 0.00
Cannot run stored procedure from Entity Framework Core 0.00
Entity Framework Core 3 emulate PARTITION BY 0.00
How to make EntityTypeBuilder put right comments in new way? 0.00
How to map an owned property to a private field 0.00
UserManager throws exception - Unable to track an entity because pr... 0.00
Finding common items is evaluated locally 0.00
Create an index for OwnesOne navigation property 0.00
Entity Framework 3.0 Contains cannot be translated in SQL as it was... +0.60
EF Query with OrderBy fails +0.17
IEnumerable from DBContext vs IEnumerable from code Memory usage +0.70
Entity framework: Cascading foreign key cannot be created where the... 0.00
Equivalent SqlFunction.Difference in EF Core +0.78
EF Core unable to determine relationship represented by foreign key... 0.00
Set column type to NCHAR instead of NVARCHAR with IEntityTypeConfig... +0.87
.NET Core Expression DbFunctions DiffDays 0.00
Changes in IDENTITY column after EF core 3 0.00
Translating query with GROUP BY and COUNT to Linq 0.00
How can I reuse a subquery inside a select expression? +0.18
Expression.Convert() not working correctly for datetime datatype in... 0.00
EF core 2 composite primary key using Id and a foreign key +0.94
Why there is no EF Core OfType(Type type) method? 0.00
Set decimal precision for query result object 0.00
Use All or Negation of Any 0.00
How to set a property value from an expression tree? +0.14
Multiple relations of same type +0.18
Using an existing expression/func to build out another expression/f... +0.25
Group and Select First From Two Tables Linq +0.82
calling EntityTypeBuilder<T>.HasKey via reflection for compou... 0.00
System.InvalidOperationException: Variable '' of type '... 0.00
EF Core Exclude Where Multiple Columns are Null or Empty +0.48
Casting generic type to build a valid Linq expression 0.00
Part of LINQ query to seperate method (EF Core) +0.18
EF6 mapping many-to-many using same column name 0.00
EF Core: Fetching A List of Entities with Their Children 0.00