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Rating Stats for

Ivan Stoev

1755.96 (30th)
114,210 (619th)
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Title Δ
Custom EF Core AddOrUpdate with composite keys 0.00
BeginTransaction with IsolationLevel in EF Core 0.00
TimeStamp with EF Core 2.1 and Sql Server? +0.96
Entity Framework LINQ Expression on object within object 0.00
Entity Framework Core to SQL Server IN Clause 0.00
EFCore enum to string value conversion not used in where clause 0.00
EF Core Cascading Deletes for Speed? +0.19
Avoid Exposing Private Collection Properties to Entity Framework. D... 0.00
EF Core - unincluding binrary fields 0.00
Write ef core statement that preform count on SQL 0.00
C# comparing two large lists of items by a specific property +0.42
Update parent and child collections on generic repository with EF C... +1.17
EF Core update navigation property but FK hidden property not update 0.00
EF Core - many queries sent to database for subquery 0.00
Null value in group by after a left outer join in EF Core 0.00
EF Core One to One or Zero Relationship +0.19
getting error while trying to get "Grade" for StudentId=1 +0.66
Why does C# EF Core remove values between using blocks? +0.80
Entity Framework Core: Guid Greater Than for Paging 0.00
GroupJoin returning Sequence contains no elements 0.00
EF Core dealing with alternate primary keys 0.00
The required column 'CustomerId' was not present in the res... +0.19
concatenate a MethodCallExpression on MemberExpression 0.00
How can I avoid NotSupportedException? +0.60
EF Core - nested Owned Type not saved when Updating in the database 0.00
How to use parameters in Linq FromSQL Query 0.00
Error: the declared type of navigation property is not compatible w... 0.00
Second async operation started...don't see how 0.00
Nested entity collection 0.00
Entity framework 6, fluent mapping of 1 to 0..1 relationship on non... 0.00
C# MVC Loop through list and update each record efficiently +0.19
What is the differences between & and && in EF Core +0.59
Get Max from child entity in EF Core 0.00
using Max() in Orderby +0.18
Entity Framework 6, validation not working as intended 0.00
Filter child collection of one entity 0.00
Is it possible to load nested navigation properties using EntityEnt... 0.00
EFCore 2.2 GroupBy Sum and DateDiff 0.00
EF Core Entity on Type +0.21
AutoMapper requiring mapping members and constructor +0.79
Entity Framework Core DbContext.RemoveRange and type constraints 0.00
Using ModelBuilder Query method with inherited classes (EF core 2.1) +1.09
Linq exception on Provider.CreateQuery 0.00
How to add new column to existing table and set it value based on e... 0.00
Entity Framework Core DbContext inheritance problem with DbOptions... 0.00
Entity Framework Core- Use Expression Tree With Interface As Parame... 0.00
Is it possible to define a ValueConversion on a private field? +0.19
Bit-Bool on a Entity Framework Scalar Function Throws 'cannot b... 0.00
EF Core generating reverse query 0.00
Select only specific fields with Linq (EF core) +0.20