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Ivan Stoev

1744.62 (41st)
5,721 (14,777th)
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Title Δ
Issues with many-to-many relation in EF core 0.00
Entity Framework Core - Inserting One-Directional Parent Child Rela... 0.00
Populate Created and LastModified automagically in EF Core +0.23
Is it possible to perform cascade delete without fluent configurati... 0.00
How to get Count from FromSql? -1.21
EF Core custom attributes not working for object types on modeBuild... 0.00
Ef-Core - What regex can I use to replace table names with nolock o... +0.19
ef core 2.1 Many To Many +0.20
Gettings grouped sums from related tables into linq query columns 0.00
LinqKit Predicate Or with Contains evaluates to equals 0.00
LINQ query becomes invalid upon editing result data? +0.53
Translating generic eager load method from EF6 to EF Core +0.20
Reference to an ITVF raises a "second operation started on thi... 0.00
Entity Framework Core 2 auto generated columns +0.20
Why doesn't my implementation of calling ASPNET Core 2.1 Databa... 0.00
EF Core delete on table violates foreign key constraint on table +0.56
Multi dimensional relationship looses the relation with wrapper 0.00
Use a Inline Table-Valued Functions with Linq and Entity Framework 0.00
Entity Framework Core - Setting Value Converter generically 0.00
Can not resolve Symbol "ForSqliteHasDefaultValueSql" 0.00
EF Core 2.1 - Duplicate relationships when use fluent API 0.00
Set Value before save -0.79
Computed primary key doesn't get updated in EF Core entity afte... 0.00
EF core 2.1 using take in projection +0.57
rewrite a correlated subqueries in ef core 2.1 +0.69
Why does a combination of object and collection initializers use Ad... +0.41
Cannot create a relationship when using two FK 0.00
How do you query a many-to-many relationship using Entity Framework... 0.00
Dynamic Linq with ".Any" in Where clausule (C# / .Net Cor... -0.33
ShadowProperties being reached by foreach before being created 0.00
How to bind nested members using Expression.Bind / Expression.Membe... 0.00
Abstract property behaviour using interface 0.00
How do I test whether a DbContext is in memory? +0.20
Dynamic query filter expression in include 0.00
How to reduce the code at fluent API in OnModelCreating -0.30
Access result from SELECT statement in stored procedure using EF Co... +0.59
HAVING clause in EF Linq 0.00
Does the order of Include()s when filtering have an impact on perfo... 0.00
No service for type 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.UserManager`... +0.20
Updating entity in EF Core application with SQLite gives DbUpdateCo... +0.58
How to improve the performance of a 2d array? -0.63
Console Application - DbContext instance cannot be used inside OnCo... 0.00
How to make EF Core tools obtain DbContext instance from service pr... +0.20
Select The Record With the Lowest Payment for Each Customer using E... 0.00
How to avoid the AUTOINCREMENT keyword with EFC and SQLite? +0.60
EF Core 2.1.1 how to ignore some properties when entity implements... +0.70
AsNoTracking on context properties, query or ChangeTracker? +0.60
How do I wrap the result of an ExpressionTree in a container class? 0.00
Optimization of correlated subqueries with Automapper 0.00
GroupJoin with list returns multiple results instead of attaching t... 0.00