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Ivan Stoev

1753.93 (30th)
106,158 (619th)
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Title Δ
Change multiple properties of an object in one command +0.38
C# Create a LambdaExpression that compares two member properties (f... +0.19
EF Core dynamic filter 0.00
.NET Core Entity Framework InvalidOperationException +0.48
Entity Framework inserting entity twice in two different contexts 0.00
How to properly use IPluralizer in IDesignTimeServices 0.00
EF core Linq groupby and having sum count - could not be translated... 0.00
How do you add the equivalent of the OwnedAttribute using FluentAPI? 0.00
Seeding the database with a many-to-many relationship using Entity... +0.92
Problem with EF-Core Code first throwing error because of backing f... 0.00
IlGenerator Emit +0.24
EF Core Group By with Deferred Execution and SQL side grouping 0.00
EF Core 2.0 One to one - what's the deal? -1.56
EF Core entity inheritance from different sources without discrimin... 0.00
Entity Framework Core Inheritance creating child tables 0.00
Is it possible to move fluent configuration of a hierarchy in a sep... 0.00
Can seeded data use the HiLo sequence? 0.00
Entity Framework Core 2.1 - owned types and nested value objects 0.00
Entity Framework6 2 * many-to-many to self 0.00
Adding an entity without knowing the parent id 0.00
Stuck trying to make a helper method to Save DB changes with catching 0.00
Delete foreign key when related entity is set to null on attached e... +0.20
500 Error calling scalar database function from .net core 2.1 +0.19
Entity Framework Core. How to update the related data properly? 0.00
EF Core - LINQ - Assign property to IQueryable<T> +0.20
Entity Framework Core return few selects 0.00
Saving dependent record without creating a duplicate principal record 0.00
EF Core 2.0 Code First error in query (DetachedLazyLoadingWarning) +0.20
Error generating Dynamic Query using ExpressionTree 0.00
How to use ProjectTo with Automapper 8.0 Dependency injection 0.00
Execute RAW SQL on DbContext in EF Core 2.1 +0.63
How to use Automapper to flatten list of entity hierarchies? 0.00
Compare first child with linq dynamic 0.00
Write Dynamic LINQ queries for sorting and projecting with EF Core 0.00
EFcore with IdentityDbContext and hasData seeding creates IdentityR... 0.00
How to minimize run time with large data set (Make list of unique o... +0.69
Entity Framework Core Auto Generated guid +0.61
EF one to many on part of composite primary key 0.00
How do I make an EF-Core (2.1) Compiled Query return an IQueryable? 0.00
EF Core Eager Loading nested collections 0.00
EF Core linq and conditional include and theninclude problem 0.00
Difference between DbSet<T> property and Set<T>() funct... +0.13
Entity Framework Core 2.1 : The specified field 'Model' cou... 0.00
How to create a generic method to iterate through an object's f... +0.19
Optional condition in join clause - Linq 0.00
Is it possible to rename or configure the discriminator column when... 0.00
Problem adding entity with Id = 0 in EntityFramworkCore.InMemory pr... 0.00
clear datagridview duplicate rows and keep unique rows 0.00
Check if a property of an Entity is marked as IsRequired() via refl... +0.19
LINQ Expression for IN clause with Largest Date +0.20