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Ivan Stoev

1764.67 (26th)
120,203 (542nd)
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Title Δ
Entity Framework Core and Lazy loading problem 0.00
How to identify duplicates in EF Core 3.1 +0.17
Entity Framework - Distinct Facets - Performance Optimization 0.00
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX duplicate key when I update-database by EF Core +0.95
Possible to call a stored procedure on a Table-Per-Hierarchy table... 0.00
Extra join in query for value objects in Entity Framework Core +0.67
Entity Framework Core 3.1 Enum Conversion failed when converting th... 0.00
EF Core Add-Migration generating extra column with ColumnName1 0.00
Entity Framework Core ForeignKey Default Conventions +0.78
How to convert string to DateTime in C# EF Core query -3.50
Use array of ints parameter in FromSQL query and Where In clause 0.00
EF Core sum on nested collection's properties does not work 0.00
EF Core Migration not working when using `ApplyConfiguration` 0.00
LINQ select returning NULL when creating a new object 0.00
Group By and To Dictionary in EF Core 3.1 0.00
Entity Framework Core .Include() is filtering the query 0.00
Entity Framework - Left outer join on multiple columns with OR cond... 0.00
Mapping owned type in separate table 0.00
Workaround for DefaultIfEmpty 0.00
Problem with database query created by EF +0.18
linq store select clause as function variable 0.00
Defining one side of a one to many relationship with PostgreSQL ent... 0.00
How to find foreign key field for navigation property? 0.00
Join using multiple values in Linq Dynamic Core 0.00
Getting "NEXT VALUE FOR" for a SQL Server sequence using... -1.00
EF Core 3: Configure backing field of navigation property 0.00
Correct Collection in ConstantExpression for EF Core 0.00
Group join in EF Core 3.1 0.00
Using no tracking navigation property EF core 0.00
Outer join with linq query in EF Core 3 not working 0.00
Create a subquery to filter on windowed function value 0.00
C# Linq Expression could not be Translated 0.00
Fields not marked as modified are updating using the Attach method... +0.17
One To Many returns empty array (solved) +0.44
Entity Framework Core - This may indicate either a bug or a limitat... 0.00
My join .NetCore 3.1 throws an exception about NavigationExpandingE... 0.00
EF Core Cascading Referential Integrity with DeleteBehavior.Restric... +0.13
ASP Net Core Web API: Client side GroupBy is not supported 0.00
EF creates a relational id column in the database, which is not par... 0.00
.NET Core 3.1 ChangePasswordAsync Inner Exception "Cannot upda... +0.17
How can I improve the performance while inserting to a list in whil... 0.00
ThenInclude for Explicit Loading in Entity Framework core? 0.00
EF Core Navigation Property Include uses Left Join instead of Inner... +0.18
How to make filter all the data on SQL Server and not on C# 0.00
Owned types collection is never updated in EF Core +0.18
SqlFunctions.StringConvert() is not working ef core 0.00
How to implement ThenInclude into EF Core custom specification? 0.00
EFCore 3.1 Adding default shadow properties and use them for softde... 0.00
EF Core 3.0 1:0 relationship with fluent +0.17
DbSet does not have an async method for remove range? 0.00