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Ivan Stoev

1755.96 (30th)
111,860 (619th)
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Title Δ
What is the differences between & and && in EF Core +0.59
Get Max from child entity in EF Core 0.00
using Max() in Orderby +0.18
Entity Framework 6, validation not working as intended 0.00
Filter child collection of one entity 0.00
Is it possible to load nested navigation properties using EntityEnt... 0.00
EFCore 2.2 GroupBy Sum and DateDiff 0.00
EF Core Entity on Type +0.21
AutoMapper requiring mapping members and constructor +0.79
Entity Framework Core DbContext.RemoveRange and type constraints 0.00
Using ModelBuilder Query method with inherited classes (EF core 2.1) +1.09
Linq exception on Provider.CreateQuery 0.00
How to add new column to existing table and set it value based on e... 0.00
Entity Framework Core DbContext inheritance problem with DbOptions... 0.00
Entity Framework Core- Use Expression Tree With Interface As Parame... 0.00
Is it possible to define a ValueConversion on a private field? +0.19
Bit-Bool on a Entity Framework Scalar Function Throws 'cannot b... 0.00
EF Core generating reverse query 0.00
Select only specific fields with Linq (EF core) +0.20
NullValues Option Not Working When Loading to DataTable +0.73
String or binary data would be truncated WHERE IN 0.00
LINQ match on latest date from 2 columns 0.00
How to control which order the EF Core run custom migrations? 0.00
How to use Queryable.Where when type is set at runtime? +0.17
How can I pass a Lambda of x => bool, to a method, and Use it is... -2.49
.Net Core 2.1 seems to be ignoring modelBuilder.Entity<TEntity&g... 0.00
Make EF Core 2 work with a getter only property without a backing f... 0.00
Foreign key with composite key in EF Core +0.95
EF Core Average with no sequence 0.00
Do not declare visible instance fields warning in sequential struct +0.86
Dynamic lambda expression for ICollection column 0.00
How can I sort a list of Employees by the SortOrder of their Roles? 0.00
SQL Server efficient sub-total in EF Core +0.64
Entity Framework Core incorrect field size +0.20
EF Core query where Were clause is a collection? 0.00
EF Core querying data by related IDs 0.00
Performing an efficient query on a many to many relationship in EF... 0.00
Database First to Code First EF - Migrations Key and Constraint Nam... +0.20
EF Core One to Many adding new object 0.00
Necessity of navigation properties in EF Core models +0.18
How to use foreign key as composite key in EF Core 2? 0.00
ValueGeneratedOnAdd has no effect +0.20
Cross including the same table relations in EF Code Throws an error... +0.20
Text query parsing in Sprache 0.00
Get List of Entity Models in DbContext Entity Framework Core 2.1 +0.16
Column does not allow DBNull.Value - No KeepNulls - Proper Column M... -1.64
'No generic method > 'OrderByDescending' on type ... 0.00
Fast way to get Expression method call target 0.00
Ef core: Sequence contains no element when doing MaxAsync -0.77
Null check on aggregate expression 0.00