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Rating Stats for

Ivan Stoev

1755.96 (30th)
114,210 (619th)
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Title Δ
Why doesn't my C# compiler (Visual Studio) let me do this with... -0.42
Most efficient structure for quick access to a random element + the... +1.56
Kattis Challenge: Phone List, 4-Second Time Limit Exceeded, C# -0.01
CheckedListBox Horizontal Scroll bar is not allowing me to see all... 0.00
Inserting huge data inside SQL server using C# +0.23
change Binding List item based on the DataGridView's row index 0.00
Recommended way to prevent naming pollution by helper classes in C#? -0.63
List<T> is "better" then ICollection<T>? And... -1.50
DataGridView set CurrentCell not working +2.01
Pagination of multiple sorted lists +0.50
Use multiple left joins to set DTO property inside select new linq... 0.00
Rotating table, LINQ syntax +0.01
How to notify UI about action done in API? 0.00
How could I've known the cast to List<> makes sense? -0.05
Error in Databindings in winform c# -1.74
C# & SQL : how to update table without refreshing DataGridView? +1.38
Take all items from ConcurrentBag using a swap 0.00
Assign value to object using Expression +2.11
optimize Entity Framework Linq query (selected 1 unexpected field) 0.00
Group, Sort, and then Merge to a Observable Collection? -0.08
Modifying a dictionary colleciton -0.64
C# Winforms DataGridView Sorted column lost when binding new Dataso... +0.43
XML Serializing dapper results -0.10
Format sqlite table to custom display in C# Datagrid 0.00
Format text color in C# Forms 0.00
Unzip Byte Array in C# -1.09
IEnumerable.Count() or ToList().Count +2.34
Can you bind property values to variables/data in C#? 0.00
Windows Form C# tablelayoutpanel scroll up to the top not updating... 0.00
Minimum value of all elements that satisfy a condition in a list +1.36
Executing async function synchronously -0.47
Button enable and disable on text changed event -0.68
Add linq property selector to Expression 0.00
Linq sort with a twist -0.51
vb right function conversions to c# +2.86
find numbers that can be formed from sum of numbers from array in a... -0.80
How to use DbFunctions in LINQ? 0.00
Remove consecutive numbers from int array +0.50
How can i combine these lines? -1.33
Create a dictionary from another dictionary expanded using LINQ 0.00
Implementation of concurrency safe custom data type in C# +2.23
Getting image size from bytes without reallocating entire data +0.50
C# Using Same Form +2.25
issue using progressbar to track ftp fiel upload 0.00
Determine number of rows in DataGridView except of new row -0.98
How do I change DataBinding index possition programmatically 0.00
When does the data get bound and how to speed it up? 0.00
Task.WaitAny to accept Task<T> instead of Task [ ] -0.45
Setting ComboBox DataSource to an enum and binding SelectedValue -1.08
LINQ with conditional where clause +0.50