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Rating Stats for

Ivan Stoev

1767.77 (23rd)
120,203 (542nd)
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Title Δ
EF - AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 ...) with Entity Framework +2.92
Create a Tuple in a Linq Select +0.96
C# .First() vs [0] -0.35
Linq query and casting in c# -1.61
Draw adornments on windows.forms.controls in Visual Studio Designer... +0.21
Finding an integer sum in an array of 1 000 000 -1.17
List of dictionaries vs nested dictionaries -0.52
Linq - Get all keys from dictionary where all values in the value l... -0.51
How to achieve single call to database in my LINQ? +0.56
Sort a string by Linq -0.62
Optimizing a slow LINQ query -0.30
Split a List into several Lists based on criteria using LINQ +0.46
Panel in winform behaving wrongly +0.47
What would be the LINQ solution for this query in c#? -0.53
Yet another "Invalid attempt to read when no data is present.&... 0.00
dynamic queries in dapper 0.00
Cross-thread invalid operation exception but only one thread +0.47
LINQ Queries: Retrieve List using Any +1.65
Func<T> in Lambda expression with LinQ to entities 0.00
How to ignore Class Attributes while debugging code.? +2.71
C# IF statement -0.68
Adding duplicated values to a BindingList 0.00
Add new row to DataGridView using textboxes +0.71
C# Load scaled bitmap -0.54
How do I use an asynchronous delegate? 0.00
c# custom Panel +0.48
Linq outer join query -0.03
How to make Windows.Form-Element disappear when content is empty? +0.48
Why does a Bound Textbox not modify its associated property is the... +1.92
How to use both variations of QueueUserWorkItem +0.48
Need to create Expression<Action> from strings 0.00
Ordering IHierarchicalEnumerable List c# 0.00
IQueryable & ref keyword (adding a where clause) -0.01
Create a Dynamic Linq to EF Expression to Select IQueryable into ne... 0.00
Continue iterating a 2D array from certain element 0.00
Comparing images using lockbits not functioning correctly 0.00
ADO.Net data binding to gridview in Windows form application C# 0.00
LINQ with AND or OR for 2 or more enumerable lists -0.52
Listener Class change text label on my form +2.26
IGrouping ElementAt vs. square bracket operator -1.28
Cloning an array of objects which implement ICloneable +1.99
XtraGrid binding inherited object +0.49
Linq left join ASP MVC +0.49
How can I improve this queries speed? +0.54
LINQ to EF Sub query 0.00
Keep Anchored Buttons Below Autosized Label -0.54
Restricting edits for collections of value types in general (and in... 0.00
Gzip only after a threshold reached? +2.53
How to get synonyms of word from DB(EF, linq) 0.00
How can I sort a large 2d array C# 0.00