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Rating Stats for

Ivan Stoev

1755.96 (30th)
114,210 (619th)
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Title Δ
DataGrid Dynamic - Binding/Loading +3.87
Stream Console process output to Textbox In real - Time 0.00
Select query even and odd value count -1.17
Using BinaryReader/BinaryWriter to build a chat -3.27
Get index of next non-whitespace character in string +1.72
How to convert WaitAll() to async and await +3.95
.ToList() thread-safe +0.04
Async Await Stops... C# WPF 0.00
datagridview autoscroll if some rows are hidden? +4.31
Winform Shutdown mode from "when startup form closes" to... 0.00
How do a break a loop outside a try/catch from within it? -1.40
Getting Mouse Click Coordinates 0.00
C# - Adding objects dynamically (adding dynamic property names) -0.74
Subset sequence c# +4.01
.NET IComparer sort error 0.00
C# Launch Child WPF in a new Thread +3.93
Generic class for enumerations - casting issue +4.07
Datagridview cellclick event for next rows -3.90
PropertyInfo List is null when using reflection with generics +4.06
Formatting dataGridView -0.14
Is it possible to hide properties of a class by default, e.g. in a... -3.68
repaint PictureBox with his information +4.03
How to make a an IEnumerable of values of tree nodes? 0.00
Speeding up a linq entitiy query -2.28
Why does C# compiler create private DisplayClass when using LINQ me... -2.31
Resize an image to fill a picture box without stretching +4.10
Writing to Filestream and copying to MemoryStream -3.95
Detecting similar elements in jagged arrays -0.98
WPF MenuItem Binding Issue 0.00
LINQ Query to count only certain values +3.98 To +1.13
Draw each string in list with a different tint color 0.00
how to make a prescrollable tab control so i can add in tons of tex... 0.00
IEnumerable to List, not returning data -4.33
Replace multiple InsertRange() into efficient way -0.79
Convert List<Objects> to List<String> based on property... -1.97
OleDBParameterCollection only accepts non null values OleDbparmeter... 0.00
Use linq expression to filter a dictionary with a list of keys -2.60
Comparison of unsigned integers -4.43
Get column by table name entity framework reflection +3.94
is there an easier way to reverse the order of a DataGridViewSelect... -4.15
Use Func in Linq to Entity as generic method parameter -4.09
Reloading data grid from the method called from cell leave event 0.00
Shuffle list of products while querying +3.84
Checkbox column default value in data grid view 0.00
Can I have a REPL but for writing GDI+ code in Visual Studio? 0.00
Timer Class not Firing before End of Program -4.27
How to get blank space size when using PictureBoxSizeMode.Zoom of P... 0.00
DataGridView custom ComboBox implementation error, sharing same value +3.93
Can WCF handle simultaneous calls to the same endpoint? -4.02