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Ivan Stoev

1767.77 (23rd)
120,203 (542nd)
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Title Δ
How do I change DataBinding index possition programmatically 0.00
When does the data get bound and how to speed it up? 0.00
Task.WaitAny to accept Task<T> instead of Task [ ] -0.45
Setting ComboBox DataSource to an enum and binding SelectedValue -1.08
LINQ with conditional where clause +0.50
Declare static class or struct method using expression body in C# 0.00
Replace one character but not two in a string -0.91
How to add scrolling to Panel -0.45
Exchange UserControls on a Form with data-binding 0.00
Howto search through Properties of all kinds of types -0.44
How to keep Console Window open after execution? -0.50
An abstract class which can be derived by database classes +0.12
how to make form delay a display 0.00
What data type(s) can bind to DataGridViewComboBoxColumn? 0.00
Convert multidimensional array to list of single array -0.79
Comparer<T>.Create in .NEt 4 -0.08
How to convert IList<T> to List<T> in C# with good perf... +0.50
Update elements in BindingSource via separate task 0.00
Increment Dictionary value after find Dictionary item by Key -1.58
Deleting a row from DataGridView and SQL Server database +0.49
Dynamic Remove Function +0.45
Reading Null DateTime column from a Table in SqlServer 0.00
Inserting into an index position in a List +1.09
Force loop to wait for an event +0.64
Logic to decipher consecutive date ranges +0.29
Byte array image crop performance issue +1.89
How to stop pressing button using keyboard keys like "Spacebar... -0.99
How to stop pressing button using keyboard keys like "Spacebar... +1.26
Are we allowed to OrderBy(Random)? -0.54
ICollectionView.Filter Property for Hashtable 0.00
helper method checking if window is open on another thread -0.19
Add to database dynamically using dbcontext 0.00
Why is my list empty? -0.11
Linq - Excluding users from list in IQueryable expression - What is... 0.00
C# set property in constructor not vork as expected 0.00
C# - how to get distinct items from a Collection View -0.32
How to check if a specific form with a specific serial is open, and... +3.87
Is it possible to detect if there is a control at a specific coordi... +0.03
Windows forms Treeview refresh issue -3.98
StreamWriter stops in the middle of a WriteLine -4.21
load hierarchy to treeview -3.74
ReaderWriterLockSlim EnterReadLock() over several methods, one runn... 0.00
the content of a DataGridViewCell are not displayed if its length i... -3.04
RipositoryItemCombobox value not set in devexpress gridview 0.00
How to delete multiple rows in a table that are selected in a listb... -2.07
How to get dictionary item based on an object with the same hashcode? +3.92
Find subset of numbers that add up to a given number 0.00
Trying to use DataGridView together with ICustomTypeDescriptor 0.00
How to find all objects with an attribute that matches any of the v... -3.37
Custom WinForms data binding with converter not working on nullable... 0.00