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Rating Stats for

Ivan Stoev

1767.77 (23rd)
120,203 (542nd)
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Title Δ
Trying to use DataGridView together with ICustomTypeDescriptor 0.00
How to find all objects with an attribute that matches any of the v... -3.37
Custom WinForms data binding with converter not working on nullable... 0.00
Simplification of LootTable probability distribution 0.00
Extra Columns While Converting Linq Result into Data Table 0.00
Correct way to use the Interlocked class for multithreading in .NET -3.99
Children of a UserControl disappear after moving 0.00
DisplayMember in Combobox not working properly +3.95
DataGrid Dynamic - Binding/Loading +3.87
Stream Console process output to Textbox In real - Time 0.00
Select query even and odd value count -1.17
Using BinaryReader/BinaryWriter to build a chat -3.27
Get index of next non-whitespace character in string +1.72
How to convert WaitAll() to async and await +3.95
.ToList() thread-safe +0.04
Async Await Stops... C# WPF 0.00
datagridview autoscroll if some rows are hidden? +4.31
Winform Shutdown mode from "when startup form closes" to... 0.00
How do a break a loop outside a try/catch from within it? -1.40
Getting Mouse Click Coordinates 0.00
C# - Adding objects dynamically (adding dynamic property names) -0.74
Subset sequence c# +4.01
.NET IComparer sort error 0.00
C# Launch Child WPF in a new Thread +3.93
Generic class for enumerations - casting issue +4.07
Datagridview cellclick event for next rows -3.90
PropertyInfo List is null when using reflection with generics +4.06
Formatting dataGridView -0.14
Is it possible to hide properties of a class by default, e.g. in a... -3.68
repaint PictureBox with his information +4.03
How to make a an IEnumerable of values of tree nodes? 0.00
Speeding up a linq entitiy query -2.28
Why does C# compiler create private DisplayClass when using LINQ me... -2.31
Resize an image to fill a picture box without stretching +4.10
Writing to Filestream and copying to MemoryStream -3.95
Detecting similar elements in jagged arrays -0.98
WPF MenuItem Binding Issue 0.00
LINQ Query to count only certain values +3.98 To +1.13
Draw each string in list with a different tint color 0.00
how to make a prescrollable tab control so i can add in tons of tex... 0.00
IEnumerable to List, not returning data -4.33
Replace multiple InsertRange() into efficient way -0.79
Convert List<Objects> to List<String> based on property... -1.97
OleDBParameterCollection only accepts non null values OleDbparmeter... 0.00
Use linq expression to filter a dictionary with a list of keys -2.60
Comparison of unsigned integers -4.43
Get column by table name entity framework reflection +3.94
is there an easier way to reverse the order of a DataGridViewSelect... -4.15
Use Func in Linq to Entity as generic method parameter -4.09