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Rating Stats for

Mark Byers

1767.81 (25th)
787,492 (19th)
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Title Δ
Finding substring in RegEx Java +0.33
How do I do run a regex on a regex in javascript? -0.78
Java Thread.sleep() implementation 0.00
MySQL syntax error with PHP -3.26
newbie lost in recursive function +0.78
Conditional assignment for an ArrayList +0.35
Regex result not show up in C#? +0.17
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by anot... 0.00
MySQL get all rows in which one field belongs to array, and all mem... +0.16
Using replace() function to replace multiple texts(strings) at once... -0.30
Removing any character besides 0-9 + - / * and ^ 0.00
Are a combobox's items null when empty? -0.53
Invoke a non static method from a static method +0.52
Java while loop with array +0.04
Swear Filter Regex +0.45
Changing a variable value , by a class (python) 0.00
Find the 2nd Year if exist with regular expressions 0.00
mysqli real escape string, should I use it? +0.64
Why it works? C++ memory management -1.11
Input string was not in a correct format +0.30
Math.cos giving bad results for large values +0.47
How does Java decide when to import? +0.25
Finding index of array +0.17
To get a Class object we use MyClass.class-It seems “class” is a st... 0.00
Please explain this algorithm to get all permutations of a String 0.00
Tersest regex for a letter +0.79
How do I return the index of multiple elements existing in a list i... +0.33
MySQL how to check if selected column is null before woking with him? +0.56
NullPointerException 0.00
Recursive function is overflowing, why? +0.17
How create a new deep copy (clone) of a List<T>? +0.92
Google Map's Alternative +0.18
SQL Case Statement Setting as NULL for Some +0.17
C# class vs struct +0.31
What does it mean when a method returns t > 1 as a boolean? +0.72
How to optimize runtime of this MySQL query? +0.82
How to count all instance in the join for each row? +0.17
String representation of binary data? +0.81
Questionable SQL practice - Order By id rather than creation time -1.58
How to properly use Thread.sleep() 0.00
Copy data between two server instances -0.09
Error checking Object is null +0.18
Unknown column 'AG' in 'where clause 0.00
How can i make this for loop shorter? 0.00
I want to update fields (X,Y) in table A to the values in fields (X... +0.75
MySQL, adding a string to all column values -0.10
unreported exception must be caught or declared to be thrown +0.37
Why do we need GROUP BY with AGGREGATE FUNCTIONS? -0.53
How can a list with one member be useful? +0.48
Javascript stops working when add another javascript code +0.39