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Mark Byers

1767.81 (25th)
787,492 (19th)
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Title Δ
Set criteria to be used in multiple SQL select queries +0.50
StringBuilder append byte without formatting +0.57
Why case: always requires constant expression while if() doesn't? -0.36
Trouble with nested SELECT statements with mutiple substrings, Oracle 0.00
What is the absolute scope of a for loop with no brackets? -0.54
Case Sensitive Dictionary Keys -1.34
Necessity of static block in Java +0.15
Don't understand why I get: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING +0.60
Converting a string into a list +0.20
Update Table that uses JOIN to find proper record +0.59
java.util.Scanner jumps over input requests +0.67
Trying to get array of custom object types from array of objects +0.73
Splitting a String with two criteria +0.30
Using regex to validate file 0.00
mysql unlimited primary keys auto increment +0.20
Running an infinite java program and how performance is affected -0.88
querying from select statement +0.17
Object reference not set to an instance of an object list to a list... -0.32
SQL Get Delimited Results for All Columns +0.41
Simple Python Calculator -0.51
Does C# have a concept of methods inside of methods? +0.08
Give data in sql query +0.48
Cast an object X to an object Y who inherits of X 0.00
Pointers and execution speed +0.17
List comprehension without using an iterable +0.18
What does this SQL query do? Please explain 0.00
Empty String to Double using (Try)Parse -0.70
SQL Count and group duplicates +0.14
repeat linq to sql inside foreach? 0.00
How to optimize MySQL query with "file sorting" and "... 0.00
why for any C array this expression holds a[7] == 7[a] +0.59
IF condition in MYsql not giving proper result -3.45
Linq to entities is very slow using .Take() method -0.33
Why is this regex matching an incorrect pattern? +0.56
Custom Random Enumerable? +1.04
Using int.parse(string) in linq search doesn't work +0.36
C++ cin returns 0 for integer no matter what the user inputs +0.75
Matching Regex doesn´t work +0.18
Creating a Java Regex with * -3.42
Best .NET Array/List +0.08
JAVA draw regular polygon -0.14
regex and finite depth non escaped parenthesis matching 0.00
Issue with %g precision 0.00
Regex exactly n OR m times +0.60
python list to dict weirdness +1.54
Negative value in byte type 0.00
Use of findall and parenthesis in Python 0.00
Regular expression looking for multiples values 0.00
Categorize select with multiple DATE BETWEEN 0.00
Is this regular expression possible? +0.40