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1484.83 (4,471,925th)
3,646 (46,088th)
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Title Δ
How to add values of two arrays that are different sizes in length? 0.00
Mathematical operations on CGPoint in Swift -1.10
Subscript 'subscript(_:)' requires that 'String.Index&#... 0.00
Swift 5 Value of type has no member 0.00
Kotlin "takeIf" statement equivalent in swift? +0.07
Swift filter only assessing one parameter? 0.00
Why do two distinct array literals equal each other in Swift? +2.11
Make Generic Class Codable 0.00
Swift using high order functions +0.02
How to have the value of a key value pair in a dictionary used as a... +2.31
"Never" Type as Default Type for Multi-Generic Initializa... -1.34
Swift make func in extension "private" in same extension 0.00
How to append a closure to another closure? -1.68
Initialize and fill array with custom object inline -0.49
How to declare and init nested enum with reserved keyword as type n... 0.00
Swift: enum names with special characters (like .) in them +0.28
Is there a difference between for case let and a for loop + if let? 0.00
Proper way of using Singletons (class with structs inside) in Swift 0.00
How do I print Optional Int in SWIFT? +0.54
is there a way to call data using generics function? -1.00
Sort array in swiftui by multiple conditions +0.64
Swift: Array of objects that conforms to same protocol as the object 0.00
Filter an enum based on case names in swift 0.00
CGRect normalization is too precise -1.53
Ambiguous method overload with closures in Swift, but only when clo... 0.00
What are the differences between 'CaseIterable' protocol... 0.00
How can I extend an array where the element is an array that has an... -1.23
SwiftUI List view different cells for different indexes 0.00
In Swift, is there a way to to assign elements of array to multiple... -0.20
candidate would match and infer 'T' = '[U]' if '... 0.00
Elegant way to split an array in swift -0.20
Is it safe to remove values from a dictionary while iterating in sw... 0.00
Get the index of the last occurrence of each string in an array +0.76
How can encode array of CGPoint in Swift +1.44
How do you check elegantly case enum in the .first(where:) closure... -0.49
what the difference of keys and values in dictionary of swift 0.00
Retrieve numbers before/after sign change in [Double] +1.48
Swift generic method does not use most specific type -1.60
Sorting Array with specific order in Swift -1.42
Swift Array of Types element not recognised as type -1.39
How to pass a class object to a function but prevent mutation? +0.78
How to apply an overlay that is larger than the underlying view in... 0.00
Native elegant way of do() function of "Then" framework -1.29
How to check if two structs have the same generic parameter type in... 0.00
Find object value at index and store it in different array using sw... -1.30
Sort Swift array of custom types -1.62
Are there cases where firstIndex doesn't return an optional in... -1.63
What's the difference in Swift between unowned vs weak but impl... 0.00
Cannot extend generic type where placeholder is another generic type 0.00
How can I have associated value with CaseIterable enum? -1.26