An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1371.18 (4,536,284th)
4,228 (39,580th)
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Title Δ
Convert Array Type to Map Type without using UDF function in Pyspark -1.19
Apply awk to everything except for first line +0.02
How to get the result based on a condition in spark scala -1.16
Find duration between two timestamp in different rows -1.30
How to select a row of a spark dataframe based on values in a list? -0.50
casting UTC unixtime to timestamp in the same timezone +0.74
find line that contains string & echo the value to a new line u... 0.00
Round current time up and down +0.38
pyspark - TypeError: count() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) -1.17
AWK assign upper value for rank assignment during tie -0.90
Pyspark dataframe isin function datatype conversion +0.67
How to remove n-numbers of characters after a certain pattern using... -1.04
How to grep line after pattern match only for one pattern out of many -1.06
Ambigous reference when agg in Pyspark +2.84
Change Pascal case in a string to snake case +2.12
spark sql-providing a list parameter for sum function -1.17
Awk/Sed how to change a camel url path to a underscore path? +0.69
Finding Matching Strings Within Paragraphs -1.05
Enclose fields field separators in quotes -0.31
Cumulative sum of column -1.19
scala copy keys and values from a map to separate lists in the same... 0.00
Getting rid of the first 5 characters, than every other character a... -0.27
Extract shortest suffix following a certain character -0.62
How to filter row by row in Spark DataFrame? -1.22
PySpark explode string of json -1.25
How would I do this dataframe transformation in spark scala? -1.00
Replace multiple value for String column -0.62
Replace multiple value for String column -0.62
SQL Query to Py(spark) -1.26
Spark SQL - convert string to ASCII -1.27
Delete rows based on difference in timestamp- spark +1.66
Remove text/lines between search patterns -0.24
Scala Spark: Filter rows based on values in a column of Floats +0.76
Pyspark grouping , joining and covert to json -1.25
How to remove the the seconds from given time in shell script +0.37
PySpark number of occurrences per date -0.55
pyspark: dataframe header transformation -1.27
trying to get last 4 distinct values from a dynamic NF file -1.04
To convert struct column names into rows in a parquet file -1.29
How to identify N last unique cells? +2.74
Can I delete a field in awk? -0.18
duplicating records between date gaps within a selected time interv... -0.35
How do I replace multiple occurrence of a character between specifi... -1.07
awk filter rows based on date condition -0.89
Using awk how to fetch the date day wise? -0.78
how to compare multiple columns and print not matching columns usin... -0.94
For each different occurrence in field, print lines with max value... -0.62
Remove space between the words from 5th column -0.63
CSV contains a sequence # the resets for different records, how to... -1.17
Remove specific word from field -0.38