An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1376.17 (4,177,626th)
29 (801,018th)
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Title Δ
How to read Data Frame row by row without changing Order ? in Spark... +0.64
Spark: Dynamic filter on a dataset in scala +0.67
Two-file processing in awk +0.97
Non matching word from file1 to file2 +1.43
how to search a string from one file and update to another in Linux +0.94
Compare columns in two files and print the match values in specific... -0.63
Replace whitespaces only after a match in sed or awk +0.77
how can I count the frequency of letters -0.33
Organize Grep Output -0.09
Excluding lines where column value exists in another file -1.16
Get count of records in file with a filter in file -0.57
String Manipulations in AWK +0.55
Randomly pick a region and process it, a number of times -0.23
Multiplying all values in a txt file with another value +2.10
how to split data in 5 letters around one specific letter for each... +2.01
How to create a pivot table from a CSV file having subgroups and ge... +2.36
Remove patterns in a tab file +2.45
Script to sum columns in multiple files -0.48
Script to sum columns in multiple files -0.48
Perl: Why can't divide? +1.83
Matching only twice +1.30
How to split a long file and printout to different text files by Pe... -1.18
how can I count the number of a letter in each section +0.97
Only pattern matching string +1.65
Select current and previous line if certain value is found +0.29
how can I exclude some data based on another data -0.13
how to remove lines based on a number -0.48
how to remove lines based on a number -0.48
How to get all the quoted strings in a file? +0.38
Filtering multiple specific values from line of Log in Linux +1.08
How to find a matching word in a file and print the words of that l... +0.07
sed replace whitespace with underscore between 2 strings +1.17
awk: print the average of each students along with the given detail... +0.73
Pyspark - Select users seen on at least 2 consecutive days -0.72
Print file in particular order in bash -0.92
read file and extract variables based on what is in the line +0.55
How to trim fields when loading into dataframe in spark? -0.61
Bash: How to add character at the end of a line if it doesn't e... -0.11
Create a mapping hash in perl +0.18
Spark dataframe Scala tricky 0.00
Awk - Printing n last, interspersed lines containing keyword +0.07
PySpark: How to add columns whose data come from a query (similar t... 0.00
Convert from long to Timestamp for Insert into DB +0.44
How to extract last field column three only having numbers -0.26
print all content after = +0.73
Split 2nd occurrence of pattern of camel style text in sed -1.26
Replace quotes within quote encapsulated string using Perl regular... -0.44
Add first column if all other columns are the same (AWK) -0.04
mixing text files with all fields in awk -1.13
To count the delimiter between columns in spark RDD or DataFrame an... +0.19