An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1383.08 (4,409,251st)
4,228 (39,455th)
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Title Δ
Display match found or not using awk -0.60
How to cut the first Sunday to Saturday of each month in a year? -1.03
Cut specific columns and collapse with delimiter in Unix -0.51
Combine multiple lines based on column 1 +0.73
How to use sed to edit after the first occurrence of a certain char... -1.45
python resolving env variables and extra interpolation at the same... 0.00
getting first part of a string that has two parts +0.27
pyspark equivalent of adding a constant array to a dataframe as col... -0.11
How to return every nth even number in a list with foldLeft in Scala? -1.12
Scala How to Find All Unique Values from a Specific Column in a CSV? -0.39
AWK Sentence doing looping for in the code to capitalize some fields -0.84
How can I extract all the HTML tags from a page. Not the data betwe... +0.88
Extract Pattern Matches / Remove Everything From Line Except Pattern +0.92
Grab the first and last element for every sequence -0.58
How to get lines from the last match to the end of file? -1.44
scala - reset to 1 when the duplicated value changes in a list -0.49
PySpark - Using lists inside LIKE operator -1.17
sed regex for multiple occurrences of capture group -0.63
I want to remove duplicates entry and combine the data +1.59
AWK - add value based on regex +0.67
unix script to convert unsigned int32 to big endian bytes and write... -1.23
Spark dynamic window calculation -0.33
Search quantities on specific lines of text file and sum +0.13
Add double quotes around all the fields in CSV file +0.51
Insert a new line after matching some text in bash -1.02
Creating subset by using regular expression +1.06
Ignore comma after backslash in a line in a text file using awk or... -0.01
How to merge multiple lines into single line but only for block of... -0.66
parse file and date manipulation in bash with a large file -1.11
Pattern to swap backslashes in particular quoted strings +0.88
Extracting fasta ids after string match +0.65
Setting multiples out of order variables with pattern -0.49
Regex to match NGinx log file +0.48
Capitalise a varying phrase in same position in Terminal +0.82
Change date format with awk -1.13
Extracting information from a line with specific pattern using awk/... +0.44
Need to save a single line from delete on some special condition -1.15
Match strings from two files and output fields in specific order -0.32
filter file by unique and biggest value; combine two arrays into hash -0.27
Pull lines from log file between two strings with a third string in... -1.26
Read a json file in spark with garbage characters in the beginning -0.34
How to add newline after last repeated string in specific column 0.00
Spark getting current date in string 0.00
How to merge two or more lines if they start with the same word? +1.65
How to create new columns in dataframe using Spark Scala based on d... +0.65
How to replace regex multiline dotall using perl in command line 0.00
Hive window function 0.00
Separating value in awk +2.36
Convert 20180918 to 2018-09-18 in Spark? +0.66
Scala Transformation and action +0.16