An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1390.63 (4,191,311th)
4,228 (39,417th)
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Title Δ
Need to save a single line from delete on some special condition 0.00
Match strings from two files and output fields in specific order 0.00
filter file by unique and biggest value; combine two arrays into hash 0.00
Pull lines from log file between two strings with a third string in... -1.26
Read a json file in spark with garbage characters in the beginning -0.34
How to add newline after last repeated string in specific column 0.00
Spark getting current date in string 0.00
How to merge two or more lines if they start with the same word? +1.65
How to create new columns in dataframe using Spark Scala based on d... +0.15
How to replace regex multiline dotall using perl in command line 0.00
Hive window function 0.00
Separating value in awk +2.36
Convert 20180918 to 2018-09-18 in Spark? +0.66
Scala Transformation and action +0.16
AWK Convert Decimal to Binary +0.56
UNIX - Compare 2 files based on primary column 0.00
awk: Print $1 with varying number of additional fields on the same... -1.25
Using Perl to remove sections based on a string search? +0.65
Select field only if it exists (SQL or Scala) -0.90
How to find encapsulating function name from line number -0.04
Replacing first instance of a toggling value in gvim using awk +0.68
Print all lines between two patterns, exclusive (in sed, AWK or Perl) +0.50
Spark convert TimestampType to String of format yyyyMMddHHmm -1.25
Rename file names containing spaces .ksh -0.29
How can I wrap text within a multiline table, without loosing forma... +0.57
Modify BED with poliregions +0.37
Uppercase return for total +0.44
How to split lines in one part of a text file differently from anot... +0.65
How to print lines with duplicated fields? +1.78
awk conditional column selection based on if statement +0.09
awk conditional column selection based on if statement -1.24
Split and Process text file in sh +0.03
Replacing elements in a string besides the first Occurence In Scala -1.06
Unix awk command to execute a specific logic +2.86
How to remove the path from awk's input FILENAME variable - is... -0.65
Transpose rows to column after nth column in bash -1.13
Merging two lists files based on unique column +2.06
Pad column with n zeros and trim excess values -0.44
Getting count of all possible substrings of length n in a file? (ex... +2.12
How to store schema of a nested JSON in a variable in Spark Scala 0.00
how to truncate values for multiple rows and columns in dataframe i... -0.33
Use sed, grep, or awk without perl to replicate positive lookbehind +0.21
Printing character position of overlapping strings stored in looped... -1.31
Sorting multiple different string in a file to a outputfile -1.26
Convert sequence list to fasta for multiple files +2.76
Delete line after nth occurrence of a value in a TSV -1.16
Merge 2nd line of txt files together +0.01
Extract string from many brackets -0.56
Count and print Occurrences of match using sed +2.34
How do i get multiple number strings after brackets [] using sed or... -1.11