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Rating Stats for

Nicol Bolas

1747.08 (42nd)
338,317 (100th)
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Title Δ
Lua :: How to write simple program that will load multiple CPUs? +2.05
What are the advantages or features of object oriented programming? +3.68
Get containing path of lua file +1.51
Learning OpenGL using the SuperBible 0.00
OpenGL depth problem +3.73
Erase parts of drawings in OpenGL +3.86
Using web-gl or Opengl-ES 2.0 for Linux ubuntu -1.50
Luabind and coroutines 0.00
Use lua os.execute in windows to launch a program with out a flash... 0.00
OpenGL - problem in rotating - Qt +3.37
Drawing widgets on existing sdl_opengl context 0.00
Status of NPOT textures in OpenGL today +4.29
glGenTextures - is there a limit to the number of textures? -4.09
OpenGL transparency/translucency +3.93
Dynamic tile display optimalization in OpenGL 0.00
What are the design considerations for using a custom markup/strutu... -1.51
How are Direct3D and OpenGL instructions handled in a graphics card? +4.29
glRotatef not working properly +4.00
openGL render to texture in iPhone fails when MSAA is enabled -4.04
How to copy depth buffer to a texture on the GPU? +1.27
Get strongly typed list item data type? -1.27
vbo holds only same size vertex? +0.10
How can Opengl Es be use for gpgpu implementation +1.19
A way to return control to Windows when window is not the focus Ope... +3.68
gluUnproject Question/moving character question 0.00
Polygon inside another polygon in the same plane 0.00
How to do face removal in a unit-cube world a la Minecraft? 0.00
Java OpenGL apply fragment shader to partially transparent texture... 0.00
Problem with getting simple VBO to work on Mac 0.00
Java OpenGL screen sized texture mapped quad +3.85
Good extensible project that will help me learn theoretical compute... -3.64
Proper usage - accessors/getters vs normal methods 0.00
Why are by-value parameters excluded from NRVO? 0.00
Simple OpenGL 3.0 drawing questions -3.69
OpenGL Multitexturing - glActiveTexture is NULL +2.16
FreeType 2 - Unicode Character Codes? 0.00
OpenGL 4.0 GPU Draw Feature? 0.00
what's the difference between material and texture? 0.00
What are Aggregates and PODs and how/why are they special? 0.00
What are rvalues, lvalues, xvalues, glvalues, and prvalues? 0.00
OpenGL 4.x learning resources 0.00
std::tuple get() member function 0.00
Equiv of glDrawpixels that operates on GPU memory? 0.00
OpenGL: What's the deal with deprecation? 0.00
unique_ptr - major improvement? 0.00
What are the differences between a Frame Buffer Object and a Pixel... 0.00
In OpenGL is there a way to get a list of all uniforms & attrib... 0.00