An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1747.71 (36th)
6,590 (12,577th)
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Title Δ
Is storage for the same content string literals guaranteed to be th... +1.24
Statically chosen function and virtual function -2.53
CRTP and template template parameters limitation 0.00
Pointer to the temporary string +1.10
Is There an Example of an Iterator Which Wouldn't use ptrdiff_t... -1.14
SFINAE on functions with default parameters - free function vs oper... +1.03
What's the meaning of "reserved for any use"? -3.10
Callback function for "delete-event" signal passes incorr... 0.00
Output of typeid nullptr name -0.31
About arguments by default in C++ -1.75
Converting member function pointers in templates +0.80
c++ enum scope failed to compile with -std=c++98, but ok with -std=... -2.00
Why isn't my mutator function setting anything? Or my construct... +0.76
How does new operator overloaded in the example work without passin... -0.83
Why does making operator new private break std::shared_ptr? +0.71
Create a discrete distribution from transformed container elements +1.73
Correctly declaring extern variable in a namespace c++ 0.00
how to use strncpy correctly? +0.98
Is a specialization implicitly instantiated if it has already been... 0.00
C structure self free +0.31
Remove duplicates from linked list C++ +0.66
Replacing the container_of macro used in linux kernel 0.00
Is it possible to programmatically construct a std::initializer_list? +0.19
How do I convert a vector<string> to a const char* const* in... -0.63
make_shared doesn't play along with enable_shared_from_this? 0.00
Container of pointers with aggregate initialization -1.95
Using declaration for overloaded inherited function with private ac... +0.20
What is the purpose of a unary "+" before a call to std::... -0.52
library implementation for reference counting classes 0.00
Static assert in template specialization fails even if it is not in... +0.73
Why doesn't C++ allow two function/class templates with the sam... 0.00
Adding statements inside curly braces change the code functionality? +0.17
Alternatives to many nested std::conditional_t? +0.23
Include of iostream leads to different binary -1.99
SFINAE: "enable_if cannot be used to disable this declaration&... +0.24
Why is return throw std::exception() accepted in a void function? 0.00
No error on incorrect macro definition -1.62
Call of overloaded method with nullptr is ambiguous -1.77
c++ template weird optimization -0.81
Why can const char* const & = "hello" compile? +0.20
Shifting 1001 certain value gives a different result than expected 0.00
Inlining Template Specialization +0.18
Make a constructor parameter into a template parameter +0.90
How can this behaviour of an array of struct pointers be explained? 0.00
Where does this absl::StrCat bug occur, in Abseil or MSVC? 0.00
Factor a template parameter pack operation +1.42
Declare the same identifier as const variable and member function +1.14
Why is this constructor not giving an incomplete type error? 0.00
Interfacing with third-party public libraries/codes 0.00
why is ( 0 < v.size()-1 ) when the vector v is empty? +0.73