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1773.81 (16th)
118,523 (589th)
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Title Δ
function_traits with varidic tempate and va_args 0.00
Is it possible to implement always_false in the C++ standard library? 0.00
An invalid default member initializer that is never used 0.00
Inlining of a recursive function +0.50
Can't return std::unique_ptr<> with derived type 0.00
Compiler tries to use copy constructor even though I'm moving +0.18
Specify struct name in typedef struct -0.82
const ok, but not constexpr? 0.00
Why is no compile-time error when calling an ambiguous ctor? 0.00
Does the aliasing loophole apply to signed characters? 0.00
Is it legal for source code containing undefined behavior to crash... +0.78
How to find maximum value in parameter pack? +0.92
When is a `static_cast<Base*>(static_cast<void*>(derive... 0.00
What does "0b" and "0x" stand for when assignin... +1.16
Idiomatic way to get size_type from std::array or the like -1.91
Why getter and setter are called from different "bases"? 0.00
One line in class, makes whole app broken. 0xC000005 error +0.63
How to convert std::array to std::tuple? 0.00
Variable declaration not properly checked by compiler +0.92
A question regarding the implementation of std::add_pointer +0.69
ADL with std::function: Can functions taking std::function objects... 0.00
Finding template equality operators 0.00
is_constant_evaluated() should produce constexpr variables? +0.70
Permitted usage context of declarations 0.00
Stop macro expansion of bool -0.43
Return different types with different template parameter value (but... +0.95
Why is the explicit template instantiation not working? 0.00
Calling non-const function of another class by reference from const... +0.90
How to fix "conflicting types" for a function and its dec... -0.63
After using a transform to fill up a vector, the new c++11 for loop... +0.94
Criteria for a variable to be usable in a constant expression 0.00
Why static data members must be defined in C++? -0.56
Is unique_ptr constructor initializes the raw pointer and also uniq... 0.00
How does shared_ptr<void> know which destructor to use? +0.95
Why does the vc++ 2019 not accept the code? +0.19
Why is a variable not an lvalue in C++? +1.19
std::holds_alternative variadic template +1.20
Why does while(int) end when int = 0? -0.79
Calling pure virtual function in base through instance of derived c... +0.17
About std::cout, why use "extern" rether than "singl... +0.97
Constructor of object as function parameter 0.00
Is it legal to pass the macro name to an X-Macro list 0.00
Why isn't overload resolution picking the std::vector overload... 0.00
Undefined reference for unoptimised constexpr used as default param... +0.18
Nested macro calls +0.18
String to int from deduced vector of strings filled by a function +0.18
Template specialization within namespace 0.00
how to best intialize and store constant objects? 0.00
Is it possible to define a non-template function that can take a te... -0.80
How to find size of multidimensional std::array? +0.79