An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1745.49 (39th)
6,590 (12,577th)
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Title Δ
Partial specialization of nested class on enum defined inside a tem... 0.00
Templated move assignment operator deleted when there is a user def... +0.80
Is ADL the only way to call a friend inline function? +1.40
Override virtual function with different return type +0.70
Class static variable initialization order +0.63
Why doesn't the C compiler give a redeclaration error inside a... +0.89
call of inherited protected sub-type in lambda function g++-4.8 0.00
Declaring a variable with two types: "int char" +0.61
C++ vector resize elements re-ordered? +0.19
Can you initialise "static const vectors" of unique_ptrs?... 0.00
The declaration `using namespace C;` is essential to prove the resu... 0.00
Does "<" satisfies strict weak ordering means that the... +1.14
std::set constructor signature confusion -0.81
What is going on here? I assign result to result in C++ +0.21
Enable template only if the return expression is valid -2.83
Plain reference instead of weak_ptr to break circular dependency -0.05
Why reinterpret_cast does work in private inhertiance +0.66
deduction guides and injected class names 0.00
How to pass reference to a string array as a function parameter in... -0.29
what is the value of a multi-character character constant variable -0.55
Is there any way to extend the lifetime of a temporary object in C++? -0.78
Range of indexes not default initialized in arrays in C++ +1.91
Why can't unique_ptr's template arguments be deduced? -2.35
Private operator delete triggers compile-time error with GCC and Cl... -0.87
Have a template method but not expose implementation +0.76
C vs C++ compilation incompatibility - does not name a type +0.23
C++ template: no matching function for call -0.91
What is the reasoning for a deque to have a subscript operator? +0.19
Constructor instantiation in a world of guaranteed copy elision 0.00
How to refer derived class in template member? -2.28
Can locally allocated memory be used for future uses? +0.19
How to determine the type of the object an iterator is pointing to... +0.86
Can non-virtual member functions use template parameters? 0.00
Shared method between two classes -1.09
Why does this C code compile in Codeblocks, but not in Visual Studio? 0.00
Difference between return {} and return Object{} -2.10
Template class instantiation without angular brackets +1.01
Subclassing STL-Containers: Range Constructors don't work +0.19
Can you use C/C++ preprocessor tokens in multiline string literals 0.00
As template type argument, why doesn't type[N] match its specia... 0.00
C++ constructor and rvalue +0.20
From LANGUAGE DESIGN level, why doesn't "if constexpr"... 0.00
Template deduction failed on the heap but works on the stack +1.06
GTEST: False negative for incorrect number of macro arguments 0.00
gdb: how do you get the max value of a std::vector<float>? +0.65
Macro with _Pragma - parenthesis 0.00
resource-proxy class… C++ best practices 0.00
How to force a function to only accept an lvalue reference parameter +0.21
C++: Passing a pointer of master to the worker +0.19
Cast and reference in one line +0.43