An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1747.36 (35th)
6,590 (12,576th)
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Title Δ
Warning in Function pointer as a argument to another function +0.19
Sorting a std::list using iterators +0.54
Multiple definition of namespace function 0.00
Can std::thread::join() be called from a non parent thread? 0.00
How to create multiple global variables using a for loop outside of... -2.56
arithmetic of pointers in c++ due to allocation 0.00
Calling trivial default constructor explicitly results in extra ass... 0.00
How can I pass a “Type” as a argument to function in c? -0.71
Is initializing a atomic pointer atomic? What happens if initializa... +0.15
Lambda function does not compile with different signature 0.00
Default-construct inline static random number engines in gcc 0.00
GCC compiler void value error +1.61
How to add an element to a vector by using the << operator? -1.76
Does sizeof(* struct pointer) give you the value of structure 0.00
Ambiguous recursive template function +0.19
Why the code can't return right value? -0.15
Syntax for [[maybe_unused]] attribute applied for type alias declar... 0.00
cannot compile function template instantiation containing "if... 0.00
const reference function parameter: Is it possible to disallow temp... 0.00
Iterate through a map of std::variant +0.79
Passing [CONST][] array to C function? -2.07
if constexpr in a recursive generic lambda: different compiler beha... 0.00
c++ default move assignment cannot access protected base member 0.00
What is the use of a constexpr on a non-const member function? +0.93
How do I get the value for a key from a const ref? +0.70
How to correctly free a structure returned from a function? -0.68
"this" keyword in C++ nested classes 0.00
C++ ranged based for loop +0.17
Scanf Won't Scan Struct Inner Data 0.00
C++ deleted constructors -2.45
Else clause not executing C 0.00
Should I assign a ref or a copy to a value returning function? +0.67
Free causes a error : free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000001d04018 -2.88
c++ typedef to fix template args +0.76
How to call an integral types base on actual type in a cpp template? 0.00
Check which base classes are implemented 0.00
c++ redundant code in a for loop +0.46
Remove external include depedency from codebase 0.00
Converting integral type to enum: functional cast vs initialization 0.00
Is it safe to use CRTP for destructor? 0.00
Is it possible to reset reference to another value in C++? -1.74
Return type in case of Callback functions 0.00
In the member initializer list, can I create a reference to a membe... +1.01
constructing templated containers that are themselves shared_ptr ty... 0.00
how to return unique ownership in c++ 0.00
Why does ranges::accumulate not pass init as std::move(init) when i... 0.00
Why does overloading operator new change the behavior of new[]? +0.51
Replacing custom template who contain deprecated unary function +1.78
C++ SFINAE : is_constructible for const char[] vs std::string 0.00
Function which takes variadic function as parameter 0.00