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StoryTeller - Unslander Monica

1807.58 (6th)
118,523 (554th)
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Title Δ
Calling virtual function from a class destructor in C++ +0.86
inconsistent treatment of class template with defaulted argument as... 0.00
Partial template deduction in constructors 0.00
Possible bug in clang or gcc because of deleted templated lvalue co... 0.00
Why do we need the highlighted sentence below in [dcl.init]/(6.2)? -0.69
How to delete all implicit (default) methods of class in C++? +0.81
C++ template subclass and multiple inheritance ambiguity 0.00
deleted function 'virtual Classname::~Classname()' overridi... 0.00
Inheritance with same default template arguments 0.00
Extract first template parameter from a template template parameter... -2.83
Explicit instantiation of templated lambda 0.00
Why is the std::derived_from concept implemented with an additional... +0.86
May a header from the C standard library include another header? -1.84
How to detect a pointer to an arithmetic type using type traits and... +0.92
Unforgettable Factory: Doesn't work with default constructible... 0.00
static_assert with SFINAE 0.00
Is it possible to overload (shadow) a virtual function? +0.85
how boolean_type operator is getting called on if statment? 0.00
Why is parameterized constructor called, when we assign an integer... +0.64
Why does defining an empty copy ctor beside a deleted default ctor... +0.88
Can I substitue C++ ternary operator for if in this case? -0.29
How to avoid function name conflict in a C library? +0.60
c++20 concept check for function being declared const -1.60
How should I obtain the fractional part of a floating-point value? +0.48
Can concepts(C++20) be used as a boolean? 0.00
Is SFINAE on unspecializable std templates ill-formed? 0.00
Why does this SFINAE not work with enable_if when one conditional b... 0.00
Why is std::forward needed when using forwarding references? 0.00
'use of overloaded operator is ambiguous' when using revers... 0.00
Typed google test, combine types, c++ 0.00
Are the addresses of two temporaries guaranteed to be different in... -1.56
Why does an unsigned int of bit-field become a signed int after shi... 0.00
C++17 static template lazy evaluation +0.77
What are the name resolution rules in C++ namespaces? 0.00
Resolution of overloaded extern C function with default arguments 0.00
Use decltype to get the type of function return while the function... -0.13
Is passing arguments related by conversion to a template function c... -0.76
Why is the symbol of member function weak? 0.00
"requires" ignores a field is not static 0.00
Unsigned user-defined integer literal +0.57
Why c++ allows default template argument that can never be used? +0.44
What would be an example where std::bit_cast produces a value repre... +0.86
Why does the C++20 range library have its own namespace? 0.00
Apple clang and C++20 operator ambiguity with inherited comparison... 0.00
C++20 Concepts: Element iterable concept -0.80
C++ is there an existing no-op function (or syntax) that takes any... +0.18
Using decltype(auto) in C++ non-type template parameter +0.70
Is a block a statement? +0.14
Non-constexpr variant member call compiling inside constexpr class... 0.00
Template argument deduction for constrained parameter (bitset size)... 0.00