An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.62 (114,294th)
16,909 (8,199th)
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Title Δ
Get text content from React element stored in a variable +0.49
tsc --watch not updating files when outDir present in tsconfig.json -0.25
How to access variable defined in *ngFor? +0.86
Pushing a PHP array values into the JavaScript array? -1.55
Angular 2: Global AppInjector. How avoid warning "circular dep... 0.00
Angular 2 app: "XMLHttpRequest cannot load localhost endpoint&... 0.00
Angular2: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined (when bo... +0.49
How to create new type by extending cmis:folder type in alfresco -0.51
Nested KML downloads as opposed to displays 0.00
two versions of solr on tomcat 0.00
Aspectj not working with eclipse Luna +1.93
handlebars output null for missing fields -0.51
Is there a way to *only* get a user's email address with Google... +0.90
Firefox error console shows errors from unrelated other site 0.00
How to avoid Google Chrome try access my contacts when executing te... 0.00
415 Unsupported Media Type with Spring 3.2 +0.48
The PUT Method with AJAX in Spring 3.2 doesn't work 0.00
How to login a user with spring 3.2 new mvc testing +0.13
Spring MVC testframework fails with HTTP Response 406 +1.41
@Cacheable key on multiple method arguments 0.00
Servers with Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * -0.51
AnnotationMethodHandlerExceptionResolver message converters 0.00
Spring <mvc:resources mapping="/css/**" location="... 0.00
how can i recover windows chk-files extensions in linux bash -1.95
Keep session in subsequent Java calls to Play 2.0's fakeRequest 0.00
Dynamic vs Inline RegExp performance in JavaScript 0.00
Can Spring MVC have request parameters for an HTTP PUT method, or m... 0.00
handlebars access array item 0.00
Mono for Android: Which Testing Frameworks work 0.00
REST authentication and exposing the API key 0.00
Outer join help in oracle -0.83
GlassFish v3 in Eclipse shows "Wrong username or password"... 0.00
Invoke native date picker from web-app on iOS/Android 0.00
Compare two colors in image? -0.03
What the best way to store data from SQL to element in JQUERY -2.55
Encoding user input as URL GET parameter in JavaScript -0.76
and/or conditions in a SQL query 0.00
How to load DBUnit test data once per case with Spring Test 0.00
Why can't the server get the client MAC address, like the client IP? 0.00
Auto increment with XQuery Update? 0.00
how to avoid internet explorer script error +0.22
In Android Browser link does not always execute onClick causing foc... -1.08
Creating an offscreen frame in Java (or: how to avoid a blank menu... -2.22
Hibernate: How to set NULL query-parameter value with HQL? 0.00
Is there any good reason why I should care about if parameters have... -2.96
Mac OS X app/service and stdin? -1.41
Why using clear text for Credit Card security code? -3.06
Why is one installation of IE8 (unexpectedly) loading pages from ca... -4.22
write python inside jquery -4.27
Is it possible to use jQuery to distort elements? +3.94