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Eric Lippert

1917.27 (1st)
551,261 (26th)
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Title Δ
Thread safety reading Guid Twice +0.46
I'm trying to get the length of my non list [Fixed] 0.00
What is await doing here? +0.08
C# Immutability and Equality 0.00
How do I fix the error "there is no argument given that corres... 0.00
How to deal with enumeration 0 in C# (CA1008 discussion) +0.22
KeyNotFoundException in C# Dictionary after changing property value... +0.29
What is the difference between declaring an explicit generic parame... 0.00
Unable to Cast Object Anonymous Generic List +0.08
How to prevent an instance of a class from being created when the c... 0.00
Custom static variables for child classes +0.23
covariance/contravariance problem in C# generic delegate 0.00
why am i able to modify private members in a public method of other... +0.15
How to store outcome of switch statement into an object in c# -0.52
getting a type conflict even though class name is fully qualified? -1.06
How do I avoid explicitly defining generic type arguments when the... -1.67
How does contravariance work with Func delegate in .net core +0.54
C# covariance confusion 0.00
Why doesn't C#'s String.Join use StringBuilder at one point? 0.00
Is boxing going to happen here if T is int? +1.06
How can I force a throw to be a statement and not an expression (in... -2.09
Calling New Thread on Method is a Bad idea? +0.30
Why "illegal" declare variables in another class can be c... +0.22
Converting Arabic Words to Unicode format in C# 0.00
Why am I obtaining this inconsistent accessibility error on the ret... 0.00
Why is the output Loop 3, Loop 2, Loop 1, Loop 1? +0.46
Need help understanding unexpected behavior using LINQ Join with Ha... 0.00
in char translates to char*, but does out char translate to char*? 0.00
Derived class from generic abstract class and casting error? +0.08
Are C# static class private fields thread safe? +0.16
Why can I not encode const structs? +0.22
Why is x == (x = y) not the same as (x = y) == x? -0.42
Strongly typed Guid as generic struct +0.27
Why does this lambda closure generate garbage although it is not ex... +0.77
parse generic type to other generic type -2.50
Can I create (add) a method override at runtime for a child class (... 0.00
select in select with Linq +0.09
Await operator, executin until Task returned 0.00
What does the statement "to qualify the use of a type in that... +0.32
Why does if(dynamic && string) compile? 0.00
Is there a way to consistently sort/order objects by reference in C#? 0.00
Generics and usage of interfaces without boxing of value instances 0.00
Adding object to List of base class 0.00
I'm confused about Inheritance 0.00
object reference not set to an instance of an object: Stack Trace s... 0.00
How do I use if/else in a generic function? C# +0.15
C#: What happens when assigning auto-property? +0.15
double.ToString truncates last 2 digits while I can still see them... 0.00
Problem with Automata simple conditional statements in C# 0.00
What is the return type for a generic list returning an anonymous 2... +0.53