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Eric Lippert

1920.22 (1st)
638,445 (35th)
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Title Δ
How to make sure the explicit operator throws the exception when co... +0.64
How to use thread.abort() +0.09
Are there any performance benefits in C# discards? 0.00
Controlling transitive dependencies in C# 0.00
Why does this code give a "Possible null reference return"... -0.85
Can C# "dynamic" type objects always be serialized as a v... +0.63
Is pulling up a method into a generic base class a breaking change +0.08
C# - How do I refer to the same Type in two different dlls? 0.00
Inheritance between related classes 0.00
Cannot implicitly convert type [concrete] to [interface] +0.39
Why explicit interface implementation works that way? +0.08
Double reference delegate 0.00
Why threads continue to run after a cancel has been called? +0.15
How to find if the number ends with 5? +0.09
Take a Console.ReadLine(); input and put it into a List<Int32>? +0.09
Cannot apply operator '>=' to operator of type X and ... 0.00
Why does an xUnit Fact type test without assertions always passes? 0.00
Best way to choose two random ints to assign values to -1.60
Is there a way to make this recursive function faster? 0.00
How to Update a list with another list efficiently C# +0.07
Is there a way to use >, = or in a C# switch? I'm looking fo... -0.23
Is there a difference between "double val = 1;" and "... +0.47
Lambda LINQ query with multiple from clauses 0.00
waiting for a second every time in a loop in c# using Thread.Sleep -1.95
Test whether a decimal value can be converted to double 0.00
C# compiler fails with misleading error when calling generic extens... +0.08
RSACryptoServiceProvider - where does the seed data is being genera... 0.00
What did i mess up in this for loop? 0.00
Why a jump cannot be made from the inside to the outside of a final... 0.00
How can I use a string to call an object in C#? +0.07
out parameters of struct type not required to be assigned +0.55
Convert method group to custom class that represents a function in c# 0.00
What does the first arrow operator in this Func<T, TReturn> m... 0.00
Why can't the generic type be inferred from a parameter defined... 0.00
Using partial classes to implement hierarchical interfaces for read... 0.00
Replace function queries 0.00
Unable to return bool after catch 0.00
Error:A local variable named 'Model' cannot be declared in... 0.00
Is Application.DoEvents() a form of Multitasking? +0.18
Can a parameter in a method have no return? +0.26
C# version of remove_reference<T>? -0.82
Enumerating List faster than IList, ICollection and IEnumerable 0.00
How would the memory look like for this object? +0.29
Read multiple lines from a large file in non-ascending order +0.37
How to return tvalues from dictionary C# 0.00
How to call methods with same name but in different, unrelated clas... +0.01
How to create a dynamic array of int pointers in c#? +0.31
How does the compiler know what datatype the lambda expression shou... -0.96
Why am I getting a does not include static main error in visual stu... -0.92
C# LINQ evaluation order (right to left)? +0.57