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Eric Lippert

1917.63 (1st)
567,427 (27th)
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Title Δ
C# version of remove_reference<T>? -0.82
Enumerating List faster than IList, ICollection and IEnumerable 0.00
How would the memory look like for this object? +0.29
Read multiple lines from a large file in non-ascending order +0.37
How to return tvalues from dictionary C# 0.00
How to call methods with same name but in different, unrelated clas... +0.01
How to create a dynamic array of int pointers in c#? +0.31
How does the compiler know what datatype the lambda expression shou... -0.96
Why am I getting a does not include static main error in visual stu... -0.92
C# LINQ evaluation order (right to left)? +0.57
Read file memory is too large 0.00
How does the Roslyn C# compiler know where to find .NET assembly fi... +0.21
Not awaiting an async call is still async, right? +0.09
Distance calculation between 2 land points in c # +0.07
How is the iteration variable readonly? +0.34
Is it necessary use thread-safe methods when i use AsParallel? +0.08
How to check a variable is const or not? 0.00
Unable to sort because the IComparer.Compare() method returns incon... -3.58
Cannot convert from 'int' to 'System.func<int>' 0.00
How to translate this Javascript snippet to C# +0.49
Changing a private variable inside child class +0.40
How to disallow Task from being interrupted by await? +0.55
Matrix transformation, rotation around x axis 0.00
C# how to yield return SelectMany? +0.10
How does JavaScript compare object passed in method as arguments? -0.42
Why is the "ref" keyword needed when making a call to a f... 0.00
Should I use a thread for this? 0.00
What does "late-bound access to the destination object" m... +0.59
C# differentiate exceptions 0.00
Check if set of bitflags include atleast one flag of other bitflags 0.00
Does AsReadOnly make sense if you cast it in an IEnumerable eventua... 0.00
Unsafe C#: How do I copy data from IntPtr to byte*? 0.00
Function IIF, how to make it take 2N + 1 arguments of logical expre... +0.10
What does 'fidelity' of accessor keywords mean? 0.00
Why would `dotnet msbuild` fail with warnings on the first run and... 0.00
Why are my results not being written to the Console like I expect t... +0.08
Does the null-conditional operator function the same with delegates... +0.40
Interface conflict resolution in C# 0.00
Only able to call Cast and OfType on IEnumerable +0.08
Finding how many times an instance happens in a list +0.15
Converting object (List<string>) to List<object> +0.33
Under flow with floating point arithmetic checking 0.00
Finding the sum and adding a probability scale +0.53
How to create a random password which complies with a specific-char... +0.08
why result of grouping join repeat 2 times? 0.00
Is there a way to properly implement multi-threading when showing a... 0.00
Why do I get System.String [ ] in my code while debugging? +0.26
Using linq to get nth word from each line in a list in C# +0.31
How to make code object oriented by removing if checks? 0.00
How the space complexity of this algorithm is O(1) 0.00