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Rating Stats for

Eric Lippert

1917.27 (1st)
554,811 (26th)
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Title Δ
Generics and usage of interfaces without boxing of value instances 0.00
Adding object to List of base class 0.00
I'm confused about Inheritance 0.00
object reference not set to an instance of an object: Stack Trace s... 0.00
How do I use if/else in a generic function? C# +0.15
C#: What happens when assigning auto-property? +0.15
double.ToString truncates last 2 digits while I can still see them... 0.00
Problem with Automata simple conditional statements in C# 0.00
What is the return type for a generic list returning an anonymous 2... +0.53
Problem understanding covariance contravariance with generics in C# +0.08
Why does overloading ++ take significantly longer than incrementing... +0.16
Potential deadlock being caused by this async/await code? +0.10
Marshal.Copy attempted to read or write protected memory At Random... 0.00
How do I call a super class method from sub class object which has... +0.21
Why is decimal more precise than double if it has a shorter range? C# +0.27
Why is Array Covariance not safe? +0.15
Flatten a collection based on an internal property -0.79
Require a property to be overridden when inheriting from a non-abst... 0.00
Decorator Pattern in object-oriented programming +0.29
Why is the short-circuit logical 'and' operator not used wh... +0.47
How to properly implement an interface that was designed for async... +0.64
Thread.Yield vs. WaitOne 0.00
Possibly incorrect implementation of double double-lock checking 0.00
How to convert or cast a Func<T1,T2> to a Func<T1,int> +0.08
C# Elvis Operator nullable boolean +0.28
Task vs Thread vs background worker for a lifetime method 0.00
In this c# file, did I just declare an instance within its own class? +0.09
Find time since a variable was changed +0.16
Why CancellationToken is a struct? -3.40
How to find all classes that implements a generic abstract class us... +0.40
Does Task.Delay make sense on a dedicated thread? 0.00
C# All Unique Combinations of List<string> 0.00
How to partition a set of nodes into subsets that each form a Direc... +0.08
Why would one ever use the "in" parameter modifier in C#? -0.69
Producer/Consumer with C# structs? 0.00
Why don't non-capturing expression trees that are initialized u... +0.07
The non-generic method 'Dictionary<Type, Type>.Add(Type,... 0.00
Can a `Task` context switch before its first `await`? +0.08
C# method override resolution weirdness -3.50
variable must be equal to a numerical value C# +0.18
How to sort an array of chars alphabetically so that the uppercase... +0.36
How can I check more than two values with <condition>?<if... 0.00
How to do this tricky down-casting with generic constraints? +0.54
C# how to combine 2 Task<IEnumerable<T>> via Union and... +0.40
.NET JIT compiler volatile optimizations +0.34
Argument type 'E' is not assignable to parameter type '... +0.35
class specific function within C# generics - slight mod to UWP temp... +0.08
Bug with detection of unassigned local variables (when dynamic vari... 0.00
What is the difference between double? and int? for .Equals compari... +0.38
How to concatenate a property expression and a lambda using Select? 0.00