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Eric Lippert

1917.63 (1st)
567,427 (27th)
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Title Δ
C# - Creating a recursive function to calculate the sum of a list.... +0.19
C# Memory Issues 0.00
Is there a difference between !(a == b) and a != b -0.97
Getting random numbers after a simple math problem. Might be a loca... +0.26
Why are C# classes unsealed by default, when their methods are non-... 0.00
Are Goto statements aceptable to use in this Switch statement? 0.00
Why am I able to edit a LINQ list while iterating over it? +0.17
Why dynamic call on ref return property throws exception? 0.00
Is there a coalesce operator for parameters? 0.00
c# method type inference troubles 0.00
Algorithm to determine back sides of a polygon 0.00
Can a C# statement generate non connected MSIL +0.10
Numerical approximation of planetary orbit 0.00
Is there a way to define classes inline upon their usage? -1.14
In C# how have field that's an array of a specific Type(or anyt... 0.00
Exposing inherited events +0.26
Traversing a nested hierarchy of any depth from bottom - up 0.00
Breaking out of a recursive method 0.00
Covariance and Contravariance related understanding the point and a... 0.00
How to add a user generated number of nested parameters? +0.37
Incorrect string comparision happening with regular expression +0.43
C# workaround for mutual friend classes 0.00
How to fix an inconsistent accessibility error 0.00
Why I see an error when I use "unit of work" with generic... 0.00
Interface Cannot implicitly convert type +0.17
Is it possible to access properties of a subclass if the object'... +0.42
'Strongly Typed' Generic Collections that hold any <T>... +0.08
Async method blocking on unawaited task +0.03
How to generate a sequence of numbers while respecting some constra... +0.08
Null-coalescing out parameter gives unexpected warning +0.60
How to safely work around BeforeFieldInit and static constructor cy... 0.00
How do I convert nested ternary operator to nested if-else statemen... 0.00
Find Index from C# List<List<string>> +0.26
Optional Arguments in an Expression Tree 0.00
Why would you write an extension method for a class instead of chan... +0.36
Big O notation of a constant larger than 1 0.00
Assignment in lambda expression +0.29
Type system oddity: Enumerable.Cast<int>() -1.41
How to ask for user input a limited number of times in C# 0.00
Weird example of variance rules for delegates 0.00
Why wasn't TEventArgs made contravariant in the standard event... 0.00
Why is typeA == typeB slower than typeA == typeof(TypeB)? +0.08
Resolving error with operands of type object and int +0.08
Custom Class as return in Iterator +0.43
C# Can't access class instance from different method than it wa... -0.80
Search a hierarchy of class and return the path to get there +0.19
Why can I still access form property after form is closed and nulled? 0.00
Isn't a semicolon (';') needed after a function declara... -0.31
What does awaiting an asynchronous method do in background? +0.51
How to get the least possible combination for a coin change problem... +0.09