An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Eric Lippert

1916.65 (2nd)
544,117 (26th)
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Title Δ
Why don't non-capturing expression trees that are initialized u... +0.07
The non-generic method 'Dictionary<Type, Type>.Add(Type,... 0.00
Can a `Task` context switch before its first `await`? +0.08
C# method override resolution weirdness -3.50
variable must be equal to a numerical value C# +0.18
How to sort an array of chars alphabetically so that the uppercase... +0.36
How can I check more than two values with <condition>?<if... 0.00
How to do this tricky down-casting with generic constraints? +0.54
C# how to combine 2 Task<IEnumerable<T>> via Union and... +0.40
.NET JIT compiler volatile optimizations +0.34
Argument type 'E' is not assignable to parameter type '... +0.35
class specific function within C# generics - slight mod to UWP temp... +0.08
Bug with detection of unassigned local variables (when dynamic vari... 0.00
What is the difference between double? and int? for .Equals compari... +0.38
How to concatenate a property expression and a lambda using Select? 0.00
Convert IList<IList<int>> to a single flattened hashset +0.08
The type 'Span<char>' may not be used as a type argum... +0.08
Force addition between ulong and long variable +0.07
Should I await ValueTask<T>? 0.00
Is access to fields VIA `ref` parameters guarded by lock statements... 0.00
C# Asynchronous with task is slower than synchronous +0.08
I keep getting this error "The left-hand side of an assignment... +0.07
Why does setting a base class equal to a derived type only work wit... +0.11
C# Generic Algorithm constraining parameter to number 0.00
How can I use Activator.CreateInstance to create a List<T> wh... +0.42
Implicit conversion from char to single character string +0.19
Turning a recursive function into an iterative function -0.96
Turning a recursive function into an iterative function +1.04
Lambda encountered an UnobservedTaskException - Cannot access a dis... 0.00
C# lock based on class property +0.37
List of list iteration(all possible one direction combination) +0.08
.NET: Pass-by-reference is a lie? 0.00
C# constructor with new and get integer 0.00
linq merge 2 list of list object using LINQ 0.00
Prevent System.StackOverflowException when recursively calling a me... +0.40
StackOverflowException on Getter C# -0.06
Can I catch an Exception of a type passed in by generic parameter i... +0.09
Why can't the compiler optimize closure variable by inlining? 0.00
Replacing Nested Switch Statements +0.09
Covert List<int> to a list of ranges +0.30
C# thread starting order inconsistency +0.30
Generic Bases, Covarience 0.00
create global variable though out forms +0.44
How do i catch the CS7036 error +0.08
having trouble using the console.writeline overload function to pas... +0.34
How can I find an Index in an array using a value that exists in an... +0.31
Two Dimensional Array farthest point search -1.70
How to avoid huge if-else checking when trying to find a value dete... +0.28
Generic delegate cannot have contravariant return type +0.45
How to use base method's local function's in overriden method +0.40