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Eric Lippert

1916.93 (1st)
367,481 (23rd)
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Title Δ
having trouble using the console.writeline overload function to pas... +0.34
How can I find an Index in an array using a value that exists in an... +0.31
Two Dimensional Array farthest point search -1.70
How to avoid huge if-else checking when trying to find a value dete... +0.28
Generic delegate cannot have contravariant return type +0.45
How to use base method's local function's in overriden method +0.40
C# - Generic function to modify data structures specific to each type +0.35
C# How to call the base class == operator, without explicitly typec... +0.37
How qsort() function works? 0.00
Expression-bodied members strange case 0.00
How Call Method<T> Generic +0.08
Using return 0 with void main()? -0.56
Generic parameter - using a concrete type compiles, but an implemen... +0.42
More Elegant LINQ Alternative to Foreach Extension +0.40
How to make the C++ compiler to follow the same precedence, associa... -0.37
regex not matching when using ? if first character not present 0.00
Using a generic with an unspecified type parameter as a value in a... -3.62
Looking for alternative LINQ expression(s) +0.69
System.Collections.Immutable containers, why sealed? 0.00
What exactly does the "Indicates the start of a managed heap g... 0.00
What is difference between push based and pull based structures lik... +0.32
Emulating a join which uses a contains operator opposed to equals? +0.15
Can memory reordering cause C# to access unallocated memory? 0.00
I need to reference a variable from a non static class in a non sta... +0.23
repeatedly calling HashCode.Combine 0.00
Unity: turning a car realistically given target point and direction 0.00
Knowing when and how to rotate object 0.00
How can a for-loop be made generic? +0.31
Assign non nullable value in boolean only if its non null 0.00
Adding an anonymous Task to List<Task> does not execute it af... 0.00
Why in .Net HashHelpers.IsPrime is implemented in this way? 0.00
Covariance error in generically constrained class +0.08
How do I pass variable arguments to a function that calls specific... 0.00
Get all n-digit numbers whose sum of digits equals to given sum +0.38
C# Generating strings unique to the computer 0.00
Why is my recursive descent parser right-associative 0.00
IEnumerable.Select() for a single item -2.07
What is a realistic example showing the need for a Money class? 0.00
why covariant type parameters are used only for the return types of... +0.08
Using List.OrderBy to sort a list by positions stored in another list +0.08
Async warning puzzles me 0.00
how to force HashSet to rehash members? +0.58
C# performance of conditional versus memory allocation +0.67
Using Task.FromResult v/s await in C# +0.49
c# replace expression "except if" +0.08
I want to find the maximum frequency of a common digit in a consecu... +0.24
Reflection - casting object to interface<interface> +0.08
List<List<string>> unique permutations using LINQ +0.34
C# Random Floating Point Closed Interval +0.08
I am new to delegates and wonder how to break down the following code +0.08