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Eric Lippert

1917.27 (1st)
554,811 (26th)
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Title Δ
C# SmtpClient.Send() - Any alternative (or companion) to handling t... +2.43
Exception handling: how granular would you go when it comes to argu... +2.54
Switch statement without default when dealing with enumerations +2.57
Efficient way to get first missing element in ordered sequence? +1.20
Assignment to volatile variable in C# +3.10
Bad practice? Non-canon usage of c#'s using statement +1.49
How does the C# compiler detect COM types? +1.44
C# supports value types and reference types, but are they all objec... +2.69
How can I build a Truth Table Generator? +3.16
Why Would I Ever Need to Use C# Nested Classes +3.42
C#: Recursive functions with Lambdas -0.54
C# : Is Variance (Covariance / Contravariance) another word for Pol... +1.56
Template method accessing static variables issue +3.45
Case Statement Block Level Declaration Space in C# +2.89
Writing C# Plugin System +2.63
Excel interop: _Worksheet or Worksheet? +3.00
Mutable wrapper of value types to pass into iterators +4.00
LINQ: How to get items from an inner list into one list? -1.29
Why C# is not allowing non-member functions like C++ +3.42
Shared memory and runnning multiple copies of an executable +3.11
What is the most elegant way to get a set of items by index from a... +3.19
C#: Cleanest way to divide a string array into N instances N items... +3.64
Let the SequenceEqual Work for the list +3.01
How to break out of 2 loops without a flag variable in C#? +2.98
using various types in a using statement (C#) +1.47
Signing assemblies - basics +3.52
Hash codes for immutable types +4.05
How can I ensure that a division of integers is always rounded up? +3.68
Consider a "disposable" keyword in C# +3.83
TimeSpan using a nullable date +3.18
c# truthy and falsy values +1.21
C# implicit conversions and == operator +1.82
Do the access levels and modifiers (private, sealed, etc) serve a s... +3.48
How to make a generic class with inheritance? +3.10
Is it true I should not do "long running" things in a pro... +2.53
Dynamic "Not" by parameter in LINQ (Or any other code for... +3.88
Yield/iterator corner cases +4.99
Lambda Expression using Foreach Clause +4.70
Accessing value from expression +2.41
Nullable types and the ternary operator: why is `? 10 : null` forbi... +1.86
Why does casting List<T> into IList<T> result in reduce... -0.96
Why does casting List<T> into IList<T> result in reduce... +3.98
How to check for nulls in a deep lambda expression? +1.13
LINQ2SQL: How do I declare a member variable of type var? +3.16
Generating cryptographically secure authentication tokens +1.05
Fastest way to enumerate through turned on bits of an integer +4.09
What's wrong with this linq query? +3.90
Adding a collection of a subclass with AddRange +3.99
Why are structs stored on the stack while classes get stored on the... +2.52
C# Events and Thread Safety +4.26