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Eric Lippert

1917.63 (1st)
567,427 (27th)
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Title Δ
What's the fundamental reason for C# to forbid calling the default... +0.68
Cannot access non-static field +0.27
What is the max LINQ Expression Trees can do? +2.19
generic type variable restrictions and interfaces +0.18
Singleton - if or try/catch? +0.96
a concern about yield return and breaking from a foreach +2.09
Guaranteed way to force application running continuously (overridin... +3.02
Implementing a scripting language in C# -1.78
How to delete files while Traversing folder tree -0.49
How to get optimization from a "pure function" in C#? +2.09
C# - Number to String Mapping - Tough Logic +1.96
Signing of .NET Assemblies +1.97
Enum type constraints in C# -5.13
When does a using-statement box its argument, when it's a struct? -3.27
What is the role of public key token? +2.29
Why C# doesn't allow inheritance of return type when implementing a... +2.17
How does the system know what to use when 'this' keyword is used? +2.15
Closures and Lambda in C# +1.27
Calling constructor overload when both overload have same signature +0.76
How do the stack, heap and frame conceptually map to c# constructs? +2.46
When to use Properties and Methods? +1.22
C# compiler bug? Why doesn't this implicit user-defined conversion... -3.89
How do I make double-checked locking syntax less verbose? +2.69
C# : Why doesn't 'ref' and 'out' support polymorphism? +2.60
confused with the scope in c# +2.57
How can I programmatically detect side effects (compile time or run... +3.09
implementing a state machine using the "yield" keyword +4.81
Trouble in implementing link list sorting in c# 0.00
Why does my C# array lose type sign information when cast to object? +2.39
How would you test something that filters complex objects +5.44
Is C# going existential on me? +0.72
C# ?: Conditional Operator +2.54
Covariance and contravariance in programming languages -3.22
Why such hype with C# lambda functions? -2.88
Better way to remove matched items from a list +2.60
Why does this "finally" execute? +0.01
Object.GetHashCode +3.58
Encoding issue: vbscript "Chr()" to .Net C# -1.92
Continue in nested while loops +2.36
Simplest example of need for "unification" in type infere... +2.50
Static Constructor & Singleton class -4.46
Windows Service: to code a software security feature +2.57
How to determine the type of the returned value within the generic... +2.51
Protect C# DLL from third party +1.30
C# SmtpClient.Send() - Any alternative (or companion) to handling t... +2.43
Exception handling: how granular would you go when it comes to argu... +2.54
Switch statement without default when dealing with enumerations +2.57
Efficient way to get first missing element in ordered sequence? +1.20
Assignment to volatile variable in C# +3.10
Bad practice? Non-canon usage of c#'s using statement +1.49