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Rob W

1758.09 (27th)
277,846 (127th)
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Title Δ
Different behavior between safari and chrome when using javascript... 0.00
Enable Developer Mode Extension For Chrome Browser using cmd 0.00
Why does babel rewrite imported function call to (0, fn)(...)? 0.00
Is there a size limit like 32bytes or 64Bytes? for message passing... 0.00
How to inspect Canvas Frames +1.00
SALT_LEN = m2.PKCS5_SALT_LEN AttributeError: 'module' objec... 0.00
How to prevent creating a new instance of the class every time the... +0.55
pdf.js: Changing current page number programmatically 0.00
Counting page reloads 0.00
How can I reload my Chrome extension when it is not possible to do... 0.00
In Chrome Native messaging: how long is the native app instance obj... 0.00
Why isn't Javascript working in Google's example code for t... 0.00
How to set stdin mode to binary in Java? 0.00
How do I delete an extension in my Chrome developer dashboard? 0.00
Inspecting WebSocket frames in an undetectable way -1.03
Chrome Extension content script on iframe without src attribute 0.00
Get bookmarks from Chrome scope issue 0.00
Can an Options page have a page action in an Opera extension? 0.00
Chrome Debugger Api Attach Extension Error 0.00
Is there any way to detect javascript postmessages using chrome ext... 0.00
webkitMediaStream Object Type lost while using sendMessage in Chrom... 0.00
chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage is undefined in an extension pag... 0.00
How to access the DevTools API without actually opening the DevTool... 0.00
How to remove the permission warning "Read and change all your... -0.32
What does input_components do in a Chrome extension manifest? 0.00
What is "platforms" for in manifest.json? 0.00
Optional permission for filesystem 0.00
How can I override the Origin header in Chrome when connecting to a... +0.19
How to change text of Element Inspector tooltip/highlight via Chrom... -0.42
Google Chrome extension that removes fonts in a website 0.00
Retrieve/restore native javascript function after being overwritten -1.10
Prevent auto clicked link XSS attack using CSP -0.32
How to use Cors anywhere to reverse proxy and add CORS headers 0.00
Modify Iframe of external site from a specific parent - Chrome Exte... +0.91
chrome extension changing host/domain warning +0.55 in Chrome App 0.00
How to get chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest.addListener() to fire... -2.47
How to remove GreatSave4U extension from Google Chrome? 0.00
Why am I getting Chrome Native Messaging "Specified native mes... 0.00
How to use webrtc insde google chrome extension? 0.00
Chrome: this extension loaded itself too frequently 0.00
Can a Chrome extension get information about a connection? 0.00
Chrome Extension's persistent cookies not expiring correctly? 0.00
Google Chrome Extension Softphone Update via Dev Dashboard Issue +0.19
Why doesn't chrome.tabs.query() return the tab's URL when c... 0.00
Passing a variable before injecting a content script 0.00
Is there a way to get the pathname of Chrome's default download... 0.00
Can't add Response Header with Chrome extension 0.00
Interval set through content script being cleared by webpage 0.00
Can I disable the “You've gone full screen” notification in Chr... +0.18