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Rob W

1758.09 (27th)
277,846 (127th)
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Title Δ
How to cancel chooseDesktopMedia? 0.00
Why can't I deliver this message to all of the frames running i... 0.00
Decrypt PDF file on client side and view with pdf.js 0.00
How can one tell if a function is defined in a window that has been... +0.17
Can a Chrome extension's content script guarantee that a DOM ev... 0.00
Is there a flexible way to modify the contents of an editable eleme... 0.00
When can chrome.tabs.executeScript give an empty array as the resul... 0.00
How to get `let` statement work on major three browsers? +0.19
Google Chrome Extension Crashes When Installed From Webstore - Need... +0.19
Viewing .ps files with google chrome? 0.00
Chrome extension string encoding 0.00
307 Redirect when loading analytics.js in Chrome 0.00
Erratic behavior of executeScript: "Cannot access a chrome://... 0.00
How does the Chrome browser decide when to send OPTIONS? 0.00
chrome.tabs.executeScript runs multiple times 0.00
Javascript binary string concatenation on form-data in XMLHttpRequest 0.00
FormData in a webworker - in some browsers - is this wrong? -3.36
Copy selected text via a context menu option in a Chrome extension 0.00
How can I set the favicon of a bookmark through the chrome.bookmark... 0.00
Typing `chrome.devtools` in the console causes a hard crash of Chro... 0.00
What message is generated by the chrome "permissions" pro... 0.00
How to fix Native Host Has Exited error in Chrome browser extension... 0.00
Chrome extension: How to show custom UI for a PDF file? -1.14
Chrome Extension Permissions 0.00
How to get chrome.runtime.onInstalled to fire when using Require.JS... 0.00
Chrome Native Messaging -- Why am I receiving a "Specified nat... 0.00
What is causing an "Error connecting to native app" when... 0.00
inline javascript stacktrace: better origin than @<anonymous> 0.00
Restrict addeventlistener of chrome webrequest to the current tab o... +0.85
Gmail Content Security Policy on Chrome extensions 0.00
Transform Blob from XmlHttpRequest without loading it completely in... 0.00
WebRTC never fires onIceCandidate -0.32
Error: EACCES, permission denied even after using sudo? 0.00
Chrome Extension - Fix img tag onerror infinite loop 0.00
Chrome development - chrome.tabs.sendMessage not notifying runtime +0.18
Column list with links - items move down on click in Chrome +0.88
Inconsistent XHR from Chrome Extension to Meteor-hosted website (me... 0.00
How adding more links on the extension page action 0.00
Native Messaging host not able to send 1 MB data 0.00
Chrome webNavigation.onComplete not working? +0.18
Error: Invalid value for argument 4. Property 'method': Une... 0.00
Send desktop notifications in Chrome or Firefox from a closed web a... +0.18
Chrome extension extracts wrong metadata without full page reload (... +0.18
Modify headers on onHeadersReceived 0.00
When breaking on an exception, is there a local name for the except... 0.00
Chrome Extension communicate with rest web service 0.00
Chrome clear cache extension - when run cache is not cleared immedi... 0.00
Why does Chrome Timeshow show Parse HTML events before Finish Loadi... 0.00
How to check if Javascript generator has exited? +0.19
Chrome 38: networkPredictionEnabled not accessible 0.00