An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1768.27 (23rd)
48,187 (2,121st)
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Title Δ
Is there any way to use regex patterns in strip method -0.84
MySQL select query if no records occurred in the last 12 months 0.00
How to select minimal (maximal) of each matched rows in one to many... -1.03
Modify nested list elements using list comprehension 0.00
MySQL - using LIKE operator with UNHEX() function 0.00
How to check if a variable even exist after decode JSON? 0.00
PHP simplexmlelement fails to find attribute when attribute path is... +1.22
Dot Product With One Dictionary Python +0.33
Is there a pythonic way to sample N consecutive elements from a lis... -0.32
Generating a list of evenly distributed round numbers within a rang... +0.20
Pattern match multiple values in a sentence 0.00
toLocaleString() changes behaviour after using toFixed method? 0.00
How to find the longest consecutive non-zero subset of a list? +0.21
How do I select an adjacent value from a JSON array using map()? +0.71
PHP Global Comportement On Iteration +0.53
How to differentiate between php constant and string 0.00
Concatenate query in MySqli prepared statement PHP 0.00
Recursively add to strings in JS +1.42
String Concat over partition in SQL? -0.96
Group by year, semiannual, four-month, quarterly, bimonthly and mon... 0.00
PHP MYSQL how to link data elements from multiple tables in one query 0.00
How to find percentage within a group in sql that has inner join as... 0.00
jQuery repeatable functions +0.66
Multiply numbers with using Recursive function in SQL 0.00
Get value from JSON nested object key -1.01
SQL query with GROUP BY and HAVING COUNT(condition) in ORACLE 0.00
Efficient way for creating mapping 0.00
MySQL - COUNT, JOIN, GROUP BY, etc -3.20
How to create an efficient group by function without mutation? -1.05
What is a cleaner way to show a unique icon for each string that ex... 0.00
Make a loop within for loop statement in Python +0.18
Oracle SQL Create Table Says Missing Parenthesis? Can't see it 0.00
Concatenate elements from a list based on a criteria -1.03
Recursive SQLite query 0.00
python list comprehension - use of any +0.18
List Comparison including Index +0.17
sql oracle - LIKE with LEFT JOIN +0.86
sorting list of dict by multiple keys in dict +0.17
Get Array of Multiple Maximum Key vs Values from a multidimensional... 0.00
What does this for-loop mean? -0.01
dynamic count of shorthand comparisons in PHP 0.00
How to delete from table A and table B (if exists) in the same query? +0.78
Include variable into array if not empty inside foreach 0.00
Sort aray of objects by another array of objects reference -0.21
Postgres query for DISTINCT for either of 2 columns -2.36
Iterating over timestamp row values within a column and performing... -2.77
PHP foreach loop returning the matching item 0.00
MYSQL appear error #1292 when delete record with in 7 day at 2021 f... +1.19
Combine arrays from values in array of objects? +0.37
Remap data structure to list of objects from totals +1.06