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1744.72 (48th)
48,187 (2,121st)
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Title Δ
MySQL – return list of words that appear directly before "word... 0.00
How to get desired details in making a chat? 0.00
How to correctly use group_concat to concatenate Join query result... 0.00
PHP - replacing dot into arrows 0.00
Count number of times that columns A & B contain values that al... 0.00
how can I build a regex for validating smtp error codes 0.00
Vlookup in SQL query based on each column 0.00
Apache RewriteRule allow blank after slash or specified values 0.00
SQL Query to find number of users in a Job Area 0.00
Select that fill null fields using the id and the values of the sam... 0.00
Javascript: getting wrong dates of current weeks 0.00
PHP Converting Custom Array to Specific Object Structure 0.00
Editing the output (set brackets depending on the quantity retrieve... 0.00
How to use iterated MySQL queries and form a json encoded result? 0.00
Can we excecute WHERE conditions inside WHERE clause where if a con... 0.00
Add one more element to array in loop with PHP 0.00
Extract elements from an array inside a jsonb field in Postgresql 0.00
Get first day of previous month - month must be in 1..12 0.00
Why does in_array returns false with Object::Class as key? 0.00
Php preg_match with wild card characters +1.14
How can I fix a MySQL Error, Not allowed to return a result set fro... +0.90
Scan dir, create php array with new keys starting from 1 and rising... 0.00
Return parent ID if all children referencing the parent ID have sel... -1.28
SQL check if a record has a reference from another table and if so... 0.00
Fold Higher Order Function Using Lambda Expressions -1.67
Does MySQL have a way to "coalesce" as an aggregate funct... 0.00
Join on a string with individual values inside commas 0.00
Transform a 3-dimensional array in PHP 0.00
How to validate a string like '$Now + 2h' using regex, for... 0.00
How to solve Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method stdClass::que... 0.00
Insert Count Number for each time the row is seen and order by date... 0.00
Remove duplicate combination of elements from multidimensional array 0.00
Grouping data in mysqli_fetch_assoc function 0.00
sql query maximum cummulative +0.45
Regex - non capturing group is not working +0.91
PHP How can I replace the letter 'A' with spaces where the... -2.71
How to get a specific HTML element based on data-attribute (jQuery) 0.00
Query to find which row has the most joins, simliar to another row -1.00
How to make a field that recognizes letters and numbers with Javasc... +0.50
MYSQL converting query to JSON with my PHP +0.99
Loop array foreach and add further array values per group? -0.71
Join 2 many-to-many tables and get 3 adjacent boolean columns -1.15
Python.How do I have this function return an integer instead of a l... +0.19
How to have a MySQL table column with a calculated value 0.00
PHP - Getting variable value for matching keys on two arrays and co... 0.00
How can i prevent the search results div from closing when clicking... 0.00
Why can't I ORDER BY name in this query? 0.00
Conditional ordering for sticky posts 0.00
method to return subset of a list of elements with some predefined... +0.19
How to reset the index number of for loop in python +1.02