An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1744.72 (48th)
48,187 (2,121st)
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Title Δ
Python3 logical left shift 0.00
how to concatenate my strings with php in html +0.87
SQL Server Count and Group-By Specific Question +0.72
Using DELETE LIMIT inside TRIGGER 0.00
(?) SQL - interlinked joins (how to build a chain between two table... +1.28
Update table with removing old values 0.00
How to edit an object property within an array of objects using PHP? 0.00
Update multiple rows based on an ordered array +1.48
PHP Explode Populate Keys Not Values +0.72
PHP global variable is null inside a function, but is not null outs... 0.00
drop database having exclamation and backtick +0.20
Fill array with dynamic content in PHP -0.63
How to change key value based on comparison of array of objects in... -2.87
Add values of repeated items from list to a dictionary +0.60
Assigned a variable and returning a value after assignation +0.21
Extract after equal sign in php 0.00
Grouping and summing, using non-aggregate critera to determine fiel... +1.07
PHP Get values of checked box using foreach 0.00
How to convert MM/YY to YYYY-MM-DD in MYSQL +0.20
How to print this pattern using PHP? +0.55
PHP : Insert with Condition +0.62
How to create a list of keys in a nested dictionary based on two co... +0.51
Find if two different keys have the same value in 2 arrays PHP -0.31
Best method to validate a three alphanumeric string against a list... +0.81
Find the order that substrings are mentioned in text -0.78
Join on datetime values 0.00
Postgres: How do I extract year and month from a date? +1.12
Find continuous dates in PostgreSQL -2.91
MySQL 8.0 query to compute recursively size at each node in the hie... 0.00
How To Reduce and Average Total PHP Array Elements To New Size -0.62
HTML Table not showing first record of PostgreSQL 0.00
PostgreSQL - Set JSONB property from column value 0.00
Query to output results based on foreign key relationship 0.00
Fetching rows with updated at timestamp older than 1 day in mysql 0.00
how to get this sql query +1.06
How to "join" partially hidden numbers by * (Python) +0.38
How to compare values in arrays using usort function? -0.98
PHP: array filter matching anything containing a string +0.20
Insertion by removing '000000' in the unix timestamp 0.00
Return only one row in subquery +0.74
How to update table so there's only 1 value with number 1 -0.65
Keep getting Oracle ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis 0.00
Finding the first entry of XML and displaying it +0.21
Python regular expression how to ignore search from start of string 0.00
Get All Child SQL 0.00
Combine two fields into string in JSON using PHP and MYSQL 0.00
Regular expression to keep indentation (Oracle) 0.00
Fill the data from previous date for each product till no change is... -0.90
compare two object array and push if not exist +1.01
How to display the button based on the alphabet in front of the fil... +0.20