An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1768.27 (23rd)
48,187 (2,121st)
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Title Δ
PHP DOM removing empty elements as well as others 0.00
Is there a better way to phrase this if statement from having many... -2.81
How to create JSON root object with php +0.17
Issue with group and looping in PHP 0.00
Mysql/PHP Json nested array 0.00
Different evaluation results of python if else expression +0.17
filtering only if it is not null or undefined +0.18
how to get values from dictionary filtered by condition +0.85
Finding the first index of a sequence inside an array +0.49
Counting entries in sub/subarray 0.00
PHP - Removing specific words from sentence +0.17
How to filter a list based on ascending values? +0.19
Merge two array by key with unique value 0.00
PHP: Add a dimension to an array using array_map? +0.17
How to split array with integers to different format -0.49
Python: Count the occurence of value in nested dictionary if other... +0.23
Display the monthwise financial year records 0.00
Finding minimum index of a sub-list of a list 0.00
mysql insert from one table to another based on select +0.41
Python: While loop exceeded the condition 0.00
Mysql Add another table into Join 0.00
Mysql Inner Join and Group By repeating row 0.00
Counting friends from two columns MySQL 0.00
How to round up to the next integer ending with 2 in Python? +0.01
Mysql + PHP, ASC after that DESC every 5 data? 0.00
adjusting name in postgres when repeated +0.79
getting previous 6 months getting issue +0.18
Got the error TypeError: execute() takes no keyword arguments 0.00
MySQL UPDATE Query - Update Only Non-Duplicates 0.00
Find the sum of values inside array 0.00
Echo string containing single and double quotes to input value 0.00
categorize an array and get the first and the last value based on i... 0.00
How to ignore blank lines when taking data from txt files 0.00
php count of array of arrays - different value than expected 0.00
Change mysql x-axes date to day in chart.js +0.17
Merging very large array returned from recursive functions 0.00
Best way to execute combination of different functions in Python -2.97
Group and sum values of elements of a list, according by month of a... 0.00
How to convert string into regex with the words more than 3 charact... 0.00
Define a macro/global in php +0.17
Spread an object into a table +0.11
Filter an array of objects and return an array of objects where the... 0.00
How to prevent PHP echo from ending a JS string? +0.62
Search for strings while iterating through a list +0.17
Displaying results from database query in two columns 0.00
split an array into 2 objects laravel php 0.00
What's wrong in my code for dictionary update by another method 0.00
Populate array with items of another array in ascending order (Java... +0.88
insert a newline before each 12 digit number js +1.20
PHP DOMElement::replaceChild produces fatal error 0.00